Natalie Sitto TwitterI’m Natalie Sitto and I started this Detroit Pistons NBA blog before the 2005 NBA season.  I have been a Pistons fan since Isiah and Tripucka where in short shorts, and am a long time season ticket holder.

Believe it or not, I started this site as somewhat of a personal joke between friends.  Something that started so simple has grown into a little more than a hobby for me.  I try to keep you up on all the Pistons news, game recaps, videos, original wallpapers, screensavers, with a little bit of hilarity thrown in for good measure. Oh, and he was with the Pistons I couldn’t get get enough of Rasheed Wallace, now not so much.

Best of all I like to give things away to fellow Pistons fans, so look out for the giveaways and contests.

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