Trade – Pistons acquire PG Reggie Jackson give up Kyle Singler & DJ Augustin

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Reggie Jackson

Pistons acquire PG Reggie Jackson at the NBA trade deadline.

Out first new in the three team trade was that Detroit gave up Kyle Singler. But new information seems to be out there that they also gave up D.J. Augustin in the deal.

Singler should fit in well in OKC, but I hate to see Augustin go, especially the way he’s been playing. Not sure that D.J. will get that much playing time on his new team.

More news here when the formal details emerge.


Nothing on DJ Augustin in Wojo’s article on Yahoo.

4 Responses to "Trade – Pistons acquire PG Reggie Jackson give up Kyle Singler & DJ Augustin"
  1. Avatar edt says:

    Crazy moves at deadline we got prince from Celtics?

    no idea how I feel about it ask me next week

  2. Avatar nikhil says:

    what was the word…..Bufoonerry…… Welcome back Tay.

  3. Avatar ericdtaylor says:

    ok now i have an opinion, reggie jackson is some kind of over rated project, needs about two or three more years in the NBA before he can even figure out point guard. Makes no sense to spend 14 million on a project, why not just start a rookie instead.

  4. Avatar terry says:

    why would the pistons trade those players for reggie jackson only to trade reggie for those same two players? smh…

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