It’s Fun Again – Pistons top Spurs

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Brandon Jennings Buzzer Beater

Wake up hibernating #Pistons fans, it’s time to get yourself on the bandwagon again. Detroit has won a surprising six games in a row, none more exciting than the 105-104 last second win against the Championship Spurs.

What’s not surprising is the fact that this team did a 180 as soon as Josh Smith was handed his pink slip.

I’m not going to take away from how the Pistons have played since Smith was gone. Detroit is playing like Supermen and it seems as though Josh was truly their Kryptonite.
Josh Smith was the Pistons Kryptonite
This team looks like a team for the first time in a very long time. Brandon Jennings is DJ-Augustin-vs-Spurssmiling and making plays. DJ Augusin is making it hard not to give him more minutes. Jodie Meeks is healthy and playing well. Andre Drummond is looking like the player he was last year and the duo of Drummond and Monroe down low are making opposing teams think twice about driving the paint.

You can even see more fire in Stan Van Gundy (if possible). He even dropped an F Bomb on in the huddle Tuesday night when the Spurs had one tenth of a second left on the clock.

Cartoon Van Gundy “The only thing they have enough time to do is tip it in. Form a fucking wall!”

I’m not going to deny that I was more than thrilled to see Smith go. In fact I was called a bad fan for things like this. To those people who couldn’t see what most of us did when Smith was on the floor, do you see the light now?

This team is having fun, enjoying playing, and loving winning. You can’t ask for much more from a team that looked like it was headed for a reincarnation of a “teal” team.

The last time I was at the Palace I had to withstand watching Toronto Raptors fans overrun the Palace, chant MVP and make me feel like I was in Canada not Auburn Hills. If someone like that left the Palace with a bad taste in their mouth, I can only imagine how demoralizing it was for the team.

I’m truly happy right now for the turnaround, and am actually look forward to having fun watching the team again.

Happy New Year Pistons fans!

11 Responses to "It’s Fun Again – Pistons top Spurs"
  1. nikhil says:

    We just form a f—ing wall.____________ quote of the year from SVG.
    This was so much fun.

  2. Brady says:

    I’ll be there tonight in Dallas!

    • Have a great time my cousin was there last night and he’ll be there in Dallas tonight. Lucky dog sits court-side and pesters the players. If you hear someone annoying the Mavs it’s my cousin Anthony!

  3. Muhammad says:

    Too excited! Smith was a clear problem. Way too much talent on our team to not perform well or make the #playoffs 😉 lol Go Pistons! From a diehard fan from Chicago!

  4. Nathan says:

    Hey Nat!

    This has been the best basketball we’ve played in YEARS. Truly a joy to watch… I particularly love the play of DJ. He’s been been a great compliment to our bigs and has been the best FA acquisition we’ve had in a LONG time. I was telling my friend the other day, to see this team grinding and playing hard is really all true Piston fans could ever ask for. We haven’t had a “Superstar” since Grant Hill so at the end of the day we just want to see our team leave it all on the floor. If we continue to play passionate and motivated, you’ll see seats start to fill up at the palace again. I know we wont win 40 straight but I am sure we’ll finish with a solid record these 54 (or so) games we have w/o JSmith.


    I really hope we get this Atlanta game on Friday! That should be a GREAT game.

  5. nikhil says:

    Hopefully ESPN picks up some Pistons games so we displaced Pistons fans can catch up on some live action…

  6. Ben says:

    Happy Pistons Fan!

  7. Alex says:

    I don’t get it… just when the Pistons are playing soooo much better, this blog dies.

    • Alex,
      Good or Bad I’ll always be a Pistons fan. It’s not that I haven’t watched every game with excitement and new found vigor.

      Since 2005 when I started this site is has pretty much been a one woman show, so when life throws you a curve ball some things suffer.

      I’m confident that soon I’ll be back to posting daily. Sorry to dissapoint.

      • Alex says:

        Sorry if I came off as a douche. 🙂

        I’m actually a Celtics fan and I used to check this blog out once in a while. I really wanted to see how you guys are reacting with this newfound amazingness that Detroit Pistons are pulling off.

        I hope life is treating you well and these curveballs are nothing serious!

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