Things you hear at a Detroit Pistons game

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Saturday night I attended what had to be at least my 25th Detroit #Pistons home opener. I’ve seen good, and very bad, but Saturday night’s game was a little different. As the atmosphere was sprinkled with hope for a new season of change, the Palace was a bit electric.

The Palace has always had a little wrap of being a “Wine and Cheese” crowd, but since Detroit stopped making the playoffs you see three types of fans at the Palace. You get a few that were given tickets, very little of the “Wine and Cheese” crowd, and the rest are real Pistons fans. Especially on opening night.

So what do you hear from the crowd around you during what would be the Pistons third consecutive loss? A lot!

Sounds of The Palace

  • “AHHHHHHHHHH” or “NOOOOOOOOOOO” By the second half everyone in the crowd sighed when Josh Smith took a shot.
  • “What is restaurant is Rip Hamilton working at now?”
  • This came right after Josh Smith made a 20 footer. “I will not applaud that type of behavior!”
  • “What’s the over under on how many times Stan Van Gundy is going to turn red, fold his arms and start screening?”
  • “Put Darko in.”
  • “The @TheDancingUsher is more entertaining than this team”
  • “90% off Josh Smith jerseys at The Palace Locker Room Store!”
  • “Start D.J. Augustin.”
  • “Thanks Dumars”
  • “Hooper has a better shot than KCP”
  • “You do realize that Austin Daye has a Championship Ring.”
  • “Gigi Datome wishes they would revoke his passport.”
  • “You suck Smith!”
  • “Drummond is our only hope.”
  • “Kid Rock loves Detroit, but he’s got to be embarrassed he just represented this team during the half-time show.”
  • “I wonder if Bill Davidson is truly resting in peace.”
  • “How long do you think it will take for SVG to suspend Brandon Jennings.”
  • “If I go to the bathroom now do you think I will miss anything?” “Yes, Josh Smith taking at least 17 shots.”

The Sounds of The Palace of Auburn Hills

  • “Why isn’t Tayshaun playing?”
  • “Who the hell is Cartier Martin?”
  • “How much hair gel do you think Jonas Jerebko goes through in a week?”
  • “Tom Gores must not be feeling well, he’s only got one button undone.”
  • “I think Allen Iverson still needs a job.”
  • “When did they get Caron Butler?”
  • “Kevin Garnett is still a douche.”
  • “Stan Van Gundy put a clause in his contract for a pre and post game buffet.”
  • “Even Larry Brown would have second thoughts about coaching here.”
  • “Mahhhhhteeen could start on this team.”
  • “When will Andre Drummond be able to shoot free throws?”
  • “Land Shark!”
  • “What happened to that big white guy they signed?”
  • “Greg Monroe is crossing his fingers every time he hears trade rumors.”
  • “Hey Smith, you’re the only one in the world who thinks you can shoot.”
  • “Brandon Jennings wishes he was a DTown Dancer right now.”
  • “I’m asking Josh Smith to reimburse me for my tickets.”
  • “It’s going to be a long season…..again.”

Now, some of those may have come  from me, but you get the gist of things.  We’ve got some hardcore and very intelligent Pistons fans that want nothing more than for this team.

Good luck to us!

If you’d like to hear me rant about this team make sure you follow my rants, especially during Pistons games.

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  1. I can relate to the Ahhhh/Nooo….I almost break my tv every time I see him shoot, rather he make it or not

  2. Markov7 says:

    everybody on that team except moose and dre need to be trade available EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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