One game in and Josh Smith is driving me crazy

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Josh Smith

The Pistons dropped their opener in Denver to the Nuggets 79-89. With the game of multiple lead changes and Detroit without Greg Monroe, they were holing it down against Denver. That was until their offense collapsed and the Nuggets took over.

While I watched the game in anticipation of the NEW LOOK Pistons, I was surprised early in the game by what I saw. The game was less than 5 minutes in and I already was completely frustrated by Josh Smith.  Sure he led Detroit with 25, but it was clear that he hasn’t learned a thing.

So much for Smith taking better shots, we saw the same old Josh Smith show in Denver.  Am I being selfish for criticizing  someone who led the team in scoring? Not if you saw when and where he took those shots.

Smith was 9-22 on the night, going 0-2 from downtown. His last three-point attempt was a miss with 20 seconds on the shot clock that prompted Stand Van Gundy to call a time out.

Dear Josh,

Just because you make the basket, doesn’t mean it’s a good shot.


Your NBA Stat Line

If you feel my frustration, please don’t hesitate to follow my rants on Twitter @Need4Sheed_com. I was pretty animated, but you can’t blame me.

7 Responses to "One game in and Josh Smith is driving me crazy"
  1. Oracle says:

    It’s not Josh, it’s coaching! Brian Shaw told his players to let Josh shoot and don’t guard him no matter how many he made(perimeter shots). He knew 2 things.

    1. Josh will keep shooting it if he has any success,
    2. A tired team will “Settle” and give him the ball because they know he will shoot it,
    3. That we had a coach that wouldn’t stop that lunacy, and allow it to doom us

    Between the Josh incident, the altitude mistake, and not adapting to a 6’6 guy on our 6’0 guard, SVG was totally out coached and that’s why we lost!

    • Come on it’s Josh! Sure you make a lot of sense but a “changed” player would have been smarter. Did you see his shot selection?

      Cant blame it on SVG for 10 some odd years of Smith’s affinity for shitty shots.

      I hope you’re right and it was SVG, because he’ll learn from his mistakes.

      • C-Quense says:

        The Pistons have to get rid of Smith, ASAP!!! Even in the first half of the Nuggets game, where he got a good shooting-%, his shots were awful and silly. He’s just not smart enough (gentle said) and his ego is way too big. I’m pretty sure, SVG is going to bench him, when Greg is back.

    • ericdtaylor says:

      oh Joe Dumar’s loved that excuse. It’s not the players, it’s the coach.

      No. It’s no the coach. it’s Josh Smith. He is what he is and he is not coachable.

  2. O.G. Junior says:

    Sigh…What a mess already. I do like SVG. It will take time. But as of right now, the shit looks like last season all over again. And I absolutely love Jennings, but he needs to put his big boy pants on and take a look in the mirror. I was soo pissed off after that Minnesota loss. I was more upset then when the Tigers were put out. P.s. Hi Nat! Miss ya buddy

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