Detroit Pistons – I’m back on a bandwagon that I’ve never left

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Detroit Pistons are Back?

It’s that time of the year again for quite a few of us. It’s the time when we decide that this year is going to be different. This year there will be a change with our beloved Detroit Pistons. This is the year that the Pistons will turn things around. This is the year that glory will be returned to The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Too bad we’ve been making this declaration for years.

These are the thoughts of an unwavering fan, or in the simplest term a HOMER.

I go through this every season. In my heart I usually don’t believe it. Really how can you really believe it when Michael Curry is the new coach, Kwame Brown is the center, and the Pistons draft a player with narcolepsy, who’s biggest NBA point was his first? And it seemed to get worse with every passing season. Trade Chauncey for a broken down Allen Iverson, and some cap space wasted on Ben Wallace and Charlie Villinueva, who we’ve just rid ourselves of. A player mutiny you say? Oh yeah we had one of those too.

But this year is different right? I also say that every season.

I actually may believe it this year, and you may believe it this season, but the players have to believe more.

Cartoon Van Gundy Stan can really be the man, but he’s got to have player cooperation. Jennings has to continue to strive to be a better point guard.  Josh Smith needs to not just realize that he’s not the shooter he thinks he is, he needs to do something about it. Their new acquisitions need to contribute. Calldwell-Pope needs to continue getting better. The Greg Monroe issue needs to be addressed. And Andre Drummond needs to keep being Andre Drummond.

It’s a tall order, but I truly think it’s doable.

Or is it just the homer in me again? I sure hope not.

Here is to a Bad Boys bounce back Detroit Pistons season. Can I reserve my playoff tickets yet?


8 Responses to "Detroit Pistons – I’m back on a bandwagon that I’ve never left"
  1. Avatar edt says:

    Playoffs are a sure thing unless we have injuries. Greg is going to beast it this year. I think he’ll leave for nothing but SVG is going to give him max minutes why? To win that’s why. And I like it. Josh & Brandon don’t have to change too much because SVG has backups at every position he can pull Jennings for augustin, and put greg + drummond on the court to limit Josh’s minutes. Without Josh playing at SF he’ll have fewer bad shots simply because he’s taking fewer minutes.

    Been burned so many times, but I can feel it this is the real deal. Bandwagon asscats climb aboard, and yes get your playoff tickets now, while they are cheap.

  2. Right on … I feel what you are saying as a homer fan .. this year is different .. SVG is a great coach and we have a real TEAM again .. Believe it .. 50 wins .. I kid you not ..

    • Honestly if the hiring of SVG didn’t happen I don’t know if I would have believed this much. I hope he coaches with a stern fist and I know he wont make moves just for the sake of making them.

  3. Avatar genezeller says:

    Pistons B’ball has good cycles and bad just like music. Remember before the going to work gang we had to live thru the days of Bison Dele ,Cadillac and a certain weed smokin big man. To everything there is a season and this is the season to believe it.

  4. Avatar Ben says:

    I BELIEVE! This is the year DEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL is back. Call me crazy but one thing that makes me even more confident about the Pistons this season is the all the so called experts are ranking around 22nd. Last year, they were around 13th and they flopped. This year they are getting slept on and they are gonna surprise everybody. They’re gonna prove everybody wrong. It reminds me of last years Washington Wizards and the first year the OKC Thunder made the playoffs, but I think we will even better than those teams in their breakout year. I’m predicting 50-32, 4th seed in the west and a PLAYOFF SERIES WIN! I’m so excited for Pistons this year!

  5. Avatar terry says:


    With this squad and this coach I would agree, but it starts with game one, and this is a competitive team because every ones competing with each other for minutes. That shoud keep Jennings and Smith in line even if SVG does play him at the small (which he said he would at times). I’ve felt like the Pistons had the players to at least finish 8th in the east for the past 2 or 3 years but they lacked the coach to maximize their potential, and that’s what makes them different this year. They now have coaching and leadership with a clear vision. Drummond and KCP both are on the verge of breakout seasons. I would start Jsmoove strictly from a business aspect because Moose refused to buy in, and I would look to offer Boston Monroe and Jennings for Rondo and a spare part. That would give Detroit possibly the best defensive back court in the league.

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