Josh Smith to the Kings is a real possibility

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Josh Smith to the Kings

Don’t start celebrating the 4th early, but there is a slight chance Detroit may be able to get rid of Josh Smith, his huge contract and his to affinity to shoot from the North Pole.  Put your Trade Machine scenarios aside, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting such a possiblity.

If a move for Smith happens it will be a great sign of things to come in the Pistons move to become a powerhouse again under Van Gundy.

They may have lost their first round pick and are in limbo with Greg Monroe, but offloading Smith would be just what the doctor ordered for this team and their fan base.

7 Responses to "Josh Smith to the Kings is a real possibility"
  1. Avatar Jason says:

    If they can get rid of Smith and everything he’s about this team will truly be on their right track. GET IT DONE!

  2. Avatar terry says:

    word is detroit shot the deal down. That looks like a solid sign that stan may have some better options on the table for mr. Smoove. That or they want to keep him…

  3. Avatar golf god says:

    Can the Pistons keep the basketball Jesus tattoo if he leaves?

  4. Avatar Otis says:

    Getting rid of Smith solves nothing. Monroe still isn’t a power forward, the team STUNK before Smith got here, and the team STUNK when Smith sat out the last five games of the season (1-4 record, more than 110 ppg allowed). Monroe + Drummond is not something to build around, and you don’t have the assets to support them with enough to make them a winner, with or without Smith.

    • Avatar Otis, you're a retard says:

      I think I’d trust SVG over you. Monroe and Drummond haven’t had the shooters around them to allow that pairing to work yet, which is why that’s exactly what SVG is targeting in free agency. Guys who can shoot.

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