Pistons lose their Draft Pick – Cavaliers steal #1

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The Detroit Pistons and their fans aren’t too happy right now.  The NBA Lottery Balls did not treat them right.  In almost storybook fashion the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were to pick at 10 jumped spots right before Detroit meaning that the Pistons had to hand their #9th pick to the Bobcats thanks for the Ben Gordon trade.

To make things even worse, the Cavs jumped to the head of the line again and are picking at #1.

I’m sick right now…you?

You can say it FIXED.

11 Responses to "Pistons lose their Draft Pick – Cavaliers steal #1"
  1. At least we still have the talents of Charlie Villanueva,

  2. Avatar RL says:

    The heavens favor Charlotte for taking in Ben Gordon’s bad contract. lol

  3. Avatar Ryan Walters says:

    Ugh… Cleveland at #1 again makes me sick.

  4. Avatar Riz says:

    Deff rigged top pick 3 outta 4 years. That’s gotta b like winning powerball twice. Cray

  5. Avatar terry says:

    So Cleveland gets a redo? The nba is such a joke. They used to at least TRY to conceal their bs, but those days must be gone. You can’t tell me this garbage was legit.

  6. Avatar Paul says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. The NBA officiating has been horrible for years, and I believe at the direction of the league office. The same goes for the draft lottery. The Raptors and Grizzlies were not allowed to be eligible for the #1 overall pick when they entered the league, while the Cavaliers and Magic have at least overall #1 picks in their history. The NBA uses the officials to give the superstars preferential treatment over the stars, and the stars over the role players. In other words, the bigger the star you were, the more preferential treatment you get from the NBA. Look at the 1988 NBA Finals, where the Pistons were robbed of a call that cost them Game 6, and ultimately the series against the Lakers, where I think Dennis Rodman got called for a touch foul against Kareem. If you bring up the Bad Boys, the reason they didn’t get called for what would be fouls today is because they weren’t fouls before the NBA changed the rules. MJ got away with a lot too. Just bing/google/yahoo NBA draft lottery rigged or NBA rigged, and you will see what I’m talking about. The PIstons got hosed. Is the NBA punishing the Pistons for being the Bulls’ biggest nemesis during the Michael-Scottie-Phil years, or is it some other reason? Is organized crime involved in the NBA to some extent? I know the Russian mafia had influence over certain NHL players at one time.

  7. Avatar edt says:

    I thought we were done with Joe dumars but he left us one last gift. I hope every who was happy he got a job in the front office is still happy he’s here. Joe dumars is basketball George Lucas. you are left wondering if maybe the only reason the first act of his career was good was luck or someone else because losing this pick is Joe dumars going all jar jar binks on the fans

  8. Avatar C-Quense says:

    With 0.2% likelihood the Cavs getting the 1st pick two years in a row…. COME ON. I think the NBA tries to bring back Lebron to Cleveland, keep Kryrie and surround them with young talented players. The Heat won’t outlive the next two years regarding age, so the NBA needs a new carthorse.

  9. Avatar BB says:

    The cavs make me cringe

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