Andre Drummond Injures His Head/Neck Does Not Return

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Andre Drummond Injury Pistons vs Pacers

There was a scary situation at The Palace of Auburn Hills Saturday night when Detroit’s star Andre Drummond collided with the Pacers Roy Hibbert.  Andre and Hibbert were going after a loose ball when they collided.  Drummond immediately fell to the ground grabbing his head.

Video via NBA

The entire crowd at the Palace was seemed horrified as Dre was down on the floor for about 10 minutes.  He was walked off court with Arnie Kandor and Mike Abdenour on his side to a roaring ovation.  He did not return.

No word yet on his injury, I’m sure until he see’s doctors.

Let’s hope the future of this team is just fine.


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  1. terry says:

    day to day?!? yeah, no just inside the neck is this thing called a spine, and you don’t want to mess that up. in my semi professional opinion dre’s gonna need to sit this season out. he’s built like a TANK, but teh chances of him returning are similar to winning the LOTTERY. we might need to get a new GM in here for a second opinion. we’re gonna need someone really good to COACH him back to health. he’s had a tough go of it i wouldn’t want to TRADE places. it might be costly so we might have to go to a FREE AGENCY to help get him back on his feet, since the SMALL disc was knocked FORWARD… the SMALL FORWARD disc is out of wack? something like that

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