Saturday Nights Pistons vs. Pacers Game Is A Great Example Of Why This Season Is Driving Me MAD!

by | Mar 16, 2014 | 4 comments

Brandon Jennings Detroit Pistons

The life of a sports fan isn’t always fun at the games, just ask and Detroit Lions fan. Going in you know that you have to take the lows with the highs. Hopefully your team or teams give you some highs so you have something to hold on to.

Being an avid Pistons fan since Kelly Tripuka was in the shortest of shorts imaginable, my Detroit Pistons have giving me more than my share of highs to hold on to.

It’s not like the Pistons have been at the top of their game the past few seasons. This team’s  fans are used to  being just bad enough not to go anywhere in the Eastern Conference.  So why is this season driving me mad? Because this team show flashes of hope that plays tricks on the mind, and I’d like them to please stop it before it sends me to a therapist.

The Pistons vs. Pacers game Saturday night is the perfect example of why they want me to pull my hair out at times. I’m not going to lie to you, I walked into the Palace, as I do most nights and I have not hope or expectations that this current team will beat anyone. It’s what gets be by.

This isn’t the same team that kept me on the edge of my seat for many a season. I used to go into every game knowing Detroit could beat every team they stepped on the floor against.

The Detroit Pistons 2007
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That swagger ended in 2008.

Sadly I thought this season would be different, but things unfolded this summer that changed things.

Josh Smith Pistons vs. Pacers
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So why does this team drive their fans totally nuts by beating the likes of the Heat and the Pacers? Why were they up more than 20 at the half against the Pacers Saturday night only to buckle and lose in overtime?

Because they hate us.

Well maybe they don’t hate us, but it sure feels like it.

I’m upset with myself for checking out this season and giving up.  I wasn’t even like that when the so called answer to the Pistons woes were Kwame Brown, Nazir Mohammed, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva or Austin Daye.

Should I go on?

I’m by no means hoping this teams tanks, but I’m not upset when they lose. It would be just like this team and its mediocrity to hand over their lottery pick because the Eastern Conference is horrible, and Joe Dumars needed to get out from under some a horrible signing.

I’m a Pistons fan like it or not.  I’ll still watch and head out to games and hold no hope that this team is a winner until they show me otherwise. And knowing just how cruel things can be at times they’ll win just enough at the end of the seasons to be losers.

Bless us.


  1. terry

    as ugly as it is, the conditions are ripe for the tanking. the pistons dodged a bullet last night. the last thing this team needs to do right now is make the playoffs and lose their 1rst round pick. we can hopefully start off on the right foot next season, with a new coach (george karl would be nice), a new front office (bbbbillups :-P) a lottery pick in a reportedly loaded draft (check), and money to burn (smartly). they need a coach that can maximize the bigs, as cheeks was clueless in that department. unfortunately trading moose is looking like the smartest business move, though i’d personally would rather trade smith if that were possible. this offseason has the potential to be one of the biggest in franchise history.

  2. Tycoon

    I feel for you Nat. A team with no defensive intensity can lose no matter how big their lead was in the first half.
    I thought the Pistons match up very well vs Pacers and facing them in the first round could give them problems but that ain’t gonna happen now.

  3. edt

    this team has no soul. It was fired up in the first half. Gave up in the second. No real reason to root for them when they don’t give me any reason too. Circle Mar 28. The team should be “up” for the entire game against Miami. Seems they need a reason to play hard. Since millions of dollars in a paycheck and every other night on television as an elite professional athlete apparently ain’t enough for them to want to fight through screens box out drive hard to the rim chase their man off the three and rotate weak side help. Apparently they need to see themselves playing against Miami or Indiana (and even against Indiana they only tried hard for 24 minutes). Defense is mostly effort. I know I used to like Jennings but I am so tired of him walking up to a screen and stopping. There is no stop sign there! Keep going. Or Josh Smith walking up to his man on the three point line with his hands down. Is it too hard to put your hand in the air? I bet he puts his hands in the air when he goes dancing, why can’t he do it in a basketball game.

    Last year’s team was at least watchable for the effort. Calderon a horrible defender tried as hard as he could.

    I wish we had KCP in there for the whole game, he makes me smile with his defensive effort. Throwback there. He can’t shoot but I don’t care, not like anyone else can.

  4. rascal

    pistons must scare indiana pacers in the first round!!! but pistons must beat nuggets,clippers,heat for them to make it to the playoffs!!!go pistons


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