Does The NBA Realize They Made An Andre Drummond Sized Mistake?

by | Feb 17, 2014 | 4 comments

Andre Drummond All Star MVP Statue

It’s been well stated by just about anyone who follows the Detroit Pistons that Andre Drummond got a raw deal when it came to the NBA All-Star game.  He was clearly better all season than the reserves that were picked in front of him.

Did the team he plays for and their record play a part in the selection process? Probably, but that doesn’t mean it was fair.

Well Mr. Drummond made sure that he made a statement on All-Star Friday night during the NBA Rising Stars Challenge with a record 25 rebounds, and adding 30 points while leading Team Hill to a 142-136 victory over Team Webber on Friday night and winning the MVP award..

Dre just didn’t care, he went after everything and that was evident from the start. Besides making a statement with the rebounding record, Andre dunked everything in sight.

To just anyone that follows the Pistons it’s what we expected from a young man that we hope this team will be built around in the future, but does that mean the NBA and the average fan took notice on Valentines day?

I think so.

Andre is everyone’s fantasy come true.  I can confirm that he’s put my Fantasy Basketball team in first place with his stats, but more importantly he’s putting my Pistons on the map with is extraordinary play.  And I’m pretty sure he went out of his way to prove his point.

The good thing for Andre is that he did two things.  He avoided the ridiculous 2014 All-Star uniforms, while proving he’s got what it takes to be the next NBA Super Star even if he plays for the Detroit Pistons.

All Hail the MVP!

The NBA shouldn’t’ make a mistake like this again….but they will.




  1. Max from Russia

    How do u like Charles Berkley who said Drummond is a star in a dumb foolish Pistons organisation that has no future?

  2. otisdm

    Max: Charles Barkley is 100% right. The team has no future at all, and it’s literally impossible for me to get excited about Andre Drummond when all signs point to committing to failure by locking up Greg Monroe to some ludicrous contract that’s going to poison this team’s future even worse than Josh Smith’s did, at least in terms of compounding problems. Josh Smith is a sunk cost. We should be making the best of that mistake by putting him and the rest of the team in a position to succeed. That means trading Monroe. I’d rather get 65 cents on the dollar for him (and I maintain that we can do better than that) than PAY $1.75 on the dollar for him to stick around for four more miserable years. This is not going to end well.

    Natalie: I definitely disagree, mostly because he’s on a bad team. I don’t think Andre even qualifies as a snub, to be honest. I would have been surprised if he made the team. I mean, we’ve been hovering around TEN games under .500 for what feels like eternity. There’s room for one genuinely awful team in the East’s playoff picture, and we still can’t make the cut. As I’ve said to others who complained about this, I just feel like I have bigger fish to fry. Like getting the team on track. Unlike Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond will have many opportunities to make All-Star teams in the future. Frankly, it’s hard not to ignore the negative implications of him doing what he did in the Rising Stars game. I just have visions of Tom Gores being so stupid he thinks as long as Andre is around he’s going to be deluded into thinking he has a guaranteed sure-fire contender on the horizon. “This kid is so good, who cares what players we surround him with? The future is BRIGHT as long as he’s around.” Only it isn’t.

    Sorry if I’m in an extra negative mood. My favorite team is about to kill itself in a day and a half.

  3. SMH

    This team has a myriad of issues, the least of which is a perceived snub for an exhibition game selection.


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