The Pistons vs. The Clippers

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The Pistons vs The Clippers

The 17-23 #Pistons are hosting the 28-14 Los Angeles Clippers Monday afternoon at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit, who doesn’t seem to play well on their home court, has lost four straight against the Clippers. The Pistons 129-97 loss last season was the largest losing margin in franchise history to the Clippers.

The good: This game should be fun to watch. The NBA is billing it as a high flying affair with the three of the top dunkers going at it. The Clippers DeAndre Jordan has an NBA-high 109 dunks, while Detroit’s own  Andre Drummond is second with 99 and Blake Griffin fourth with 85. Good for Detroit is that they don’t have to deal with Chris Paul who’s is out with a seperated right shoulder.
The bad: Detroit is the league’s worst when it comes to three point shooting. The Pistons are shooting 31.0 percent on 3-pointers and 27.2 percent while losing seven of its last 10.
The unknown: Will Detroit surprise the home crowd and start winning at home?  Can Detroit’s Bigs dominate a solid Clipper front line?  Will Josh Smith continue to play the game he’s suited for instead of trying to shoot from behind the line?
Injuries: Pistons – None
Clippers: Chris Paul – Out

Stat: DeAndre Jordan leads the NBA with 13.5 rebounds per game and is second in field goal percentage at 63.5, with Drummond third at 60.1.
Stat: Blake Griffin averaged 18.5 points against the Pistons last season.
Stat: Brandon Jennings tied franchise records previously held by Isiah Thomas for most assists in a quarter (11) and most assists in a half (16) vs. Phoenix (1/11)

Tip off is at 1:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


  1. edt

    ONE PM start!! I dont know about u but I gots to work on MLK day. Talk about the palace being deserted. I will try to catch a few minutes while I’m on lunch break today.

  2. Damien W.

    I don’t know how to feel about this one. We might have a chance.. might but, we have a strong ability to let roll players get the best of us. >_> At least CP3 is out… we might have a chance at the guard position… maybe.. <_< Here's to hoping!

    *goes to watch it*

  3. edt

    I really wish they had not bussed in those kids to the game. They are all gonna become clippers fans because well I don’t blame them if this is their first live basketball game. What a horrible way to introduce young fans to this dreadful piston’s team. Offense is decent but absolutely no defense.

  4. Hans

    I was so happy when JJ entered the game! Started texting my friend… but he was out before I could finish the text.

    Not easy being a Detroit fan from Sweden.

  5. Julian

    Pistons lost to a good team today.
    Good game for Stuckey,Bynum,Smith, and Dre. Bad game for BJ (0 points) and Moose (6 pts).
    Pistons shot 14% from 3 pt land and Clippers shot 42% from downtown. Pistons were out rebounded in this game to boot.

  6. edt

    Jonas should be on a new team next season with more minutes. He’s good enough to get solid minutes off the bench even if he is a tweener between PF and SF.

  7. Otis

    Buddy, it’s not easy being a Detroit fan from Detroit.

  8. Tycoon

    Just saw the highlights, our frontcourt seems to be playing intimidated on defense, afraid of being posterized. Could have been a won game if not for Jennings’ off night. I feel for all JJ fans, he deserved more playing time.

  9. Otis

    God damn, man. “Could have been a won game if not for Jennings bla bla bla…” This is the mentality that’s been keeping this team in the gutter for the last half decade. Nitpicking this little crap. This was basically a blowout. As much as you can pretend a little push at the end meant anything, the Pistons never even made it interesting. Plus the Clips were missing Chris Paul. You might have heard of him. He isn’t bad. Excuses, excuses, Mister Tycoon. The organization has been making excuses en route to SIX consecutive losing seasons. Stop it already.

    • Tony

      +1 for Otis, no excuses this team is just terrible I know it may be hard to swallow but it’s the truth.

  10. edt

    On this day, last year the pistons were 16-25 and had just beat New Orleans. Today we are 17-24, two games better than last year, one more win, one less loss.

    This is entirely due to rodney stuckey playing great basketball, he is in contract year mode. He is responsible for at least two of our wins probably much more.

    Which inescapably means this team is WORSE than last year. We have regressed, except for rodney. Brandon Knight, Singler, Prince, Maxiell and Monroe are a better starting five than Brandon Jennings, KCP, Josh Smith, Greg monroe and Drummond.

    It’s clear that Prince was a very capable small forward and losing him hurt the team. But Jenning’s despite his lack of defensive is an upgrade over Knight I call that a draw. So singler + maxiell + monroe > josh + drummond + monroe and using math (since drummond > maxiell) this leads to the conclusion:

    Josh Smith < Kyle Singler

  11. Otis

    ^edt your math is dumb. I’d cut you some slack if I thought you were purely being playful, but everything you just wrote is pretty bizarre.

    Suffice it to say, putting a basketball team together isn’t as easy as simple addition and subtraction. Chemistry is a multiplier (if I’m going to get sucked into your analogy). Unfortunately Joe Dumars seems to think like you. “Add talent and add wins.” But the game doesn’t work like that at all. You’ve blatantly ignored the positioning of our players and many other factors like coaching scheme, substitutions. Heck, if your argument is that the team is worse (which it isn’t, really. It’s just basically the same after spending a bunch of money and throwing away a first round pick for no reason) maybe it just boils down to the fact that this team was making better use of Monroe and Drummond by platooning them and having them split minutes at center rather than play together with Monroe out of position and losing his matchup nearly every night.

    I’m not sure why I’m even responding to that, but yeah you’re missing a lot there if you’re boiling it down to Smith < Singler. As a small forward, yeah I'll take Singler. As a basketball player, I'll take Smith twice a day and three times on Sunday. But Coach Frank was ten times the coach Cheeks is (and he still wasn't especially good), the team was actually better balanced, and splitting up Moose and Drummond was a better use of their talents. But the BEST use of their talents would be to trade Monroe so they can each eat up most of the minutes at center on separate ball clubs.

  12. edt

    I never watched Josh in Atlanta, glad to see you really love his game. I guess we’ll see what happens when Greg gets traded. All I know for sure about Josh Smith is I have never seen a dumber basketball player in my life. You seem to think he’ll prosper at the 4, I would love that. Of course Josh has more talent than Singler. But I never saw Singler take a long 2 with the the delight that Josh Smith jacks up those shots. If Josh Smith was going to be cured of the long 2 it would have happened in Atlanta. I am awful worried that after Josh moves to power forward he will still just jack it up the 3’s and long 2’s. Why would he do that I dunno! You ask him.


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