The Most Unenthusiastic And Depressing Detroit Pistons Introductions You May Ever See

by | Jan 15, 2014 | 13 comments

The Detroit Pistons Introductions

If you have been a Pistons fan for more than a few seasons, are a fan of basketball or have just lived in the state of Michigan, you know that The Detroit Pistons set the bar for pre-game introductions. To most fans it was the show before the show that got you so pumped up you were ready to go to battle.

If you were lucky enough to attend a Pistons game during that time, you know that while they always looked great on television, nothing beat being there. The music thumped in sync to a video on-screen that played an amazing mix of highlights from what was the best of Detroit Basketball at the moment. Then right before Mason started to introduce the players live, one of the current players on the video would sledge-hammer the opponents logo until it shattered to the loudest indoor explosion you’d ever hear go off inside the building. The explosion coincided with the fire at both ends of the floor that could be felt from the upper deck of the Palace.

It was magical.

So magical that more teams than I can count started doing the same thing.

I’ve done a pretty good job of capturing the intro’s along the way from as far back as 2005, so when I went to the Palace on Saturday night to watch Detroit take on the Suns I revisited the archive of videos only to be saddened by what I saw.

Look, I understand that this Pistons team isn’t that interesting to the average fan in Detroit. I understand that the team isn’t making the money they once were.  I can see that the Palace isn’t packing it in every time I’m at the game, but if the team can’t get the fans excited, nobody will.

The fire is gone, figuratively and literally at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Here you have them, the most depressing Pistons introductions you’ll probably ever see.

Quite different aren’t they.

Just look at Brandon Jennings, who looks so pumped for the game that he saunters out on the court after his name was announced. He looked more like he’d been called at dentist’s waiting room awaiting root canal rather than to starting a NBA game.

Give it to Charlie V who looks the most excited and he’s played about 45 seconds all season long.

It may change in the future, but for now I miss the good old days. Especially the last part of the introductions when Sheed would get his groove on.

Rasheed Wallace Carlton Dance
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  1. Mustafa Ali

    I’ve felt the same thing every time I’ve gone to a game this year. Fire was classic.

  2. Adam

    Sheed should still do this as a coach, lol. I picture him with a suit on dancing inside of a circle of current players before the game. Would be awesome.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Oh my Sheed would totally do it right now if they let him. I can see it now! Jeans, blazer tie and Air Force One’s in the middle of the circle.

  3. Meshi

    agreed! I thought D. Stern enforced a new intro rule.

  4. Blog Surface

    The Pistons’ introductions were awesome! However, the Chicago Bulls’ intro anthem ranks as the best ever.

    • Siriusly

      The problem with Chicago’s opening music is that I kept on expecting Eye In The Sky.

  5. ksblonestar

    I’m with Adam lol I was hoping he’d do that when he came back to coach.

    I’d like to see the old intros back. They struggle, but give us something! And as much as CV annoys me, it’s nice to see someone look like they’re having (or trying to have) fun

  6. Otis

    Unenthusiastic, depressing, and yet it’s a thousand times more enthusiasm than I could genuinely muster for this team if you paid me. The fact that this team even exists is depressing. The fact that nobody is ever going to do anything about it but make excuses is soul crushing. I will not be watching this team anymore after February 20 unless the Pistons make some waves in the trade market. There is literally no joy left.

  7. edt

    promises promises. You’ll be back lol

  8. Farid Muhammad

    classic days! and Sheed getting charged pre game = the ish!

  9. Dennis (Germany)

    I feel exactly the same, even tough I’ve never been to the Palace. And that makes me ever more depressed, knowing that if I ever make it to Detroit, I probably won’t ever get such a great show again ..

  10. Nina Wilson Kinney

    Honestly I’ve seen highschool games with better intros! My hubby pointed this out to me last season, we chalked it up to the team being broke. But as a fan that regularly attends it is depressing. I watch as the fans swarm down into their seats well into the first quarter. Back in the good old day’s ppl were seated 15 minutes prior to intros just to watch the excitement! As a fan, goosebumps ran up and down your body! I’m sure the player’s got them too! It sure was an experience… Somebody tell The Palace and the Pistons to bring back the fire!!!


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