The Pistons Hand The Indiana Pacers Their First Home Loss

by | Dec 17, 2013 | 15 comments

Josh Smith Pistons vs Pacers

The Pistons just did something no other team has done this season, beat the league leading Indiana Pacers on their home court.  Detroit controlled game leading from buzzer to buzzer in their 101-96 victory.

Key Points:

  • Josh Smith had another huge game leading all scores, as he did against the Blazers the night before, with 30 points.  Smith had the hot hand early, especially after the half. When he was in range he just couldn’t seem to miss.  Despite his huge offensive game, his block on West with 48 seconds left on the clock could have been the play of the game. Smith added 7 boards, an assist and two blocks.
  • Dare I say that Josh’s block on West, that went off the backboard and right into the hands of Brandon Jennings, reminded me of the Tayshaun block.
  • In his first 24 games with the Pistons, Josh Smith averaged 13.8 points and 14.0 field goal attempts. In the past two nights, he has averaged 30.5 points and 23.0 shots. Via
  • It was nice to see Jennings and crew feeding Josh when he clearly had a rhythm going.
  • Let’s talk about the Pistons other Josh.  Harrellson, who was inserted in the game early after Drummond picked up two quick fouls, left off right where Andre would have. It was Josh’s best game of the season with 10 boards, 2 blocked shots and seven points in just 16 minutes.

Josh Harrellson Season High Pistons
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  • After the heart breaker at the Palace on Sunday night I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think they could do it. They dominated the game, leading by as much as 11, but the Pacers were right there with a minute left on the clock. Thank you for proving me wrong and closing this one out.
  • Detroit played the best two teams in the league two nights in a row. They narrowly lost to the Blazers and beat the Pacers at home, so does that mean they’ve turned the corner?
  • The Pistons held Paul George in check, holding him below his season average of 24.
  • Will Bynum, who was on court in the third and fourth resting Brandon Jennings, clearly showed signs of rust. He was almost hard to watch, except for the alley-oop feed to Andre Drummond.
  • This team hasn’t been this fun to watch since 2004-2005.
  • Drummond played just two minutes in the first half. He finished the game with nine points and nine boards.

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Maurice Cheeks on Josh Smith: “We keep putting him on the block and he’s being aggressive, attacking the rim, he’s getting a ton of opportunities. He’s just playing a full basketball game. That last play, that drive to the rim, he ended up blocking it off the backboard. He’s just playing great right now.” Via

  • Brandon Jennings is taking care of the basketball. Jennings put up 18 points with only one turnover and a couple of huge triples. He’s looked as good as Smith has the last two games.
Brandon Jennings Pistons vs Pacers
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Brandon Jennings Pistons vs Pacers
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Photo Getty Images – Editing

  • Give it up to Jonas Jerebko who walked in right before the half and dropped a buzzer beating three like it was nothing.
  • Monore was solid again with 12 boards and 13 points.
  • Why can’t Louis Scola miss against Detroit? It was Scola that got the Pacers within striking distance. He scored 18 for the Pacers off the bench.
  • Recap via
  • The Pistons controlled the boards 55-40.  They did especially well limiting the Pacers get second chance shots.
  • Caldwell-Pope was just 3-of-11 shooting for 8 points, but his hustle was noticeable.
  • Stuckey, clearly hurting, played just 15 minutes with two points.
  • In Boston on Wednesday should keep this team rolling.
  • Are they getting a little respect yet?



  1. Josh Wood (@joshwood)

    Well, I’d say most fun since 2006 team or even 2008, but yeah, the general point is there.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m still living on the championship I guess. We’re both right, I’m just happy I get to smile during games and watch the court more than people watch while I’m at the Palace.

      It’s been a brutal few years in Auburn Hills.

  2. nikhil

    Nat, I think you can say the team has turned the corner.As much as Josh has been criticized his main input to this team is his defense that was missing before him. I think we are on the right track.I hope they keep Monroe and build around the big three’s ( Moose, Dre and Josh).
    Anyways, needed Pistons to win after lions layed an egg.

  3. Brady Smale

    Perhaps it is just me or my buggy computer, but I see a lot of spelling and grammar errors on this blog. Weird.

    • Natalie Sitto

      No it was probably me, I did this half asleep last night and beaming from all the excitement.

  4. Denis Armellini

    Natalie just wanted to say that need4sheed is my main source of pistons info! the blog rocks big time!

    Keep up the good work 😀


    • Natalie Sitto

      Thank you Denis! I wonder sometimes why I keep doing it, but it’s almost like therapy for a long time Pistons fan. Glad people still enjoy it.

  5. Farid

    excellent character win. i think even with the heartbreaking loss to Portland — the Pistons are turning heads. 8 new players and forwards playing different spots is an adjustment. the chemistry takes time. but i will keep expressing this on this blog this year — our Big 3 is serious and only The Pacers and Miami are real threats in my view. But even so — we have a solid front-line and big guards that can match up with those teams. I think this is extremely evident in the Portland loss. Despite the loss you have to admire our effort and how we were able to match up. We have the make-up to not only turn heads but to make some noise come playoff time. I remain excited despite the up and downs–and growing pains. Im super optimistic — and my optimism is based on having a solid team. I think Joe D. was super wise in bringing in Rasheed and Billups. Both had that attitude of like F who you are, we not intimidated! i am sure that confidence is being translated…to the team and the young players. and it has a greater potential of being heard because they are a credible voice.

  6. nikhil

    pistons have the opportunity to be # 3 in east right behind indiana and miami.

  7. Damien W.

    “Are they getting a little respect yet?”

    I want to say no, sadly. I mean… when even the announcer for did the recap of the game… he didn’t even bring it up that Detroit gave Indiana it’s first home loss of the season. Something like that would usually be in bold in game notes. They probably won’t get respect until we beat a contending Western team….. twice.

  8. Brady Smale

    Lol, ok. I was just checking. I thoroughly enjoy this website!

  9. Brady Smale

    I love the upsets as much as the next guy, but until we have a WINNING record and beat teams that we should beat, we won’t be respected. It is considered a fluke if you beat good teams and lose to a host of bad ones while also having a sub-par record.

  10. Denis

    Looks like this season will give you a lot of fuel! Currently watching the comeback on the Celtics!

    Again, keep it up! You should be a journalist, i love it!



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