The Pistons vs.The Pelicans

by | Dec 11, 2013 | 18 comments

The 10-12 #Pistons are in New Orleans for a second game of a back-to-back against the 9-10 Pelicans. The Pistons, who lost both contests to the Pelicans last season, would love to extend their four-game road winning streak especially after the horrible showing against the Timberwolves on their home court Tuesday night.

The good: The Pelicans will be without two of their big names in Tyreke Evans and Anthony Davis.
The Pistons have outscored opponents by an average of 11.5 points during their road winning streak.
The bad: Detroit game up a season-high 121 points and recorded a season-low four steals Tuesday night.


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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope “We have to go back to the drawing board, we have a game tomorrow so we have to get ready for that one, We have to just let this one go and get ready for the next game.”

The unknown: Can Chauncey Billups shake off the rush on his shot after his injury?  Can Gigi Datome ever consistently make a shot with the role he’s been thrown into?
Injury Report: Rodney Stuckey is listed as questionable, while Bynum is still listed as doubtful with his left adductor strain.

Andre Drummond Cartoon Quote
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Stat: Andre Drummond still leads the NBA in field goal percentage with 62.7%
Fact: Andre Drummond needs one steal for his 100th career steal.
Link: Andre Drummond rands 3rd on ESPN’s 25 and Under NBA Rankings behind Anthony Davis and Paul George.

Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


  1. Julian

    Looking towards the end of the season, JD has a lot of decisions to make. Do you resign Moose to play with Smith or do you move JSmoove over to PF and sign a SF that can shoot 3 pt shots? Do you sign Stuck or look elsewhere? One thing for sure is that CV 31 will not be back.
    Go Pistons!

  2. edt

    joe d will probably try to sign rudy gay so we can have gay, jennings stuckey josh and drummond. what a lineup. Of course if we have an early exit from the playoffs joe d will be gone.

  3. rascal

    i read some article that the boston celtics want greg monroe??? i thought jeff green is the best trade for monroe???

  4. edt

    Every team in the NBA wants greg monroe, he is incredibly skilled able to finish under the basket in any position, very smart about positioning for rebounds, boxes people out, skilled defense on post up plays, his only difficulty is poor perimeter defense because of lack of lateral foot speed. His jumper is also going to start to fall in the next year or two so his ceiling is not yet reached.

    About the only organization that doesn’t value monroe is joe dumars who I have to assume signed josh smith to only temporarily play as small forward and will eventually move into power forward, as we give up monroe for the small forward Joe D likes the best, Rudy Gay. Joe D should be able to make the trade work, even if it involves 3 teams, since greg is one of the best young bigs in the NBA, and we have a few expiring contracts we can move like stuckey and charlie v.

    I don’t think joe d likes jeff green as much as rudy gay but if joe d cant get rudy gay then I can definitely see him moving monroe for green. Again, this is all about how Joe d wants to build the team, he is immense flexibility right now with all the players he can trade and drummond not due for his max contract for 2 or 3 years.

  5. Khaye2

    Okay I think it’s pretty obvious that Josh Smith was a bad signing. He needs to be traded for a true SF! Kinda wish we didn’t trade Middleton. He’s playing well with the bucks! But knowing joe d, he’ll probably trade my boy Monroe since he has the most value and keep Smith :/ he’s such a frustrating player to watch! Turns the ball over too much, has very limited range(and still jacks up too many 3’s) and other than good shot blocking timing, has terrible defensive skills!!! I don’t remember ever being this frustrated watching this team!!! They should be better than what their record show. They need to show up every game and be more consistent!! Sorry guys, I just really needed to vent!!! BTW opening day cannot come soon enough!!!!

  6. edt

    Came close to winning this, that’s the difference between our team with and without stuckey. Thanks a lot for the lane violation Josh Smith. Drummond looked really bad, no energy on this back to back.

  7. adamd

    Same pistons, different names. Realizing that Josh smith will never be the player he thinks he is
    I am terrified that Monroe is going to get traded and he is the SOUL of this team.
    Most SF’s from 2014 draft will lead us to championship/hall of famer ∴ do anything you can to loose Smith!
    P.s. both our commentators struggle at analyzing (bl)aha

  8. Tycoon

    Free throws killed our own momentum. If it weren’t for those, game wouldn’t come to OT.

  9. edt

    kelser and blaha are both great gregory understands the game very well and blaha is an excellent and even handed guy. If you ever listen to other announcers you’ll hear some awful crap, the heat guys are clueless homers dont know any players, and one guy just goes “KABOOM” any time their guys launch it’s stupid, atlanta new york new orleans most of these guys are absolutely clueless homers.

    There’s maybe one team in the NBA better than our very own blaha & kelser and that’s the cleveland crew austin carr & fred mcleod long suffering cavaliers announcers, they got great color “GET THAT WEAK STUFF OUT OF HERE” and know the game inside and out.

    Our announcers are really fine, great guys.

  10. rascal

    like what happened to sacramento kings back on chris webber days???year 2002 western finals against the lakers game 7. missed lot of free throw that could change the game!!!!

  11. Dan

    Humble thoughts on all of this now.

    Agree on the announcers – they’re ok.

    Moose isn’t going anywhere. He is core to the identity and brand. Core to ticket sales and fanbase loyalty. Billups, Moose, Dre, Sheed – they are in the organisation for as long as they like. I can’t see Gores wanting to take a short term hit on this unless there is amazing upside on performance. And there simply isn’t a trade out there for it.

    For now I’d put CV, Singler, bynum and JJ down as the pieces to use in a potential trade. All of some value. but don’t see anyone offering anything we want back. I’d want a Steve Novak/ Mike Miller/ Korver to spread the floor. We need a better PG valuing the ball and playing D but I’m at a loss. Mo needs to do his thing with what we have. He’s done it before clearly.

    I’m not putting this loss down as being due to low FT %.

    This is all poor offence by BJ and JS. They need to value the ball or play fewer minutes.
    We have the right coach for it. As soon as Bynum and Billups start feeling better I’m hoping Mo will sit BJ more. Him and JS are severely negatively impacting our pts per possession, which would be very low if we didn’t have the rebounding from Dre and Moose.

    BJ has the talent, but need to stop his bad habits on both ends.

    Perimeter help defence on PG/SG led to rotations amongst bigs, having Andersen shoot way too much and Amundsen look like a monster under the basket.

    I would let Siva and Stuckey start and bring BJ and JS off the bench. Will lead to about the same scores, but send a message.

    Great to have a team where I can’t wait to see more of the players. Bynum, Gigi, JJ all guys I’d love to see more of.

    “bench BJ and JS”

  12. dp

    i miss those days without jush smith.

  13. edt

    Brandon jennings is miles ahead of brandon knigth. He is also better than calderon for our team, calderon had even worse defense and could not run as hard as jennings can. Sure jennings has flaws but he is good enough to take this team to the next level.

    Peyton Siva is absolutely terrible. He has no jump shot so they leave him on the 3, daring him to shoot and he gets stuck on hopeless drives to the basket, he is unable to handle the quickness of other point guards, and does not know hot to handle an NBA pick and roll. At best he is able to provide 3 or 4 minutes of rest for jennings but in our wins, Coach Mo basically had to let jennings play the entire game. Siva does one thing right and that’s good defense, but the rest of his game is so bad now that he is going straight to the D league as soon as bynum is healthy.

    Stuckey is the piece other teams want really bad right now he’s a contract year special, and playing like a winner. Singler, jerebko, charlie, bynum have no trade value they are just pieces you add to a trade to make it add up.

    Monroe right now has a >50% chance of leaving the team this year. The josh smith at small forward experiment has failed and it is impossible to move the contract. The only other option is to trade Greg Monroe and move Josh to the paint.

    If we end up playing well, Monroe will stay. Everything rides on Coach Mo and how he manages to handle this unbalanced roster and if he can get Josh Smith to quit chucking it up.

    Jennings is one of our best 3 point shooters, I don’t mind him taking a lot of shots, he just has to dribble less. Overall, his flaws are not that bad in comparison to brandon knight or stuckey at the point, I like him a lot. He fits in well with this team and he plays really hard. He needs to learn more about how to play defense, I think there’s potential for him to do a lot better.

  14. Julian

    Rudy Gay will not be a FA at the end of the year but SF Luol Deng who torched the Pistons for 27 points this year will be an UFA. GO PISTONS

  15. edt

    rudy gay can be traded after feb 10, we would get rudy gay, and 1 expiring contract maybe fredete, for greg monroe, charlie v and maybe a draft pick

    We aren’t gonna pick up any more free agents, but we will probably be making a trade before the allstar game.

    • Jake

      If u want 3 players in your starting lineup shooting <40%. If your gonna do anything trade Smith and Charlie V for Gay. I for one, wouldn't do that either.

  16. Dan

    +1 on BJ better than BK and Stuckey as PG.

    Way more talent. just doesn’t value the ball.

  17. Denis

    i wonder whats going to be of the pistons when mason and blaha are gone :/


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