Rodney Stuckey Dunks in Carlos Boozer’s Face

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Rodney Stuckey Dunk over - Carlos Boozer

The final outcome of the Pistons – Bulls contest Wednesday night didn’t go the way Detroit wanted.  Two things did happen though, Rodney Stuckey keeps on rolling,  leading the Pistons with 25 off the bench, while leading all bench scores in the NBA.

And this happened.

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This could have been the single most forceful dunk we’ve seen Rodney throw down since he’s been in the NBA.  What makes it even better? It was right in Carlos Boozers face.

6 Responses to "Rodney Stuckey Dunks in Carlos Boozer’s Face"
  1. Avatar Julian says:

    Stuckey had been the leading Pistons scorer for the majority of the games so far this season.
    He has earned the right to start with BJ and get major minutes.

  2. Avatar Jake says:

    Rather him come off the bench. He’s getting 30+ minutes every night.

  3. Avatar dp says:


  4. Avatar Dan says:

    BJ, Stuckey and JS wouldn’t be a pretty combo on offence.

    Starting Stuckey and bringing JS of the bench would work.

  5. Avatar Dan says:

    nat –

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  6. Avatar Edt says:

    Dunks like that don’t do nutting they make me feel better even if we lose

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