The Pistons come up short in Portland

by | Nov 12, 2013 | 6 comments

Brandon Jennings season high 28 points and a 13 point rally from behind couldn’t get the win for the Pistons, who have now lost six in a row in Portland to the Trail Blazers after their 103-109 loss Monday night.

Key Points:

  • Portland torched the Pistons from behind the arc going 11-for-23 for 33 points.
  • Six Portland players in double figures.
  • Villanueva and Singler were the only power forwards to come off the bench for Detroit. Neither did much, each scoring two points.
  • Great game for Andre Drummond, who took the bulk of the minutes in the loss. Dre finished with 16 points, 16 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot in 42 minutes on the floor. Hard work payed off for the big man, who seems to always be in the thick of things for Detroit.
  • Stuckey shot was off, Rodney was just 4-of-15 on the night for 13 points.
  • The 9-0 Pistons run in the final minutes of the game was promising, but it again shows that this team doesn’t know how to put a game away yet.
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  • Brandon Jennings led Detroit with 28 on 11-of-24 shooting, with five assists and three steals. I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but to me Brandon looks like he’s not been that exited to be on this Pistons team. I hope I’m wrong.
  • The defense looked terrible. With the big three all able to do their jobs on that end, everyone else needs to step up. Way too many easy buckets and second chances for the Blazers. Defend the three!
  • For a team that knew they needed scoring from three, the Pistons haven’t done anything this season.
  • Cheeks seems to be trying everything rotation wise and nothing seems to be working.

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Greg Monroe
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Greg Monroe “We gave up 100-something points, that’s not acceptable. We definitely have to clean some stuff up. We have to start finding ways within the game, in earlier spots, to kind of take control”

  • Tuesday night at Golden State isn’t a cakewalk either.


  1. Marcell

    You think Portland shot a lot of three’s. Wait until tonight with Golden State. I hope they can win at least one of these games out West. LA Lakers maybe? OK, just a flashback from 2004 season

  2. edt

    mo isn’t really churning the roster, datome, kcp, jorts, jerebko didnt get much minutes and he is running the vets very heavy in the rotation, billups is getting less minutes because he looks 100 years old out there. Been watching Jenning’s play, he loves playing in detroit, I think what you are seeing is not indifference but a young guy with a huge chip on his shoulder he’s playing angry and I love it, even when he went with hero ball in the last quarter it nearly worked.

    I think Mo lost this game, he needs to get the lads to play a more coordinated defense, that’s the coaches fault. Moose is looking like it is him not Dre who has the highest ceiling on this pistons team. Unstoppable, He disappeared under the basket and it looked like magic 2 seconds later the ball went in protected by the hoop. Incredible.

  3. Jake

    First, anyone else notice Jennings wears like running shoes? Now with my complaints. Cheeks is pissing me off, he plays the wrong players together and at the wrong times, and players we could really use he doesn’t play at all. Better make adjustments on defense tonight or Curry and Thompson are going to kill us. Monroe was clearly the best player on the court last night, RUN THE OFFENSE THROUGH HIM. #FireCheeks

  4. Otis

    This team has not had the problem of “not knowing how” to close out games for a great many years. First you need the personnel to be able to win these games, then you can worry about the nuts and bolts of how to go about doing it. When your team is unbalanced and outclassed by your opponent, you could write a Shakespearian dissertation on how to win games and still not get it done. Better to just accept that the team isn’t very good than to delude yourself into thinking there’s something missing here besides the right mix of talent.

  5. Markov7

    i dont think i cant say much cose of my work i ve been able to watch only opener against wizards bot to me it seems like jennings s takin to much shots and his percentage should be a bit better (maybe thats why we re loosing games),a bit better D from other guys, and we definately need per shooter i know gigi can score his D id worryng me from whhat i see but i wouldnt relly just on him so i really believe and have faith if the team gets one more shooter well be just fine besides i dont xpect them to win ne game on this road trip except the lakers so no grudges for me

  6. Dan

    It is a new team with new mix of players, new system, new coaches. An injury plagued pre-season as well.
    Too early to judge this.

    Keen to hear Mo on why so many minutes to starters. Perhaps to get them gelled quicker?

    It is a tougher and more talented ball being played. I’m enjoying this more than I ever enjoyed the last several seasons.

    Would personally like to see more gigi, jj , kcp, mitchell and much less singler, cv. But I’m having fun.



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