The Raptors Don’t Like What The Pistons Trade Offer

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Looks like Toronto isn’t buying what Dumars is selling (ie trying to dump dead weight that nobody wants).

Looks like the Raptors didn’t like the offer at all.

13 Responses to "The Raptors Don’t Like What The Pistons Trade Offer"
  1. Avatar Damien W. says:

    Swing and a miss…

    Almost Joe… almost.

  2. Avatar Dan says:

    Loving the start to the off season. The ‘make something happen’ aura sure is better than the last couple of summers. Toronto might want more of what Detroit has surplus of, or perhaps another team likes the look of what those CV/Stuckey contracts provide.

    As a fan, this is more entertaining than the stretch of games we had without Drummond/Calderon.

    Joe and Gores clearly need one or two pieces in place immediately as they then need to still have time to be in the game for more.

    One free agent signing and one trade isn’t going to be enough. With a new coach and a lottery pick done, that says a lot.

    Cmon Joe, give us a signing or a trade soon.

  3. Avatar Drew says:

    The Raptors would be idiotic to take that trade, but it’d be nice if it went through.

  4. Avatar rascal says:

    i prepare to see how joe dumars find ways to get jeremy lin and andrei iguodala!!!! if we have lin, stuckey, iguodala monroe and drummond for the next season??? the palace will not be empty again next season

  5. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    so honestly what do we do if josh smith goes elsewhere? looks like every other name i heard is staying on their team.

    • Avatar Jake says:

      Trades, rondo could be available now that the Celtics hired brad Stevens, granger is available, they could still go after gay. I’m hearing they have interest in billups.

      I like the the idea of getting Granger, he’s an expiring contract, and would fit in at small forward nicely, at least for this year. They could get him for maybe singler and some other cheap players. Over at detroit bad boys they actually said singler straight up. It would take up most of the cap space he has 14 million on his contract. But then would have a ton of Cap space next year, with CV Stuck and Granger all FAs. We could throw in CV or Stuck or even Jerebko in the trade to preserve some of our Cap this year,I say just wait until next year for FAs.

  6. Avatar jc silva says:

    great trade for raptors. save money, suck for a season but get what they always wanted ANDREW WIGGINS. The face of their country as of right now

    • Avatar Jake says:

      Not a great trade for Toronto, just a salary dump, they could get the same thing and probably picks from another team.

  7. Avatar Mathias says:

    Sorry but when tha F are Dumars going to make a move?
    People are moving around right now in the NBA so I hope he will do something soon!
    Soon both Smith and Gay are gone! =/

  8. Avatar NJ says:

    LMFAO Most of everyone knows that Stuckey and CV3 both suck except Joe and a few fans.

  9. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:


    Josh Smith has agreed to a four year, $56 million deal with the Detroit Pistons, league sources tell Y! Sports

  10. Avatar Dell says:

    I see Joe giving up Greg, stucky, and CV for Gay. First thing Joe will not give Greg a max deal,and once Greg contract is over with the pistons Greg agent will most likely find him the best contract. A team will give him a max contract. So I can see Joe cutting his loses early. It sucks but it works. Josh can play the 4, gay the 3, drum5 that looks good on paper!

    • Avatar Ron says:

      That sounds real good! At the point you don’t have to worry about the other position cause there’s so much going on with gay smith and drummond! That can be the perfect situation for brandon to grow, because there would’ve to much needed from him.

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