Pistons try to land Rudy Gay for Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey

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Looks like Joe Dumars is really trying to right the ship as far as dead weight is concerned.  Reports have it that he’s in talks with the Raptors that could bring Rudy Gay to Detroit for Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva.

“The Pistons have offered the Raptors the expiring contracts of Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva in an attempt to acquire Gay, league sources told ESPN.com.”

If this actually pans out this could be like 15 Christmases come early.  Set aside the fact that Detroit lands Rudy Gay, who  in my opinion is a better option than Josh Smith, they get to dump Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey.

As little as I think of the contributions that Charlie V brought to the team I think a lot worse of Stuckey who clearly has personality issues and was forced upon Pistons fans as the next Chauncey Billups when he was no more than erratic 2 guard with a diva attitude.

ISanta Dumars know you’re saying to yourself why would Toronto want to give up Gay for the two stooges?  Because both Charlie V and Rodney Stuckey’s contracts are on their last year which means that they come off the cap for Toronto next season.  Also Rudy Gay has two years and $37 million left on his contract.

If Dumars gets this  done, he’ll get some faith back from many who doubt him.

9 Responses to "Pistons try to land Rudy Gay for Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey"
  1. Avatar Rueben says:

    That would be great

  2. Avatar C-Quense says:

    Dumars should eye Gay or Rondo, if one of these guys is available. The contracts of Stuck and Charlie are predestinated for a trade. As long as Dumars is not overpaying for Josh Smith, I’m alright.

  3. Avatar Rg says:

    Would Chris Copland be a good fit at sf for the pistons

  4. Avatar Jake says:

    If Joe pulls this off, I wonder what he will then do with the cap space. There’s no good pgs out there, so he could go for a 2.. in a perfect world they would trade for rondo and sign Josh Smith.

  5. Avatar Farid Muhammad says:

    YO! this had me excited as a Pistons fan. Joe aint playing no games. Gay would be a great fit and something we have been missing for a couple of years. I would love to see Rondo, but not sure if im willing to see any of our young big man leave. Drummond and Monroe — for me have to be untouchable! they have mad potential. but Rondo and Gay in Pistons uniforms = accelerated rebuilding!

  6. Avatar bufkus says:

    my only concern is that Rudy Gay is clearly being overpaid for what he contributes. 17 million for a 18 ppg guy? Come on!
    its just too bad that there really isnt that much better out there. this is a bad year for free agents that the Pistons can realistically land.

  7. Avatar FutureMogul says:

    PG: W. Bynum 22mins/ B. Knight 13mins/ Billups 13mins
    SG: Rudy Gay 23mins/ KCP 12mins/ B.Knight 10mins/ Luigi Datome 3mins
    SF: J.Smith 25mins/ Rudy Gay 8mins/ Luigi Datome 12mins/ KCP 3mins
    PF: G.Monroe 25mins/ J.Smith 10mins/ J.Maxiel 13mins
    C: Drummond 28mins/ G.Monroe 12mins/ Jerebko 8mins

    Pistons still have even more qualified bench contributors that didnt even make this list:
    LAST SEASON K.Singler avg 28mins, K.Middleton avg 17mins, C. Maggette avg 14min. Roster competion is at an all-time high for Pistons as Maxiel avg 25mins, Jerbko avg 18min Last Year

    Expect Drummond, Datome and KCP minutes to increase as season goes on.
    Main/ 3pt TriggerMen: Billups, Datome, Knight
    Pistons stills wont be good 3pt team, but will have many Free Throws & Dunks & Rebounds
    In 2-3 years pistons will either be East Title contending or a team with a lot of Young Assets & Cap Space

  8. Avatar jason mclaurin says:

    This deal is not happening . Knight stuckey and jerebko could get this deal done. With smith at 3 gay can run the 2guard spot.

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