New Detroit Piston Brandon Jennings Tooned

by | Jul 30, 2013 | 22 comments

He hasn’t gotten to Detroit yet and it isn’t really official yet, but Brandon Jennings the new Detroit Piston has been tooned.  I wouldn’t have done this so quickly, but when I shot out a question to my twitter followers about what hairstyle I should toon Brandon in, I got the best answer from @evan4623.  Toon ’em all!  I have a feeling I’m going to be retooning his hair all season.

I myself am partial to the Gumby cut.

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Yes, Brandon Jennings is a Piston.  Are you happy?


  1. Marcell

    I can only imagine what you would do if the Birdman ever became a Piston

  2. Julian

    Since most teams play a 10 man rotation on game day, here is my prediction for the up coming season.
    PG- Jennings/Bynum
    SG-Billups/KCP or Stuckey
    C- Dre

    Watching from the bench most games will be the rookies Siva and Mitchell.
    Which means that Singler will have a tough time getting playing time unless someone goes down with an injury.
    If KCP plays up to his potential he will eventually start with Chauncey backing him up and Stuck watching from the bench.

    • JM

      Why would Billups play at SG? That guy is a true PG they brought him back so he could the young studs how to be one!

    • Drew

      Dude, Singler should be the starting 2 guard. With Jennings, Smith, Monroe and Andre, the team would need a reliable 3-point shooter to stretch the floor, because Brandon and Josh are inconsistent out there. Stuckey can’t really stretch the floor either. Billups is an option too at SG, but he’s small and getting near the end of his career. Singler would give great size at the 2 guard. Did you forget that Kyle was actually pretty good last year?

  3. Julian

    Chauncey can play both SG and PG. Last year with the Clippers he played SG.
    If he plays PG then he will back up Jennings and then Stuckey or KCP will be the SG.
    Bynum will be the extra guard in case of injury.

  4. terry

    What a great off season this has been. The addition of Sheed and Billups is just as major to me as landing Smith and Jennings, because they’ll help Smith and Jennings get even better, and they wont be asked to carry the team because theres play makers all around.

  5. SeanJohn313

    Let’s make one thing clear: This isn’t the 2009 offseason for the Pistons. Villanueva/Gordon might have been expected to play similar roles as Smith/Jennings will, but the major difference is the hype that goes along with the recent signings. The Pistons finally have a team worth going to the Palace to watch. No longer are they wading in mediocrity, thinking about the good ol’ days during the mid-to-late 2000s. That era started off in a comparable manner. The Pistons made similar drastic changes to three of their starting positions in 2002 when Billups, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince all joined the team.With the signing of Jennings along with Smith, the Pistons have taken a step toward their winning ways from not too long ago. Even though these elite individual talents don’t seem as though they could fit together on the same team, Detroit has a legitimate chance to win now while leaving room to improve for the future. With Villanueva’s and Stuckey’s expiring contracts still available, the Pistons could easily make a mid-season trade consisting of these two for a strong wing player and/or deep threat. If they can’t find a trade suitor for these two, they will still have significant cap space during a highly anticipated summer of free agency.
    Monroe, Drummond, Smith and Jennings are the faces of this franchise for the present and future. If they can find a way to fit together, understand their roles and rely on each other’s strengths, they will be a part of the elite East shortly!!!!!

    • edt

      “The difference is the hype” that is pretty discouraging lol

  6. Julian

    The Pistons are no longer anonymous.
    We have 4 legit starters in Dre,Moose,Jennings and J Smoove.
    Don`t forget Billups can still ball in a limited role.
    Add bench scoring from KCP, Gigi, Stuckey, JJ, CV and Bynum.
    Add a coach that actually played basketball at a high level.
    It should actually be fun to go to the Palace this year to watch hoops for a change.

  7. Jo-El

    Okay, I’m starting to warm up to the idea. At least we have a tested scorer from the backcourt to add to Smoove’s possible scoring punch in the frontcourt PLUS Moose down low. Now if only Dre can leap forward in his already passable defensive prowess.

    Possible Lineup:
    PG – Jennings, Billups, Bynum, Siva
    SG – KCP, Stuckey, Jennings, Singler
    SF – Smoove, Gigi, Singler, JJ
    PF – Moose, Smoove, JJ, CV, Mitchell
    C – Dre, Moose

  8. Mike

    Jennings isnt much better than knight, certainly not 6 million dollars better. Lets trade Monroe for Kawhi Leonard now!

    • terry

      Jennings > Knight. Monroe > Leonard. nuff said

      • Mike

        You wont be saying that after you watch him go 5-20 taking step back jumpers all year. He isn’t very good.

        Trade for Leonard and a draft pick or livo jean charles.

  9. edt

    how does brandon jennings think he can succeed in the NBA when he can’t pass the ball, dribble, the ball, make a layup, or jump hook with his off hand. He’s a point guard not a center.

    It’s just weird. I mean, if I were jennings I would spend this entire summer working on my right hand, so a LEAST I could finish at the rim with the other hand.

    Maybe it says something about his work ethic.

    • Cotrav

      Maybe it says something about your work ethic that you’re on this site religiously. Why don’t you get a real job? Trust me, the world won’t miss one more cynical grocery clerk.

  10. Julian

    Pistons finished 22nd in the league in scoring per game last year.
    The top teams, like the Heat and the Spurs, finished in the top 5 in scoring.
    Sure defense and rebounding are important but you must be able to the ball in the hole to be successful.
    Now we got 2 guys that were in the top 25 in the league in scoring last year. Add Moose and give Dre more minutes and you will see more Piston scores over the 100 point mark. Chauncey will help add some scoring punch also until KCP is able to take over as starter, hopefully by the end of the year.

  11. Matt

    Im still hoping that Dumars has a Jennings & Someone for Rondo and Wallace Trade up his sleeve.

  12. Julian

    Gores was sick of empty seats at the Palace and did not want to stand pat this year and hope that the young Pistons improve enough to win games. He had to roll the dice to get some excitement back in Motown hoops.

    We added Jennings, Josh Smith, and KCP/Mitchell this year. We lost BK, Maggette, Daye, Maxiell, Slava, and Middleton. Billups was brought in for veteran leadership that was sorely needed. A new coach does not hurt either. Maybe JJ can play as well as he did as a rookie.
    We have Stuckey and CV31 expiring contracts to sign Moose to another contract at the end of the year.
    More addition by subtraction. Things are looking up for Detroit basketball!
    Playoffs or bust.

  13. Julian

    Pistons apparently signed summer league favorite Siva to a 2 year contract. That makes it 14 players on the roster with one spot open. Maybe Joe will sign a backup C next?

    • edt

      joe likes to run 14 when he starts the season

  14. Julian

    Joe is on his last year of contract so he had to go for broke.
    Jennings has had back to back games of 19 and 17 assists. Get used to Jennings and Siva penetrating and then dishing off to our 3 big men or to Billups/KCP/Gigi/CV/Singler for 3 point shots. Hopefully Stuckey and Bynum will be third on the depth chart this year for the SG/PG rotation. No more hoping for a lottery draft pick.
    Excitement is back in Motown!!!!!!


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