To get Rondo it would take Andre Drummond

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Rajon Rondo to The Pistons

It’s no secret that the Pistons are looking to bring Boston Celtics PG Rajon Rondo to Detroit.  Joe Dumars has made the call, but it will take something that Detroit won’t part with in order to get him, second year sensation Andre Drummond.

Drummond is the Pistons sacred cow, so it’s not likely you’ll see this one going down unless the Celtics change their tune. Joe is willing to send Brandon Knight and an expiring contract, but that just doesn’t cut it. The other problem is that the Pistons can’t even offer a draft pick in the deal because because of the Ben Gordon deal that gave the Bobcats the choice of a Pistons draft pick over the next four seasons.

I’m not going to say I wouldn’t love to have a All Star legitimate PG on this team and Chauncey as his backup, but there is basically no way I’m trading the centerpiece of the team. Drummond has the potential to be a superstar, something Detroit hasn’t seen from a draft pick since Grant Hill. And boy is Dre fun to watch.

Are you in favor of it?

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  1. dp

    HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dennis (Germany)

    No freakin’ way! If Joe trades Dre, I’m gonna quit on this organization!

    • Jake

      I second that

  3. Rashid Umar

    Not gonna happen… ever!

  4. Mathias

    If they trade him I will stop watching the nba and start watching the Swedish league

  5. Erges

    I wouldnt trade a washing machine for that asshole

  6. Dan

    Moose & Dre are the core of the core. No freakin way.

    They are with more than the entire front office and coaching staff to the fans and organisation.

    A new era of piston ball is shaping around them.

    They have already shaped other core decisions on head coach, assistants, picks and free agent signings. Can’t be undone. Moose & Dre are now the foundation for years to come.

    As the entire build of the pistons would be distorted, any trade would have to be such a lift in talent that the trade would be a no-go for the other team. It would have to be a true franchise player coming our way. HOF type.

    I think I’d like to see a sign and trade for Jennings. We can hand up some of Slava, Bynum, CV, Stuckey… Haven’t thought it through though..

    Mathias – Not sure I’d go so far, but I’d seriously give up hope on this team..


    • Mathias

      Ok am not going so far, but like you said I will give up hope on the Pistons =(
      We have a good chance now to build something good, don’t trade our future away for Rondo, we have players we can trade for a good PG

      • Dan


        Should have included Mitchell and Middleton in my list of assets as well.

        It pains me to say, but JJ as well.

        I’d have Dre, Monroe, Smith, CB, Gigi(aka Luigi), KCP, and BK off the table now.

        But anyone ok with trading a good PG for cap space next year and some rotation players would ask for a PG back, so BK might have to be part of it.

        out of interest – who’s your swedish team Mathias? (Mine’s Solna, but have been out of it for 6-7 years)

        • Mathias

          I agree and its hard to say that, but for JJ and some other player maybe stuckey, BK we can get something good. But i hope not JJ
          Södertälje Kings is my team, I only watch one game live this season =/ Hard to go from NBA games to watch that!

  7. jon92

    I don’t get why they didn’t draft Burke and have Chauncey mentor him.

    • Dan

      Needed wingman skills more. way more.

      Now with KCP, CB, Gigi, and Smith to some extent there is coverage on that, in many different ways. We have people to shoot, cut, thrash, pass etc.

      So now need a playmaker, a real pacemaker with ability to control the offence and shut down the ball handlers (at lest those of the sub .500 teams pls)

    • josh blue

      burke is just too small to play in the same backcourt with Knight (or rondo if the pistons mistakenly trade for him)

  8. josh blue

    The rumor in Boston is that they are demanding Moose, not Drummond. they want Brandon Knight and Moose.

    hell bleeping no to either drummond or monroe

    we might have one of the best frontcourts in the business, and Rondo is a vastly overrated PG. He has huge holes in his game.

    I dont even know if i would trade brandon knight straight up for rondo (especially with the money involved)

  9. Julian

    Why sell the farm for Rondo?

    I like our roster. A nice combo of veterans and youth.
    Now it is up to Mo to put the pieces of the puzzle together the best he can.

  10. Damien W.

    As much as we would love a true point guard that can take over a game with his play making (we do have Chauncey but come on, we ain’t getting ’04 Billups), I’d be TOTALLY AND HIGHLY UPSET if we get rid of Moose and/or Dre.

    It’s already been established (Hell, Joe Dumars should say it himself) that we are building around these two. Even though the NBA is gearing toward not-as-punishing big men in the post, Detroit holds some kind of trump card with a big man as gifted as Monroe and another big man as athletically gifted as Drummond with such a high ceiling (baring some kind of catastrophic injury *Knocks on wood*).

    There isn’t many “hard-hitting” big men left in the league: Dwight Howard, Zach Randolf, Andrew Bynum, etc. They are out there, but not many like how it used to be. If we hold on to Dre, we can be in that elite group with a big man that can dominate on the defensive end and, hopefully with time, become a constant offensive helper. If Andre can average like 12-14 Pts, 13-14 Rbs and like 2 blocks, I’ll be more than happy to keep him (and I’m pretty much low-balling what he could do)

    PS: Something funny I read in a article a few days ago, “Greg Monroe has an alter-ego and his name is Andre Drummond” made me lol.

  11. Julian

    The Pistons are going to be fun to watch this year.

    The starting 5 will be a defensive force and should be a fast break machine.
    When needed Cheeks can bring some decent outside shooters off the bench.

    Dre will have to work on his FT% in order to play at the end of a game otherwise the opposition will just play hack a dre.

  12. Tycoon

    I would not even trade Slava for Rondo.

  13. Anthony

    The Pistons need to trade Monroe and Drummond for Anderson Varejeo and Elton Brand. Definitely a win now situation. With Rondo and those two. ..unstoppable. not too happy about billups. He’s more a small forward at 6’7″…definitely not like Magic Johnson at PG. Im surprised that Phil Jackson, our President of General Managing, didnt pick up Kurt Rambis to lead this team to the Finals at least! Be really entertaining to see him go against the LumberWolves…his old team of coaching!

  14. Otis

    The 74 people who voted Yes should be executed.

    Now Monroe on the other hand…


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