Kim English Waived by The Pistons

by | Jul 11, 2013 | 17 comments

Kim English waived by the Pistons.


  1. Julian

    Not surprising considering we signed Billups and Bynum.
    Siva is also on the bubble, although he has played very well in the summer games.
    I think Siva has enough talent to be protected by having him play in Europe, which won`t count against the Piston`s 15 player limit.
    Since we will probably lose our first round draft pick next year, we can add Siva instead to the roster.
    Chauncey will probably hang it up next year anyway.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I Liked Siva and as much as I love Bynum not sure Joe should have brought him back. I think Middleton was better than English but I’m sure he’ll get a gig somewhere.

  2. Tate

    I understand the cap we get back for CV next year, but I really think that Detroit should use the amnesty on him and create a spot for Siva. He has a lot of potential and he definitely deserves a shot. Sure this team will be guard heavy, but TRUE point guards are hard to find and this is what this team really needs. I do have faith in Knight, but I feel that with the addition of Billups, Siva can learn a lot and eventually become the starter in 2-3 years.

    • edt

      if you add stuck & charlie expiring together you get 17 million — if team is in rebuild mode, they need to dump contracts and not many teams have 17 million if you want to dump a paul pierce, rudy gay, andrew bynum.

      These are very VALUABLE contracts. We suffered for these contracts, now is not the time to amnesty charlie he’s finally worth something!

  3. Tycoon

    This is the sad part, we could have kept English and not re-sign Bynum. Siva also deserves a spot on the roster. Amnesty on CV is a possibility.

    • edt

      watched english every chance i could last year, he is NOT ready for the NBA, maybe if he plays overseas or d league for 2 years, NOT good.

      Bynum is a legit nba backup point guard, if you have billups on the payroll at 36 keeping bynum is a good move.

    • bufkus

      Did you see English’s stats in the summer league? There’s a reason he was waived.


    Tough for English but as Natalie said, “he’ll get a gig somewhere”
    I love what Joe has done by signing Bynum & Billups.
    Until last season I was all for Bynum departure but no matter what happened to bynums playing time….he kept giving 100% each time he was on the floor. I am not a big fan of Bynum game ’cause i am an old school bball fan, back in the 90’s player like Will were useless….but now when I see what Nate Robinson was able to do , I think it’s great to have a role player like him on the bench.( IMHO Bynum is better than Nate)
    As for Billups those $5.5 M sound like a reward for his great contribution in Pistons History…

    Show everyone this organisation can run business & still being loyal …down the road .

  5. Julian

    Looks like they will not use their amnesty clause on CV31 this year, since his contract is up at the end of the year anyway.
    Siva will be kept by going to Europe and getting valuable playing time. There he can work on his shot, instead of sitting on the Pistons bench. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be back as a Pistons PG next year.

  6. Julian

    Update on the final summer game today against Miami.

    KCP lead the Pistons with 20 pts and Tony M. had 16 pts. Dre had 14 rebounds. Siva, Middleton, and Slava did not play.

  7. DJ

    Honestly feel like the resigning of Bynum was premature if Joe knew he was still looking for another scoring PG. Once we got Billups, it made the Bynum signing seem foolish. We will most likely get rid of Stuckey this year, which I don’t know if we should considering we won’t get much back scoring wise. But now we are combo guard heavy again & still weak on the wings which is where Joe said he wanted to improve. Losing Siva is going to suck. I like his game a lot but he reminds me a lot of DJ Augustin which means he won’t be much of a PG in the league. But Bynum, Billups, Knight, Stuckey leave a crowded PG position. Knight, Stuckey & Billups can play some 2 guard but can they hang with the SG in the NBA? NO! KCP is a decent player, but I don’t know if he is starter ready yet. We are still a team filled with way too many combo players & not many prototypical position players on the team.

    • edt

      we are keeping siva, joe has until I think the last day of October to trim the roster to 15, and he has been trying to trade stuck + charlie for his last move (toronto didnt go for the rudy gay deal) but something else will turn up.

      Billups wont be able to use more than 20 minutes a game, bynum will come off the bench for limited minutes, right now knight is our point guard of the future but has never really played the position well, so it’s not like we have a young point guard you can start and play 40 minutes, Siva will get minutes in Detroit.

  8. Darrel

    I would really love to see Siva on the roster but I guess if he doesn’t make it this season, hopefully he will have more playing time elsewhere and come back during the following season. I think resigning Bynum is a good deal since he always seems to give his 100% every time he plays. You just have to enjoy his alley-oops to Drummond. As mentioned in the comment above, maybe CV will get traded with someone else and make a space for Siva.

  9. Julian

    Rookies, like Siva, would not get much playing time because of all the vets that they added to the roster this year, so why not get experience in Europe and come back next year ready to be Knight`s primary backup.
    It will be interesting to see where Billups ends up playing.
    Knight/ Bynum are set at PG.
    KCP /Stuckey are set at SG.
    I bet Chauncey will be playing during crunch time at the end of close game if he stays healthy.

  10. Dan

    Q: How much cap space needs to be saved for Moose for next summer? how much change does that leave us with if we trade or amnesty CV or Stuckey? (the improved roster will make Dre and Moose perform better – there will be better spacing, more outside movement, easier rebounds etc – so Moose could have a great year.)

    Q: Is there something to be had for Bynum, Slava, Middleton and JJ out there? A 4 for 3, 4 for 2?

    Thinking CV and Stuckey will be on roster for value of contract, so might as well play them, and Siva is good enough to come in as 3rd PG after BK and Big Shot, so Bynum is tradeable(he’ll be better off elsewhere though)

    • Jake

      If moose becomes a restricted fa somebody will give him a max contract, which would be like what Hibbert got 4 years 58 million I believe.

  11. Bellllissimo

    i remember they did a interview with kim english and they were talking about school or something. i think he said he hated it or somethihng. but anyway i was just listening to him talk and it was clear this guy did not have a good head on his shoulders. he doesn’t think things through that much so i never really saw him as having much of a ceiling. i feel like he might have already reached it


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