Pistons Buzz: Josh Smith in Detroit A trade for Jeremy Lin and possibly Andre Iguodala

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Joe Dumars is talking to Josh Smith in hopes of landing the free agent.

Detroit Pistons general manager Joe Dumars met with Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith at 12:01 a.m. ET with a plan to make the free agent forward a substantial four-year offer, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Josh Smith is one of the top NBA free agents this summer. Atlanta has shown far more interest in working sign-and-trade arrangements for Smith than re-signing him to a long-term deal, league sources said.

Along with re-signing point guard Jose Calderon, Smith is the Pistons’ top priority on the market.

Dumars also will meet with forward Andre Iguodala on Monday in Los Angeles, but it’s doubtful the Pistons have the willingness to outbid Denver to sign him.” Via Yahoo Sports

It is also rumored that Detroit is in talks with Houston that would bring Jeremy Lin to Detroit in exchange for Jose Calderon in a sign and trade deal.

Since I can remember there has been talks to bring Smith to Detroit.  I’m not sure if Dumars has a man crush on him, or it was the willingness for Atlanta to let him go, but it seems as though every season we have a Josh Smith to the Pistons rumor.  It isn’t as if I’d be terribly upset to land the free agent, but he’s not as explosive as he used to be.  Had the Pistons landed him a few years ago I’d be ecstatic.

As far at the Jeremy Lin rumor, I don’t know what to think of it.

One thing is clear, Dumars is doing his best to make this team a different as he can to “salvage” things.


  1. Jake

    The Jeremy Lin thing is just Houston trying to dump his contract, Don’t think the Pistons have much interest. As far as Josh Smith and Iggy, I don’t like either. Smith is better at the 4, and doesn’t provide the floor spacing we need. He gets all of his points in the restricted area. A front court of him Moose and Dre will clog the lane. Ight has a slightly better jump shot, but he as well gets all of his points at the rim, and just as Smith, this would clog the paint.

    Why doesn’t Joe have interest in Evans or JR smith?

    • Natalie Sitto

      I know Houston wants to Dump Lin but how does that help Detroit unless we get something else in return.

      As for JR Smith…no freaking thanks that dude is a head case even if he can shoot.

      I just wish Stuckey was on a bus out of Detroit.

      • Jake

        I’d rather see JR than Josh, he seemed like he matured alot last season. He can be a ball stopper, but he’d fit in the Pistons line up more so than Josh, and we could use his scoring. I Just can’t see Smith playing the three. And I wouldn’t take Lin no matter who they give, unless it’s James which they would never do. Lin’s contract blows up to like 15 mil in the last year of his deal, and he isn’t even mediocre, he’s bad.

        • Jake

          Josh Smith playing the 3 that is. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe packaged Stuckey and Knight in a trade now that he wants Calderon back.

      • nikhil

        Totally agree with you. No Thanks to JR and jeremy Lin.
        Josh Smith might work .
        What does it do for the division? Pistons will look like an inferior version of Pacers and Chicago is built differently but I think will take a step back this year even with Rose coming back. I can see the top 3 in the division be Indiana, Detroit and then Chicago.

  2. zane

    MOVE OVER… REAL PISTON’S FANS…. I can see the band-wagons fans coming back on board… Hey Nat.. just think up-grade seems like we have been bad for so long it would be nice to see improvement and well we all know JOE take in the rejected and dejected and they come here with a chip.. Our 2004 championship teams was full of them.

    GO PISTONS……. to be continued

  3. terry

    No legs to the Lin for Calderon deal. It’s like the report said and like Joe has been saying, one of his top priorities is resigning Calderon. One thing I think some folks may be forgetting is that Monroe is commited to extending his range with a more consistent jumper, so even with Josh Smith at the three it wont clog the paint (Smith does have a servicable jumper). Landing JS or AI would be monster. Though niether are the offensive weapons they once were, both are lock down defenders and brutes in the lane. They wouldnt need to come here to carry us, just put us over the top. Between the two i give Iggy the edge, as he seems to be the more natural sf, but Josh Smith would just make us beefy up front.
    so i’ll go to the famous possible line up check:
    Pg Jose Calderon/Bynum or Siva
    Sg BK7/ KCP or viseversa or if no knight english behind KCP
    Sf Josh Smith or AI/ Singler/ Mitchell
    Pf Moose/ JJ/CV or Mitchell
    C Drummond/ Slava
    I’m not mad at this line up. You got shooters all day in the back court, a pf that can space the floor and make the smart pass and two bangers with defense to boot. All they would need then is another big via trade or free agency that can play the 4 and the 5 off the bench and they’ll be solidified all the way around.

  4. Markov7

    i still dont think we l sign jose although i d love it but i d take lin ne day although ppl like to point out his turnover ratio hell i d even take j.r. nevertheless how much head case he is but josh smith?when i see him com to perimeter and he takes that step forward and shoots the ball makes me wanna take him trough paper shredder over and over specialy if he does that in pistons jersey

  5. Bellllissimo

    joe dumars wants to make us OKC lite. how i can i respect a guy for doing the same mistake he did the last time with ben gordon and cV. he’s probably gonna overbid for josh smith because he is so scared and is gonna give him a bad contract we wont be able to move when josh smith underperforms.

    IF we got josh smith and iguadala and possibly lin and resigned will bynum i would think ok maybe he’s at least trying. But tbh joe dumars is average at best at his job

    i really honestly thought he was gonna think ahead and maybe have some trick up his sleeve for a trade but this? this is basic, this is like if GMs had grades Joe Dumars would be happy because he just learned cursive while other GMs are doing calculus.

    And what’s worse is he is smug about all this. He walks around with a smile as if it’s our fault for criticising him for not doing his job. I’m starting to really detest joe dumars same way i started to detest tayshaun prince in his last 4-5 years here

  6. dp

    dumars is thinking inside the box! why he need smith? he has monroe in this position and jush isn’t a small forword. we need athletic shooters such as oj mayo ‘corry brewer and monta ellis all of them are younger cheeper then AI, and all of them are unrestricted FA -AI isn’t. jush smith will interrupt the devlope of our young big guys-dre ‘moose mitchell and jerbko (he is a real piston). we need sheed back for mentoring these guys. and also billups is also UFA bring him back to mentor BK and to retier as a piston ,he deserves it and so does we

  7. Tycoon

    I’ll take Calderon over Lin any day.

    • Markov7

      jose isnt the issue i m still hoping he ll sign the contract but if its between lin and bk7 i d always take lin

      • terry

        It aint about Lin or Knight, It’s about Calderon, Bledsoe, or Rondo right now. Pencil in Knight as a Shooting gaurd, or a backup pg, or trade bait, but either way unless things go terribly wrong BK7 will not be starting at the point.

        • Markov7

          from your mouth to joe d s ears but looks like nothin from bledsoe cose hes gone to phoenix

  8. Drew

    I just think the team needs to stay pat and only resign Calderon. The free agents this summer aren’t that good. Since we bottomed out a few years ago, it’s all about rebuilding through the draft. It’s funny, we have a lot of players still on the team that don’t really fit anywhere and people forget about: Maxiell, Villanueva, Stuckey, Jerebko, English. I wonder how many of those five come back.

    • Markov7

      lets hope just one lol

  9. Bellllissimo

    So im hearing now joe dumars is going after rudy gay in a trade for stuckey and CV. i’m guessing this means the meetings with josh smith and igudala didn’t go as good as he had hoped.

    Here’s a question i pose to the fellow fans. Is it just me or is the NBA filled with really crappy players? or is it just crappy players we have a chance of getting?

    i personally 2nd what someone said. stay pat and wait for next season where we have a deeper draft and better free agents

  10. dp

    rudy gay is perfect for us.

  11. FutureMogul

    PG: W. Bynum 22mins/ B. Knight 13mins/ Billups 13mins
    SG: Rudy Gay 23mins/ KCP 12mins/ B.Knight 10mins/ Luigi Datome 3mins
    SF: J.Smith 25mins/ Rudy Gay 8mins/ Luigi Datome 12mins/ KCP 3mins
    PF: G.Monroe 25mins/ J.Smith 10mins/ J.Maxiel 13mins
    C: Drummond 28mins/ G.Monroe 12mins/ Jerebko 8mins

    Pistons still have even more qualified bench contributors that didnt even make this list:
    LAST SEASON K.Singler avg 28mins, K.Middleton avg 17mins, C. Maggette avg 14min. Roster competion is at an all-time high for Pistons as Maxiel avg 25mins, Jerbko avg 18min Last Year

    Expect Drummond, Datome and KCP minutes to increase as season goes on.
    Main/ 3pt TriggerMen: Billups, Datome, Knight
    Pistons stills wont be good 3pt team, but will have many Free Throws & Dunks & Rebounds
    In 2-3 years pistons will either be East Title contending or a team with a lot of Young Assets & Cap Space


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