Pistons Draft Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at #8

by | Jun 27, 2013 | 22 comments

I’m sure you’re just like me and you’re shocked that Detroit Passed on Trey Burke and picked Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who wasn’t even a dot on most Pistons fans radar.

At this point, what is Joe Dumars thinking?

More to come ….

From Draft Express

Caldwell-Pope posted fairly high usage numbers, as his 17.6 possessions per-game ranks fifth in this group (third among high-major conference SGs), and is a reflection of just how heavily Georgia relied on his ability to put the ball in the basket last season.

His play-type usage doesn’t really stand out from the crowd, as he did a little bit of everything last season, but his 5.1 combined pick and roll and isolation possessions per-game does set him apart from McLemore and Oladipo, as he used more than twice as many possessions creating his own shot in the half court than any guard projected to be selected in the first round.

Caldwell-Pope’s biggest weapon when he looked to score was his pull-up jump shot. With nearly three-quarters of his shot attempts coming from the perimeter in the half court, roughly half of which were off the bounce, he scored a second ranked 1.118 points per-shot as a pull-up jump shooter, an impressive mark relative to his average 1.066 points per-shot in catch and shoot situations.

If Caldwell-Pope has a weakness on paper, it is his average finishing ability relative to his peer group. A 55.6% shooter in transition and 53.7% shooter at the rim in half court situations, he hovers right around the mean in both categories. Turning the ball over on a sample second ranked 10.6% of his possessions, Caldwell-Pope’s low turnover rate certainly helped compensate for his issues around the rim last season.


  1. Jake

    Unless they traded burke or knight, I like taking pope better. A backcourt of burke and knight is way too small in my opinion. Wouldn’t have minded MCW here either.

    • RL

      I totally agree. The Cavs were exploited years ago with LBJ for having such a small backcourt, and the Pistons still have money to trade for a quality PG if they wanted.

      • Jake

        I hear their interested in Bledsoe. One Kentucky product for another? Bledsoe is a Westbrook type player, Ofcourse not as good, but does he have anymore upside than knight? Not sure.

  2. Bellllissimo

    ok then. any word on trades?

  3. Sable

    I was actually hoping to get KCP but that was because I was expecting Burke to be gone already. When Burke was there, my heart said Burke, but my head still says KCP might be better for the Pistons. First off he can shoot. He can shoot spotting up, he can shoot coming off the screen, and he can shoot off the dribble. This is a big deal being able to shoot well in all three phases. Second, the guy has size and he plays defense. That’s half the game and many would argue the more important half. Finally, I expect to see several of Burke’s Michigan teammates in the NBA. I don’t expect to see any of KCP’s and he still put up respectable percentages and turnover numbers despite not having the same level of talent around him.

    • Bellllissimo

      I don’t think we need another shooting point guard. i feel like joe dumars is hoping for chris paul or something

      • Sable

        He’s not a point guard. He’s a 6’6″ shooting guard.

        • Bellllissimo

          KCP is. trey burke i was talking about though. That’s why im happy with the pick. We all knew it was a weak draft but i think its a good need to fill. We had to rely on Kyle Singler at the wing wayyy too much last year

        • Jake

          Who yall hoping for at 37(or is it 38) is that Saric guy gonna be there? I like canaan as well.

          • Bellllissimo

            i dont know who anyone is. but i liked slava last year second round. i hope we get a small forward

            • Jake

              Saric is a sf. I don’t think slava came from the draft tho

  4. dyfsy

    Let’s Draft Rudy Gobert, french big man!!
    I wish we have some french players in Motown

  5. terry

    Joe D. just had a helluva draft. Not bending to fan pressure or the hype on Burke (though how could you not like him?) to grab pobably the most underated player in the lottery. Then snatching another diamond in the ruff round 2 with an explosive athletic, shot blocking, rebounding, 3pt shooting sf. Whats better than drafting best player available? Drafting best player available who also just happens to be at your position of need. I’m expecting a nice trade, and a solid free agent aquisition. Oh yeah Sheed’s in talks to join the Piston coaching staff. What an intriguing offseason this is already turning out to be…

  6. Venice

    Sources confirmed that Sheed is in talks with the Pistons organization to become an assistant coach. The Pistons is also interested in getting Bledsoe.

    The Pistons are:

    1.Getting KCP to spread the floor.
    2.Trying to get Sheed to teach our bigs.
    3.Drafting Mitchell who has a top 10 talent if he realizes it.
    4. In talks to get Bledsoe.


  7. Tycoon

    Bring on Bledsoe!

  8. sdsanders

    With so many needs on this roster, Joe D is still in such a good position. KCP spreading the floor helps not only the bigs but also the point guard. I can see them looking for one more outside specialist (JJ Redic), and another PG for insurance. Bledsoe is ok but I think Devin Harris can be had for cheaper, more experienced, and put up better number last year. The roster also needs a few vets that have played in a winning culture (to stabilize the youngsters). With Dallas salivating over the idea of getting D Howard, watch for them to start shopping Shawn Marion for cap space, and they will not be looking for much in return. I’ll take the Matrix for a number of scrubs on the current roster.

  9. Julian

    I love Joe D`s draft this year.
    Not only did he fill needs but filled them with players with potential to make the roster. Normally second rounders usually do not make the team or do not have much impact.
    1. Probable starter at SG in KCP.
    2. Backup/potential starter at SF in Mitchell.
    3. Backup PG in Siva.

  10. DJ

    I was admittedly upset when I first heard of this pick. I never heard of KCP. I was hoping for McLemore, Burke & as a dark horse Shabazz Mohammed despite the negative press he’s been getting. But Shabazz is not a geat shooter. As much as Burke would have had me doing back flips, we have way too many more than capable point guards. We needed a SG or SF shooter in the worst way. After doing some research & watching some of KCP’s highlights I am very impressed & not mad at the pick. As long as he is moved into the starting line up at the 2 with Knight leaving stuck as their back up off the bench. Having 2 shooters on the floor ith Knight & Pope the paint is now open for Monroe & Drummond to do their thing down low. Now if we can go grab a SF in Free agency & not lose any of our bench guys we will be ok. We won’t make it to the playoffs unless that free agent magically becomes Howard or Chris Paul, but we will be better than last season. With Philly, Boston, Mil & Atl taking steps backward in rebuilding phases the final 2 spots are open for the taking. KC Pope lets hope you can become a solid building piece.

  11. TelePow

    Strike 1 – Hire Mo Cheeks
    Strike 2 – Draft KCP instead of Trey Burke

    whats next. Hire Kwame Brown in Free Agency?

    Joe is one strike away from being OUT. so DONT BLOW IT AGAIN JOE!!!.
    get something to get excited about in Free agency. WE ARE F*CKING TIRE OF LOSING!!!!

    • Bellllissimo

      why would we draft another will bynum?

      • c

        Burke another Bynum? Huh?

        God, you people are… Idk man..

        Drafting high next year! See ya’ll in 2014.

    • terry

      KCP was the right choice here. I’ll be content rooting for Burke from afar.



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