The Pistons Coaching Search – Nate, Lindsey, (not) Laimbeer and More

by | Apr 25, 2013 | 24 comments

Tom Gores Help Wanted

It seems for the moment the Nate McMillan is the running favorite for the #Pistons vacant head coaching job. That doesn’t mean that he’s a lock, but considering the names that have been thrown around we may be seeing him around the Palace of Auburn Hills come October.

If it were up to Pistons fans across the ocean they would love to see Zeljko Obradovic take the reins and bring his distinct coaching style to Detroit.

Lindsey Hunter, who was mostly a bad boy for life, has asked the Phoenix Suns permission to interview with the Pistons for the coaching gig. He had limited success with the Suns after he took over late in the season and though he was a big part of things in Detroit it’s not likely that he’d be atop the list.

On a side note Lindsey was a lot of fun when he was here.

I’ve heard Mike Budenholzer Spurs longtime assistant is being looked at. Anyone who worked under Pop in San Antonio has serious knowledge as far as I’m concerned.

Mo Cheeks had limited success in his two previous head coaching stints so he’s semi legit.

Brian Shaw I never liked because of his playing days with the Celtics and then later the Lakers, but being a guard in the league would be a welcome help on the bench for Detroit.

Scott Skiles may know how to coach a team and has ties to the Michigan State, but his style I believe is not conducive to young players. He’s got a his way or the highway type of attitude that takes a special kind of team to work with. Plus I think he’s a DB.

You want Drummond and Monroe to take it to the next level then Patrick Ewing is your guy. There is no better coach to have on your bench to teach the twin towers what they need to learn than Ewing.

Now for what you don’t want to hear…

Bill Laimbeer is will not be the Pistons Head coach.

We are all “homers” of some sort when it comes to the team we love and the nostalgia that goes along with it, but so many of you need to let go of the whole Laimbeer as coach idea.
Don’t you think if he was a serious candidate he would have snagged the job the other two times he was interviewed for the job? Don’t you think he would have been a better choice than Michael Curry if Detroit was serious about hiring him? He won Championships for the Shock here in Detroit yet they gave the job to Kuester.

We loved him as a bad boy, but he’s legitimately a jerk. Ask just about anyone that has had contact with him or has a story to tell about him and I can guarantee it’s not a nice one. We may never really know what he did behind the scenes here in Detroit or in his assistant spot with the Timberwolves, but there is a reason that he went back to coaching the WNBA.

Nobody likes him.

We can remember him as our beloved Bad Boy that had a hell of a hop skip three-point shot, but let’s stop the Laimbeer for head coach thing please.

And please don’t do the forgive Larry Brown thing either for that matter.

Or Sheed for that matter, though it would be a hell of a lot of fun!

Let’s face it, no top-tier coach is going to want to come to Detroit right now.

  • This team is seriously rebuilding.
  • They like to fire the coach at the first sign of trouble.
  • There has been issues with the team/coach relationships for a while.
  • Management is making changes every day.
  • The roster is a work in progress.
  • The GM (Joe D) is on the hot seat.
  • They’re not paying the big bucks. Think about it, they have been paying two coaches’ salaries each season for years.

So let’s just sit back and see what the draft and management deals us, but keep your wish list serious. We are Detroit…remember.



  1. From the D to DC

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Laimbeer (or better yet Ewing) as an assistant, if the HC is down with that. I wouldn’t force-feed either one, though.

  2. Drew

    Actually, there was an article the other day and many experts were saying Detroit is the top destination for out-of-work coaches due to our core of Drummond-Monroe-Knight.

    Could there be a Coach Sheed in the near future?

  3. Paul

    I dont buy it. Laimbeer would be the best. 100% sure he would be better than jokes like Kuester and Curry. Were they ever a head coach besides Detroit? Did they win anything as a coach? Two complate no names, no idea how they got the gig. I don’t give a shit who likes him or not at least he won championships as a coach. So what that it was WNBA? Other teams in WNBA also had coaches. Sure as hell Kuester and Curry would never win a WNBA championship. I still cant believe those two actually coached here, it would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic. I guess McMillan wont be so bad, at least he was an actual head coach before coming here.

  4. Bellissimo

    I wish we would do like boston did. For me Greg Monroe and Al Jefferson are the same player. And boston used jefferson as a cornerstone to get kevin garnett. I’d really like to see something like that happen. The only one i really wanna keep is andre drummond. He reminds me of kendrick perkins
    Knight is nowhere near Rajon Rondo’s level and don’t think he ever will be so i think we could trade him too. with all the cap space we can accept some trades that will help us

    • moe

      So youre saying trade our 2 best players ok there bud

      • Bellissimo

        the fact that they are our best players shows how bad the team is. Though Andre Drummond is our best player at the moment. Knight is never gonna be a leader on the court. just a leader by example. But we need a guy who can bring confidence and swagger to the team. We need some jerks on the team to win

      • edt

        moe u have a point lol

        im with you. Let’s trade our bad players for good ones. 🙂

        dont ask me how that is Joe’s job, and he better do it or he’s getting fired for real.

  5. Piston_fan_phl

    I think what he meant is you’ll have to give up/trade a good player in order to get another good player who is a better fit. That said I’m willing to trade Monroe + fillers for Kevin Love. I think his skill set is a better fit for the Pistons. Kander can help him heal his injury faster.

    • Bellissimo

      wow imagine a kevin love + drummond front line. would the other team even get a rebound?

  6. terry

    yall both trippin.

  7. edt

    here’s who i want to see gone:

    1) charlie v. last year of the contract finally makes him an asset
    2) stuckey. He has “hey” and teams need that on their 2nd unit
    3) jerebko. It is completely uncool how frank treated him. He deserves a chance with a team that will let him play a solid 20 minutes the entire season, celtics could use him
    4) english. Not good.
    5) slava. Not good
    6) maxiell. Decent player, will be too expensive for detroit to retain

    We’ll have a core of drummond, knight, moose. Knight has not been that good on offense but this year he has done things on defense that have made me think he has a place here. Middleton & bynum will be our bench players.

    And then we need to pick up 7-8 more players. 1 of them will be a top 10 pick he will have to be ready to start. and then joe will have to swing a deal for our last starter.

    • Markov7

      a+ like dan said agreed as usual

    • Bellissimo

      you said slava is not good. i can’t respect anything you ever say again

      • Markov7

        lol why would u think slava s ne good?lol hes just 6 11 piece of wood – pure fact

  8. Dan

    etd, agree as usual.

    not sure about maxiell (hope he is well). as he ages the size will be even more of an issue.

    in business, if the path to greener pastures is complex, you have a deeper problem. The same applies here. replacing 7-8 players, 1 being a draftee ready to start, and finding a coach ready to take that new team and make it better than this yrs team… that’s where we are? yes it is.. So how’d we get here.. I say Mr D passing. rip. Now time to step up Gores. I want some solid change over the summer. some core change. clarity on what type of club this is (winning aint enough, please tell me how a winning pistons team is going to win. people don’t buy iPhones because Apple is doing ok.) then tell me who goes/stays etc in the front office). then I’ll watch every game regardless because I’ll get to see Dre/Monroe/Knight (and yes I like JJ), expecting no more than usual on court anyway.

    • edt

      maxiell is at the stage of his career where he wants to get paid, cant blame him, he’ll go any place that is willing to pay the price. I strongly suspect a team will want him, his eye should be fine, just glue that back on with lasers.

      • terry

        disagree on JJ Pistons should play him he put up better numbers than Max on a bad night. that should be part of the next coach’s interview, not playing JJ=deal breaker. I wonder if any other team would even sign Maxiell. I’m rooting for him to get paid, just not by Detroit… I think Slavas got potential just needs the tick to get his confidence/aggressiveness up he got the physical tools to be a banger/enforcer on the inside. If we cant trade CV he could be amnestied Gores would still have to pay him the 8.5 but it would come off the cap leaving 30 mil to play with. I wouldn’t mind keeping him for the final year if they cant trade him, cuase now he will be playing for a new contract and thats usually when players play the hardest. could work to Pistons benefit.

        • Dan

          Agree JJ has proven himself as a productive non-star NBA rotation player!

          The positive impact of starting Max instead of JJ as because JJ dew rookie type fouls early. So the big stat uplifts Max were accredited were not to do with him. It really stood out to me but seemed like I was the only one seeing it. Then that got JJ sat at the end of the bench with Corey which was absurd.

          Regarding Slava-
          The ‘big league’ will never be fair (regardless of sport or otherwise, be is business or politics etc), some get a fair shot at proving themselves, some get lucky. You got to go hard, take yours, be in the right place at the right time, and have a lot of luck. In most cases it doesn’t work out.

          I am a Slava fan, seems to be a hard, grunt working big man, but he simply didn’t have the combo of luck and go get it self confidence/brutality. I’d love to see him play, and am secretly hoping he signs with a euro-team so I can see him on the floor rather than being hidden away on the bench in the nba or the d-league.

          Why did Corey M even get changed for games and follow the team on the road?

          Going back to Nat’s original post –
          I agee, any coach who has been with pop for a while is a solid candidate to me. Then if they have been a part of the grunt work on duncan and Robinson – they’re hired.

          I’m not sure a Ewing style of center would be productive on this team, who needs help on everything. I say more of a Hakeem please. But then – who knows what the system and roster looks like come october!

        • edt

          No way amnesty Charlie he’s in the final year of contact teams want that for cap space

  9. pistonsfan101


    • Bellissimo

      just read that. at first i thought OMG HE’s OUR COACH. but then actually read it and he is just consulting. But I may be low maintenance but I’m happy with any help. Tom Gores just like “yeah he’s a friend” like a pimp. Just hope phil doesn’t wanna sabotage us for payback for beating his lakers so bad 😀

  10. edt

    Phil Jackson=Joe dumars is getting fired

    • Bellissimo

      i don’t see that. at the very least joe dumars is staying the next year. and phil jackson will probably have a job if joe dumars is let go

      • edt

        I been fired enough times to know the signs


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