The Pistons Fire Lawrence Frank

by | Apr 18, 2013 | 17 comments

I’m pretty sure all of us saw this one coming and it didn’t even take more than 24 hours after the #Pistons last game of the season. There has been no official press release by the team just yet, but I’m sure their will be soon.

As of the moment it look like Joe Dumars and the rest of the Pistons coaching staff are safe, but stay tuned.


  1. Franz

    Any news on potential successors?
    The Detroit Free Press mentioned Nate McMillan. I guess Collins and Scott are available now… I don’t really know if their style fits Detroit. Heck, what is our style?

    • edt

      our style is this year we have 50% roster turnover 100% coach turnover, only knight drummond and moose are safe.

      I would be surprised if Stuckey, Bynum, Maxiell, or Charlie V were here next year, calderon free agent, charlie last remaining year (good trade for teams that need space), maxiell last year, bynum last year.

      Stuckey has two years left but at 8.5 million he is not badly priced for a 6th man who can get to the basket and “Hey” at will. If he could only get the ball in the basket instead of just draw fouls he would actually be good.

      Jerebko, Monroe, Knight, Drummond, Kravtsov, Singler, English, Middleton. that’s 8 players, we have 7 slots to fill, and only 3 starters, Monroe, Knight Drummond.

      Calderon is not gonna stay here, he’s got too many options.

      You can do worse with a 7th pick than Shabazz Muhammad, I suspect that will be our pick. Trey Burke might fall to us.

      I don’t think Burke and Knight can play together because that backcourt is tiny. It would be Burke & Stuckey, Monroe, Drummond and . . .

      Well based on what Langlois has said, we will need to offer Monroe and Drummond max contracts . . . so that should rule out Josh Smith.

      I dunno, Joe Dumars, if you screw this puppy you are done. You can’t hand out candy to strangers, it will be Ben Gordon + Charlie V all over again except THIS TIME we would lose drummond & moose by eating up all our cap space.

      • Franz

        Nice roundup especially the players staying, although I think and hope Bynum will stay, if he won’t get an awesome contract somewhere.

        It will be a little tiny with Burke. Too bad Oladipo is not going to fall down to 7….

        • edt

          Victor Oladipo is a project no handle no jump shot turnover prone.

          Projected to go 15th not worth wasting a 7th pick on.

          But he’s a great athlete.

    • edt

      didnt answer the who will the coach be, just commenting on how up in the air our roster is at this point.

  2. Clyde


    • Zane

      This is not the WNBA I don’t know why people keep throwing his name in get rid of Joe hire laimbeer why we don’t have a bad boys team. We need a coach that’s can figure out a way to get the best out of whom ever is left. Someone who not afraid to go against the grain a coach who can coach. I think so far we’ve had coaches that really were told how to run this team which to me shows no faith. You want a rookie NBA coach and I am sick of tired of waiting for the coach to catch up to the team that by the way has no direction because they have no COACH… I say get rid of stuckey who’s won nothing but seem to be a version of Rip the cancer of the team. Lamimbeer.. Are you serious?? We all want to play Gm and coach but some of us want to win and I’m sick and tired of watching this team just settle we need to actually move forward.

  3. RealGMToni

    This is not a good move. Frank is not the problem, Joe D is and the players he brings here. Our team sucks !

    • Zane

      Much easier to replace coach, even players but tell me who you think we should get to replace Joe? I like Joe D and he has made some bone headed moves cough Darko but I think given how this team has been in limbo and how this is really his first shot at making it all right… with cap space and his past mistake I say 1 more year now if we’re still looking this bad next year.. He too must go so I’m hoping he don’t screw this up… because I sick of watching this team lose and lose badly…….

  4. Santiago

    From the looks of things. This is Joe D’s last run as President of basketball operations GM. One more important offseason to make or break his legacy. Everyone should shut up about him being fired. Honestly , who who would takeover? I say give Joe this summer and this season if he fails let the chips fall where they may.

  5. Vishnu

    Get rid of Joe too, hire Phil Jackson as GM and Coach. He should have ties with Tom Gores who is an LA guy. The lakers then amnesty a hurt kobe and he comes to detroit like he almost did years ago…. Okay, okay, you can wake me from my dream now.

  6. terry

    If any other GM came in and made the moves Joe D made this year yall would be applauding him, so i would say Joe just might have his mojo back. Picking the right coach is major though, one of the vangundy’s might not be bad. Shouldn’t we be at the 8th pick? Carter-Williams could be the pick, Bennet might be there, Muhammed would be decent, maybe reach for Robinson?, but Oladipo aint bad, We could use Some toughness and peremiter defense at the gaurd position to go with the athletism and scoring.

  7. Robert Bayer

    This is one happy day! From the first I never wanted this loser, L. Frank, hired. Nor Curry! Nor Kuester! Nor Flip Saunders! All feeble and lame without a lot of heart or determination or smarts or the team loyalty needed for to become an outstanding Piston Head Coach. Each time I wanted Laimbeer and each time Joe picked someone he could boss around or would not feel threatened by. Big Mistake: Great NBA Head Coaches have extremely strong wills and are smart and tough, just as Laimbeer is.

    Dear Mr. Gores, it is time for Bill Laimbeer! Someone who understands and played the modern game and was ahead of his time (a big shooting the 3). Someone with championship and leadership experience as a player (2 times) and as a head coach (3 times in 6 seasons!). Someone who always hated losing with a passion and loves the Pistons above all else. He wants this position as far more than anyone else you could hire and will work harder and smarter than anyone you could hire.

    I know the Piston Writers are mostly against him. But they, to a man, were all OK with the past string of failed head coaches. So that proves they did not and do not understand what makes up a good / great head coach. I also half suspect some of these “journalists” (ahem) are still smarting from being burned by snappy retort from Bill after they asked 1 too many stupid questions. Also, they have made their living the past decade by following Joe Dumars’ lead and angling their stories to fit according to the way Joe D sees the world (who doesn’t want a strong head coach and doesn’t want a Piston Big Brother around to soak up any adoration while in Detroit. Truth is, if these same Piston beat writers had had the gumption to report the truth about the Pistons more often rather than protecting Joe Dumars, most likely the Pistons would have avoided some of the dumb movies Dumars has made (such as continually hiring bad head coaches or dumping good players for less than nothing (Afflalo, Billups, Budindger, ect. ).

    Laimbeer was a player who was not blessed with much talent but still became an all star. That is another reason why he will be a great choice to lead the Pistons to the next step: teaching players how to maximize their abilities and to improve their play as individuals and as a team, something he has done or helped others do throughout his basketball career.

    For those who say Laimbeer is too “tough guy-ish” for today’s players, you best recall that Laims coached the WNBA players, women, where Bill was more than congenial and supportive in approach. Really, Laimbeer has only been mentally tough on opponents, making their lives miserable, never his teammates or players, whom he always supported strongly at all times.

    Will be OK with Nate M or the Van Gundy brothers but if you want the best, choose the best. Bill Laimbeer is as ruthless and smart and team-worthy as the very successful head coaches of the Spurs (Pop) or Lakers / Bulls (Jackson) were and are.

    Go Pistons!

  8. Bellissimo

    I want Lambieer. For 1 reason. PRESENCE. kuester, curry, saunders, frank. They don’t command respect and confidence. They symbolize hard work guys who earned a shot but everyone knew were not amazing coaches. In addition Lambieer is a BIG man coach. When an assistent in minnesota, for those who never watched, Lambieer even had darko playing GREAT ball. Obviously darko lacked that attack mentality but he was almost close to being a double double guy. Darko kinda reverted after Lambieer left. And here we SLAVA, drummond and Monroe, and to a lesser extent jonas jerebko. These are the only guys who need to be kept. All the guards and SF’s and maxiell are tradable(i personally hope monroe gets traded too. I just think he’s a false idol)

    Yes the roster sucks but i have given up on hoping joe dumars will get the guys i want. I had hoped for Andre Miller everytime he was available but not even any kind of effort to get him.

    Now in terms of X’s and O’s I’m not a huge fan of lambieer. I watched some WNBA games and his offense was basically give the ball to deana nolan and everyone else just stand around. I really wish more coaches understood to implement a offense not just a set of plays. AND NOT THE PRINCESTON OFFENSE. It sucks.

  9. Markov7

    omg!!! is it true zeljko obradovic is coming to detroit?????if it is then pistons are goin to make playoffs next year 99% i m sure and we can see stuckey go away or he ll definately start playin as we all expect him to play woow if this really happens i cant wait for next season to start and lol we can hear lots of bip bip censorship in their practices hhhhhhh

    • Natalie Sitto

      Are you saying he’s awesome Markov? of so let us know!

  10. Dan

    Great news, the pistons are making changes. etd got it covered as usual.

    This is the given one. Now to have this business turn around and start winning, I believe more drastic changes are needed.


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