An Ugly Night In Auburn Hills

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The #Pistons probably would like a do-over after the thrashing they took Monday night on their home court. The 119-82 loss made it nine losses in a row, a season worst.

Key Points:

  • Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes we make bad ones. I consider myself on the good side of that after deciding not to head out to the Palace Monday night. When you’re no actually there…you can turn off the madness.
  • This quote has applied for the Pistons as well as their fans for a little too long.

Lawrence Frank: “The thing that we have to restore is pride in being a Piston.”

  • Deron Williams with a game high 31.
  • I know one of the contributing facts to the reason that Detroit can’t play defense is Andre Drummond’s absence, but if you have to rely on one person, a rookie at that, you’re in big trouble.
  • Jose Calderon played just eight minutes due to “flue like symptoms.” That diagnosis scares me when it comes to Pistons athletes. Poor Rip suffered from those same symptoms for almost an entire season. And doesn’t Rodney Stuckey get hit by that “bug” often?
  • This had to be one of the ugliest games I’ve seen in quite some time.
  • Lowlights via

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  • Andre Drummond was at shootaround, but there is still no timetable on his return.
  • The Nets largest lead was 43.
  • Kim English with 10 points and Middletion with six.
  • Greg Monroe made all of his first half shots, but just one free throw in the second half. He finished with 17 points, seven boards and two blocked shots in 32 minutes on the floor. He also had another big turnover night with six.

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  • It’s sad because they don’t look like their tanking for a better lottery position, they’re just that bad.
  • Bynum led Detroit with 18 points off the bench with six assist in 29 minutes.
  • No need to relive this anymore, especially when Detroit faces Miami on Friday. If this one gave you nightmares, I’m almost afraid of what’s going to happen come Saturday morning.


  1. edt

    when the 13 games remaining in the schedule feels more like 13 days until christmas you know your team is bad

    I’m feeling mighty teal!

  2. Dan

    This team has imploded. Dre would need to be doing 35+ minutes to have this work. An if he plays at all his minutes will be managed very tight. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him at all this season, but if so we shouldn’t want him doing more than 10 minutes. He is a very young big, these symptoms tell us his body is very fragile. remember, he hasn’t really seen much action before the NBA. He should spend now till October doing Pilates and the like to have his body get strong at the core.

    Stuckey/Bynum made some of the Portland game watchable.

    Clearly there is now enough tape on how to break down the pistons of 12/13 for teams to enjoy before a run in. No change is the same as tanking.

    If tanking is the game plan – can we start playing the rookies even more?

    • Natalie Sitto

      I agree Dan, I almost don’t want to see Andre at all and if we do you’re on the money no more than ten.

      I’d love to see more minutes for Slava, Middleton and English because one of them may not be on this team next season so lets see what they can do.

    • edt

      how do we know what is the correct draft pick if moose + penguin have less than a full game of minutes together.

      We need to know before the draft

      • Dan

        Agree edt, but fear health Dre lasting is higher priority than perfecting the draft.

        How bout starting Slava instead of Moose, then bring in Moose at around the 4 minute mark or so? I’d like Slava to be the one drawing the early fouls in the paint, freeing up Moose to be a bit more physical. Slava will draw fouls like the rookie big man he is anyways. Ideally I’d then want Maxiell to get off as moose enters to allow Moose to do some time at the four. Or maybe just start Slava at the five and moose at the four. If we can play JJ and CV as our 5/4 combo during a real NBA game I’d say we can do anytng.

        Regarding draft I’d say it is obvious this current system warrants a backup to Dre. So either change the system or get a big this summer. And that’s just to take care of basics. Then how to get ahead?

        Need a definition of how Detroit ball is different. I’m surprised a business man like gores isn’t creating clarity on points of differentiation and relevancy in the product.

        • edt

          if drummond is the next coming of greg odon I prefer to know it now not next year


          if he’s fragile we gonna have to replace him anyway

  3. the Flu

    It wasn’t me, I swear!

  4. Dan

    Just watched Miami @ Cleveland. Some ok inside play by Cleveland had them contain the heat in the first half. The pistons won’t have that. This could hurt.

    Miami is coming off two-three games where they should have lost because they didn’t bring their a game from the go, and talent and some luck have had them take home the Ws. I expect they will come out hard.

    I would really like to see some bad boy defence tonight. Frank- 12 players, six fouls each. The heat are human. Humans feel pain. Protect the paint and and the pride of the palace. Intimidate.

    I have a dentist appointment today, think that might be less painful than watching this.


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