Dallas Over Detroit

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Brandon Knight-Pistons-vs-Mavericks

Another valiant effort from the #Pistons Friday night as they once again fought their way out of a big hole to give themselves a chance to beat Dallas. Despite a 24-8 run and snatching a 97-96 lead in the fourth, but the Mavs came right back and took down the Pistons 102-99.

Key Points:

  • Who would have thought little used Khris Middletion and Charlie Villanueva would be the ones to dig Detroit out of their whole late in the game.
  • Middletion put up a career high 14 points, ten of them being in the very important fourth quarter.
  • The fourth quarter run gave life to the crowd at the Palace who were extremely loud.
  • Another hustle night for Jason Maxiell who put up double-double with 13 boards, 12 points a steal and a blocked shot in 34 minutes on the floor.
  • Greg Monroe returned with 14 points and 10 boards on the night.

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  • Best wishes to Lawrence Frank who missed his second game tending to his ailing wife in New Jersey.
  • The Mavs with seven players in double figures.
  • Rodney Stuckey just looks horrible. Another game where he didn’t make a basket and looked lost in his 13 minutes on the floor. “Stuckey took just one shot, had zero rebounds and one assist in 13 first-half minutes against Dallas after missing all 10 of his shots spread over 35 minutes in losses to San Antonio and New York.” Via Pistons.com
  • Charlie V with a quick 12 points in 13 minutes.
  • Hard work again for Jonas Jerebko who played scrappy again. Jonas scored five points and five boards in 14 minutes.
  • Brandon Knight led the Pistons with 21 points on 9-of-17 shooting with three assists and three boards.
  • Singler getting better and better on the defensive end for Detroit. Three steals and a blocked shot in 27 minutes is always a plus on a team that needs to play better D.
  • Jose with seven points and seven assists.

Highlights via NBA.com
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2013/03/08/0021200919-dal-det-recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Despite the hard-fought games and the “they almost had it” it’s time to just look towards next season.
  • It gets pretty rough as the Pistons go on a four game West coast trip that starts on Sunday against the Clippers.


  1. Markov7

    ok i ve been goin over bleascher report for a day or 2 (pistons section)and what i saw is basically that a lot of comments sayin they would give up moose and ok fans are well known of talkin crap and i see josh smith is still actuall (god forbid but u cant stop ppl talking crap right) but when a so called journalist admits that would give moose for i dunno carl landry or dejuan blair or somethin like that i gotta wonder – is the world gone crazy,no, make that retarded?or is it just me? nat, edt, please help?i mean how can u even think of gettin rid of moose – not even insane!!

  2. Markov7

    2013 nba free agents pistons should shoild be watching – tony allen,coRey brewer,dejuan blair,carl landry,dj augustin,earl clark – really what i mean is WTF!!!????? WTF WOULD U WANT NE1 OF THEM (ok landry can be exception)IN THIS PISTONS TEAM???

  3. edt

    there’s two ways to win in this league, 1 is you draft cheap young talent develop it and then you pay them a contract when it’s time 2 is you go over the luxury tax and buy the top players in the league and surround them with talented vets at league min who are playing not for money but a ring

    People that think we should trade away Moose somehow have the Detroit Pistons confused with the Lakers or Heat. We need to keep Moose, Drummond, and keep Calderon on a reasonable contract. We need to obtain smart draft picks and snatch up value from teams that are going over the new collective bargaining agreement luxury tax and need to unload assets.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with obtaining dj josh smith or blair but it has to be because the other team is desperate to balance the books and we give up Charlie V. Pistons should only be looking for unfair trades right now.

  4. Markov7

    exactly edt, but to me there is = sign when i hear “trade moose” and “get josh smith” and means RETARDED!! yes i m a bit frustrated when it comes to pistons but arent we all so that kind of rubbish just goes on my nerves and i rant but do pistons really want or need to get max contract to josh smith even if he wants to come to detroit?and who will be starter i d rather see andre start than that ugly atlanta head .i think personally ot would be mental and 2 steps back.as far as all those players i wrote (copied from that article) they re all benchers – WE DONT NEED F…. BENCHERS WE GOT FULL TEAM OF BLOODY BENCHERS!!!!!!!!!WE NEED STARTERS so yes i d be pretty irritaated if they d go for ne of those guys from list we need defence yes but we also need offence and i ll always as offensive minded fan will go for offensive solutions so id never go for ne of those from the list above i dunno about draft i dont look ncaa to much and i usualy just wait untill teams pick and see how players go so i cannot say get this one or that one but if moose bein traded is even an option the palace should be burned (no i m not a kid in puberty :p)

  5. Markov7

    ADD ON:
    i m well aware we r just fans and we in 80% situations talk crap and have impossible wishes regarding players but when i hear those kind of i dunno how even to call it so i l cal it jibberish (and i m bein mediocre and polite) i just go beserk askin myself wtf are theese guys thinking?


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