Win Against The Wizards

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Jose Calderon Pistons-vs-Wizards

The #Pistons are going in to the All Star break on a good note. After losing a miserable game on Monday night against the Hornets, Detroit took on a hot Wizards team and got the job done with a 96-85 win at the Palace.
Key Points:

  • Greg Monroe with his eight consecutive double-double for Detroit. The last Piston to do that was Grant Hill. Monroe who’s doing whatever he can to make up for the absence of Andre Drummond finished with 16 points and 18 boards!


  • Isn’t it nice to have a great PG? And isn’t it nice to have two PG’s playing well? Jose Calderon and Will Bynum combined for 44 points.

singlerKyle Singler “Jose is a solid player for us. He’s been a great addition. Just things outside the court; his enthusiasm is great for the team. But his ability to come in and make threes, spread the court, and give us another ball-handler on the court is very valuable to our team, and it’s nice to have him out there toward the end of the game.” Via

  • Jose in fact was hitting so many three’s (6-of-9) that almost everyone in the crowd at the Palace got a free t-shirt. He led the Pistons with 24 points, three assists, a steal and a blocked shot. Be thankful for Jose, who was the only one in the early going that could score for Detroit.
  • Highlights via

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  • Bynumite!

Will Bynum Pistons-vs-Wizards
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  • Will finished the game with 20 points in just 21 minutes, 12 of which came in the critical fourth quarter when the Pistons were battling for the win. Bynum played a great game and led the Pistons in assists with eight on the night.
  • Rodney Stuckey once again took his All Star break early (check the stats). Rodney with 2 points on 0-for-7 shooting. I’m so over him like four seasons ago.
  • Give it up for Slava Kravtsov who was great help on the defensive end for Detroit, especially in the fourth when the Pistons went on a run and pulled away.
  • Nice Oop for Slava

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  • By just looking at the score you’d never get the story of this game. Detroit took over the fourth quarter by dropping 31 on the Wizards and locking them down defensively.
  • Another very solid game for Kyle Singler who is doing a lot of the Pistons scrappy work.  Singler finished with 12 points, seven boards and a steal in 37 minutes.
  • I was hoping to see Brandon Knight turn the quarter with the acquisition of Jose, but I think we may have to wait a while for that. Brandon with six points on 3-of-8 shooting in 28 minutes.
  • Brandon Knight will be the only Piston represented in the All Star Game festivities.  You can catch Knight in the Skill Challenge.
  • On break until Tuesday when the Pistons welcome back Tayshaun Prince when they host the Memphis Grizzlies at The Palace.
13 Responses to "Win Against The Wizards"
  1. Avatar Nikhil says:

    Good win, and Jose is making the team better with every game.
    Unfortunately, I think we will miss the playoffs this year. 6 games behind with 26 to go. I hope I am wrong .

    • Avatar edt says:

      so we need a record of about 45 wins and 47 losses

      i think we win charlottex3, indiana 1x (split), washington, new orleans, golden state, brooklynx2, toronto, cleveland, philly, finishing with a win on our last 4 games, and maybe steal a game or two during the last dozen games against a contender, finishing 13 wins 13 losses for a record of 34-46 which by the way will be our best record since we traded away Billups good for 9th place.

      9th place sucks. We really need this team to go on a roll, and Joe D has to do something to bring more firepower to our team before the trading deadline.

  2. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Nice assumption edt. We need to win 15 or more the next 26 games to get there. Its going to be tough but I want to see us get to at least 9th place and flirt for that last spot to bring some sort of momentum next season.

  3. Avatar Nikhil says:

    I think for any chance to get in playoffs, Pistons need to go 20-6 and hope bucks go 500 after all star break. Doesn’t look possible, but you never know.

    Lesson for Frank, we can’t have a 0-8 start next season.

    • Avatar edt says:

      you do NOT need a winning record in the eastern conference to make the playoffs. 20-6 is 41-39, I think you mean 21-7 or finishing 42-40. Remember in 2 009, Detroit make the playoffs with a 39-43 record.

      38 or 39 wins should be plenty to make the 8th seed.

      Of course in the western conference you’ll need 42 wins and we would have to go 21-7, but since we aren’t we only have to go 18-10 <—- that's not gonna happen unless we get really lucky because we are just not that good of a team.

      It's definitely still possible but we need the other teams to have strategic injuries, the flu that kind of stuff.

  4. Avatar The Fan says:

    I’m thinking we should re-sign Calderon in the post season and it would be sweet to make the playoffs.

    I agree with you Nat, its nice to have a true PG and I hope we can get rid of Stuckey. So glad I didn’t name my dog that.

  5. Avatar Nikhil says:

    I agree that we dont need a winning record to make the playoffs, but we still need to have a better record than bucks ho are 6.5 games ahead if us. To overtake bucks in remaining 26 games I am saying we need to go 20-6 and hope bucks go 13-13 .

  6. Avatar Nikhil says:

    I agree that we dont need a winning record to make the playoffs, but we still need to have a better record than bucks ho are 6.5 games ahead if us. To overtake bucks in remaining 26 games I am saying we need to go 20-6 and hope bucks go 13-13 Or worse.

  7. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    Sorry. I broke the replay button on the slava dunk

  8. Avatar Julian says:

    One good thing about Dre not playing is that Slava K. is getting a chance to get his feet wet to see what he can do as a back up center since next year Drummond will likely be starting at C and Moose will move over to PF. We need to see more Slava slams next year when he gets more playing time as our back up C.
    Good to see the Pistons playing better although a playoff spot may be a long shot unless they can pull off a long winning streak.

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