Bobcats Snap The Pistons Streak

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The Bobcats took the Pistons to overtime and then took the game from them snapping Detroit’s four game winning streak 108-101.

Key Points:

  • Detroit let at team that won just one in 20 games break their four game winning streak.
  • Is anyone as frustrated as I am at Rodney Stuckey’s last shot in regulation?  He finished the game with 18 on 6-of-11 shooting with three steals and an assist.
  • How do you lose when you’re shooting 70% on the night and put up a season high 60 points at the half? Did Frank watch what was happening?
  • I’ve said this before and I hope I don’t keep having to say it.  Frank needs to figure out what to do when his team goes for long stretches without scoring the basketball.

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  • 22 – The Pistons had as many assist as they did turnovers.
  • Moose with another Monster game.   He was all over the boards putting up another double-double with 18 points,  14 boards and six assists.  It looks like whatever was ailing him is long gone.
  • Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 21 points and seven boards.
  • Is everyone really this down on Brandon Knight that they think Detroit should trade him? He finished the game with 12 on 5-of-11 shooting with one assist and four turnovers.
  • This game was just difficult to watch.
  • Did you know that Andre Drummond its 10th in the league in blocks per minutes?Blocks-per-40-minutesVia HoopsStats
  • Andre finished with 10 points, six boards and three blocked shots in 27 minutes.
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  • I can sum it up in one word…disappointing.
  • They have till Friday to right the ship when they take on the Bucks.
10 Responses to "Bobcats Snap The Pistons Streak"
  1. edt says:

    I think you have to give credit for the cats they played good defense (I know what the hell?) and fought hard. Brandon Knight is a disappointment but then so is Kemba Walker, neither is a point guard. And this is a point guard league.

    • You’re right I should give credit to the Bobcats. It was just a win they should have gotten and somewhat demoralizing.

      • edt says:

        this loss is not too bad, we’ll are doing a lot of good things and we’ll be back on a winning streak before you know it

        6-2 over our last 8 games that’s ferocious.

        • Lori says:

          Thanks, edt. It’s just so hard to watch another game where our lead dwindles away to a loss. Especially to the Bobcats, though you’re right about them.

  2. greg says:

    Charlotte played with a lot of hustle, I felt like they could have hung against a lot of teams this time. And Drummond is really more like 9th in blocks per 48m because that Orton guy only played like a couple minutes

  3. Bellllissimo says:

    lol who the heck is d. orton. HOF for him XD

  4. Nikhil says:

    Schedule gets tough now. Even though they have more days off between games, the teams they are playing are going to be tough. I will b ehappy if they can go 5-5 the next 10 games…

  5. rai_from_philippines says:

    it’s been a while since I posted here, just silently reading your posts all these time. Thank you Nat for keeping this site alive.

    “Disappointing” sums it up, having large leads in the first 3 quarters just to give them away in the end. I am not a basketball expert, but it seems to me, Frank waits to long during a scoring drought before he collects his players and assess the problem.

    I am just a fan, so I’ll do what a fan does, support his team no matter what.


  6. IM_Toteh says:

    Your BK7 have to be blame for this one. It was couple of times he called his self taking the ball to the rack; which resulted in block shot or out bound. He never looked for his teammates. That play resulted in a turnover or a miss shot. I always question his decision making, he need to get some point guard lesson from Will B. knowing when to take over the game is essential especially in a critical games. At this point of the season every game is a most win game to have a chance for a playoff spot. There is only have an hand full of true point guard left in this league, and the Pistons manage to have one in Will B. Most coaches wouldnt start because of his crazy streetz ball handle and under size.

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