Pistons Welcome Jose Calderon and Say Goodbye to Tayshaun Prince and Austin Day

by | Jan 30, 2013 | 19 comments

It’s official, you can say goodbye to what was left of the 2004 #Pistons Championship team. Detroit was involved in a three team deal that came because Memphis wanted to move Rudy Gay.

How this one worked:
The Memphis Grizzlies trade forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors.The Grizzlies receive point guard Jose Calderon send Calderon and his $10.5 million expiring contract to the Pistons for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye. The Raptors also sent forward Ed Davis and a second-round pick to the Grizzlies. Memphis sent back center Hamed Haddadi to the Raptors.
Some like the deal and some don’t, but when you put nostalgia and Tayshaun’s mark on this Pistons team you realize what a good move it is for Detroit.

Tayshaun may not finish his career in Detroit, but he gets to play for a very talented Grizzlies team that has a legitimate shot at a Championship run.

Daye on the other hand probably wanted out of Detroit for quite some time. He never really made his mark and didn’t get the playing time or the patients that he needed. Hopefully he can get a fresh start in Memphis.

What Detroit gets is Jose Calderon, a legitimate true PG that knows how to find his teammates, rack up assists and score when needed. Don’t believe me, look at his stats. Even better, his 10 million dollar contract expires after this season.

It’s a win-win for Detroit. They either have over 30 million dollars of cap room after the season is over or they resign the PG they have been looking for.

And don’t worry about Brandon Knight, he’ll be just fine.

Prince was always a class act as you can see here in this interview of him after the Indiana game the first time he was talked to about the trade.

Via Fox Sports Detroit.

Thanks Tay, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Tycoon

    Tough to see Tay leave, tough to watch his interview. I remember when he rejected offers from Spurs and Clips and chose to re-sign and be part of our rebuilding team. I don’t think he imagined himself playing with any other team. I wish him the best.
    For Calderon, I think he’s an under-rated pg and the type that we need.

  2. Piston_fan_phl

    Love the trade but sad to see Tay leave the team… I really wanted him to retire as a piston but to move forward you really need to sacrifice. But atleast now he has a shot of getting another ring.
    On the other hand we get a true pg who can mentor Knight. Calderon can also do Bynum’s job (throwing lobs to Andre) when Andre moves to the starting line up (if we get a legit back up C). He can give the space (.42% 3pt) needed for Monroe to operate inside the paint.
    And also last but not the least the trade opened a roster spot to sign Big Ben to mentor Drummond on how to get things done in the defensive end.
    I am happy Tay went to a team so much like the 2004 pistons, a going to work team with old school gritty defense.

  3. C-Quense

    I wanted Tay to retire as a Piston. But that’s just another strictly business decision. That move brings Detroit high flexibility in the next summer, but it also cut the chances for Brandon Knight to play the PG position it should be. That trade brings a decrease in minutes for him, especially as the handlebar. I really don’t like it. Why not letting him play the 1 spot the rest of the year, to see how good he can be. He still got problems to control the game for a bigger span, but he’s making progress. Meanwhile he’s playing much more aggressive than two months ago. Calderon is an overrated player with lack of defensive skills. Can’t wait for him to pose after he’s hitting a three pointer :(. Tay thank you for what you’ve done for this franchise. Without your block against Reggie…

    • edt

      knight has improved defensively but as a point guard he is showing no improvement. Just look at the difference between how bynum handles the pick and roll and how knight does. Knight isn’t able to pass the ball after the pick, the single most important and simplest thing a point guard does.

    • Drew

      Knight is better in many ways but he needs a PG mentor to teach him to be a facilitator and a playmaker. Calderon also is pretty superb for guard in having low turnovers and he is probably second best TRUE POINT GUARD in nba besides Rondo. If you look at the stats for 2012, compare them. they are pretty similar in skill set. Look at the past games, Knight is struggling lately. He is making poor shot selection, turnovers, and no assists.

      If you ask me, Bynum should start and Knight be at the 2. but since the trade i think a Knight, Calderon backcourt together sounds pretty darn good. Knight for all intents and purposes is a shoot-first combo guard who arguably would be better suited for receiving the feed rather than distributing.

  4. akaseabass

    Yup. I agree. Dr. Daye was never able to get enough patients for his family physician practice. Lol. 🙂

  5. Bellllissimo

    i mean I think we all knew it was time (even you were wondering why we resigned him) but that doesn’t change the fact it was complete shock to everyone. Tayshaun bugged me at times with shot selection and stuff but ultimately you couldn’t ask for a better lockerroom guy. I really look forward to seeing Taysahun be in a environment where he is the new guy. I think he does better in that role rather than the elder statesman. Like I can’t be the only one kinda excited to see what tayshaun is gonna do on a championship chasing team. It reminds me when i saw taysahun with the olympic team.

    (i cant be the only one kind of upset of the lack of trade coverage on ESPN and stuff right?)

    And I’m just curious what everyones thoughts on Jose are? obviously runs the team with efficiency and can be a mentor to Brandon Knight.

    and also bye to daye too lets hope he gets it going with memphis

    • Markov7

      wtf is austin daye? lol and about jose whats to tell what wasnt told by now?he s the guy this team needs and hopefully thos 2 (stuck and bk7) will learn not to run around the court like flys without heads! great player for this team nuw just watch monroes and andres number go up in about week or two
      but the only thing i m maybe a little worried is that i read he really didnt like this trade (jose) so maybe he desides he dont wanna play for this team or go to europe or demand a trade or anything i dunno
      but hell i m excited as hell

      • Tycoon

        Similarly Tay does’nt sound excited about the trade. They were both attached to their respective teams for a long time, they’re no journeymen. Im sure Jose will be welcomed warmly by Pistons fans and hopefully he’ll like here eventually.

  6. Col

    Goodbye Tayshaun, hello OJ Mayo???

    For Joe D’s next trick convince someone to take stuckey’s contract please.

  7. The Fan

    I wish we could have made a trade for Tays contract years ago. To have him retire here he would need to learn how to attack the rim from the right instead of his left, his only move.

    Good bye Tay!

  8. jessi

    I have been a Tayshaun fan since teh first time I saw him shot. This long arms made me think who is this guy and what does he bring to the pistons. I quickly saw what he brought. Just to highlight a few things, his grading his first year as a pistons. And his block on Reggie Miller which to this day is still talked about. You ask Reggie and he says he was fouled, but we all saw it, it was a clean block. I am very sad to see him go just as sad as I was to see Grant Hill go. Tay and Grant are my all time fav players and will always be. I am glad I have seen them both play. Tay more than grant as I was not olf enough to take myself to games when Grant was on the team. I have and will always be a piston fan, even when I was in grade 6 and Jordan was the up and coming and all my class liked the Bulls and laughted at me for liking the Pistons. I am not happy about this trade and I would have loved to see him finish as a Pistons, but I do see it as a good trade for the pistons. Just makes me a little upset because you have a guy who wants to be trade and is then you have a guy who would have loved to stay on his team and has to go. I get its a business but I still hat eit when you have players asking to be traded from their team.

    I’m a sad Pistons fan today.

    • Bellllissimo

      nicely written

  9. Jake

    @Col my thoughts exactly. Maybe Josh Smith too.

  10. Markov7

    ok time-out!i been a little “facebboking” and – ok i get it ppl are sad or pissed tay movin out but wtf would u cry for austin daye?????jesus are ppl THAT blind?or they just dont know shit about basketball?wtf would u want austin daye on this team?jesus now i m gettin pissed…

  11. James (Australia)

    “Thanks Tay, it was fun while it lasted.”

    Always love reading your work here, Natalie, even if I have been a little absent in commenting for a while. However, I really hope that you are going to write a little more substantive piece to acknowledge the contributions of Prince over a decade for the Pistons. He may not have been the character that ‘Sheed was, the superstar that Big Ben was, the scoring freak that Rip was, or the lovable leader that Chauncey was, but we don’t have a third title without Mr Prince.

    He played for the Pistons longer than any of the aforementioned stars. He gave us playoff success and iconic Piston moments, but he also was often the only thing that stopped the Pistons losing by 40 points night after night over the past few seasons.

    I love the trade, don’t get me wrong. I love what Calderon brings both now and in the future. I love that we are officially saying to Greg Monroe, ‘This is your team’. I just think that we should also show a little love to Tayshaun Prince for the ambassador that he has been in representing the Pistons’ red, white and blue.

  12. The Fan

    Trade stuckey for Mr. Big shot! Billups is a free agent after this season.

    • edt

      lol hilarious but never gonna happen.

      joe d recruited stuckey to become the next mr big shot for him to trade an in his prime stuckey for billups would mean he would have to admit that all he has done for the past few years is make giant error after error.

      Only happens if joe d gets fired . . . but with Joe starting to make slick moves like this prince trade, he’s bought himself at least another eyar.

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