The Pistons Have The Celtics Number

by | Jan 21, 2013 | 15 comments

Andre Drummond

The #Pistons got off to a great start Sunday night against the Celtics, leading by as much as 18 points. The Celtics however came right back and were down just four at the half. The Pistons didn’t let this one go, by playing solid after the half and amassing a 16 point lead to beat Boston 88-103 to snap their two game losing streak.

Key Points:

  • The Twin Towers are really making this Pistons team fun to watch. Greg and Andre combined for 31 points.
  • Nice try Doc, fouling Drummond and sending him to the line didn’t work out for you. Drummond made six of his eight free throw attempts.
  • I know I keep looking at Brandon Knight with a fine tooth comb every day, but if you look at his stat line against Will Bynum’s for Sunday night they look pretty similar until you get to turnover and minutes. Brandon and Will each scored 15 points, each has a steal, and 5 assists. Knight grabbed more boards, but had seven turnovers to Will’s one. Is Knight regressing…or is it just me?

Will Bynum-Pistons-vs-Celtics
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  • It was a nice win, and nice to see the Pistons bounce back after giving up most of their lead before the half. Also nice to see a big crowd at the Palace, but I can attest that to the many Celtics fans in the building Sunday night.
  • Lawrence Frank needs to fix the Pistons turnover problems. Thankfully the Celtics turned the ball over a lot themselves. The two teams combined for 39 givebacks in the game.
  • How great is a nice Drummond Dunk? Andre finished the game with 16 points, ten of them by way of slam, with seven boards, a steal and a blocked shot in 20:19 minutes. So, when are we going to see the big guy in the starting lineup?
  • Highlights via

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  • Another double-double for Greg Monroe who scored 15 points and 11 boards, not to mention that his five assists matched that of the Pistons two point guards. He’s been so solid, while keeping himself almost under the radar.
  • Has Singler shaken he woes? He put up a solid game scoring 15 with eight boards, three steals a blocked shot and five assists. That’s got to be one of his best games since being inserted into the starting lineup.
  • Jason Maxiell with 4 ridiculous blocked shots.
  • Tayshuan added 14 points.
  • Who thought, “here we go again” when Boston fought back and got the game to 55-54?
  • Stuckey with just three points.
  • Nothing like beating the Celtics. Well unless it’s the Lakers.
  • Four straight over the Celtics.
  • You can say it if you’d like. The Pistons are getting closer and closer to that last playoff spot in the East.
  • Tuesday at home against Orlando should be a good one.


  1. Piston_fan_phl

    “Who thought, “here we go again” when Boston fought back” We all did. Lol. I especially like Monroe’s oop to Drummond. He’s such a good passer for a bigman. Imagine Moose hitting that 15 ft jumper consistently. The front court of Moose and The Brahma bull will be very nasty!

  2. Piston_fan_phl

    And btw we are 2 wins away from the 8th seed. Go Pistons!

    • Piston_fan_phl

      Forget it wrong info..

  3. Nikhil

    Next 10 are tough. If they can go 5-5,schedule gets a little easier after that. I say the next 10 games decide if pistons are going to postseason.

  4. edt

    “Brandon and Will each scored 15 points, each has a steal, and 5 assists. Rodney grabbed more boards, but had seven turnovers to Will’s one. Is Knight regressing”

    I think you mean Knight grabbed more boards but had seven turnovers.

    I understand the mistake, Knight and Stuckey are basically the same player, combo guards thrust into the Point Guard Of The Future position.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Thanks EDT, I fixed my mistake.

      Your quote couldn’t bet better!
      “Knight and Stuckey are basically the same player, combo guards thrust into the Point Guard Of The Future Position”

      Too bad that hasn’t worked out for either.

      • edt

        I really like both players. last year I wasn’t a fan of Knight, thought he was awful for a point guard.

        But this year he has shown me tremendous defense. You see those 7 turnovers by Knight? Well, look at Rondo, 9 by him, that’s Knight playing excellent defense. Knight has taken a major step up in his defense this year.

        Obviously this roster is like a car with bad alignment. Frank can only do so much, Joe D has to fix our point guard problems.

  5. Julian

    The boys from bean town are a team on the down slide and the Pistons are a team that is slowly but surely improving. Hopefully we can pass them up for the last playoff spot this year.

  6. Ali bazzi

    Is it me or am I excited for the pistons future?? I haven’t felt this way in a long time??? Drummond is silencing all the my words he will be the best center in the league in 3 years. His producing in limited minutes. And that will and dre combo is lethal! Will Bynum is playing his heart out. Underrated as hell. This is how I would like the lineup to be.

    Pg Bynum
    Sg knight
    Sf prince
    Pf Monroe
    C Drummond

    Slide knight the the 2 cuz he’s really a combo guard without a mentor at pg. cough cough Chauncey.

    Will Bynum seems comfortable running the point. He plays with confidence and avoid turnovers.

    And Drummond what more do we need to say about him. His an absolute beast!!!!!!! All these dunks blocks boards. He can do it all. Way to sink both free throws when they hacked him. Lol nice try doc

  7. Bellllissimo

    I remember the year boston won their championship. A boston fan called detroit “perenial runner ups” and now they are basically mirroring us after the championship. right down to one of the cornerstones moving on to the team that beat them. (sheed, allen) well karma is a B. After losing to us doc rivers is even mentioning roster moves.

    After london i had this feeling we were going on a winning streak. hopefully a long one

    • Bellllissimo

      and did anyone else hear lindsey hunter is the new suns head coach? awesome

  8. DWILL313

    The more I see Knight, the more I dislike him. Like every one has said, he is Rodney Stuckey part 2. And I’m a BIG Stuckey fan, i rather have him at point than Brandon Knight. That kid is so full of his self. I watched there practices peseason and he was complaining about other players, not post game interviews he has a look on his face like why are these reporters talking to me? And lastly, Will Bynum is better than him, if he wasnt so little he would have been stole that starting job…

  9. Tycoon

    I overheard from my officemates here in the Philippines talking about how good Drummond is and they are not even Pistons fans. This kid is evolving so quickly, Frank more minutes for him pls.
    For Boston, I see them sliding out of playoffs. We should be able to chase that spot.

  10. Joe

    Knight is just terrible. Here’s the breakdown:

    FG: 40.6%, terrible

    3PT: 38.3%, solid

    FT: 74.3%, pretty bad for a PG

    Rebounds: 3.7, good for a PG

    Assists: 4.4, terrible for a starting PG

    TO: 3.0, terrible considering his assists

    Steals: 0.6, terrible, among the worst in the league for a starting PG

    Points: 13.8, lousy when you consider that he is supposed to be a high-scoring PG. If he gave us 20 ppg, then maybe I could accept his other deficiencies.

    In short: he needs to DOUBLE his assist average, otherwise there is NO WAY he should be a starting PG. Jordan Crawford averages the same # of assists, more boards, more points, more steals, and a higher FG%, in fewer minutes. Jordan Crawford! Let’s face it we need to draft another PG.

    Drummond, on the other hand, is amazing.


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