The Pistons vs. The Bucks

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The Pistons vs The Bucks

The 10-22 #Pistons are hosting the 16-12 Milwaukee Bucks Sunday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills

  • The good: The Pistons should have a little spark on their side after beating the World Champion Heat Friday night.
  • The bad: Rodney Stuckey is questionable. The Bucks have won three of their last four road games and have split the last eight games with Detroit 4-4.
  • The unknown: Can the Zoo Crew part Deux do it again, or will the starters get back into a groove?

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

If you’re thinking of going to the Game Sunday night at the Palace, you can get tickets directly from the Pistons with NO Ticket Fees.

8 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bucks"
  1. Avatar Tariq says:

    WIN WIN WIN WIN. Good win guys!

  2. Avatar Brady says:

    Good streak! Next game is against Sacramento at home! We kught be able to go on a little run here boys.

  3. Avatar Tycoon says:

    This is what I’m saying, Prince is a veteran that can find a way to score on close games. Looking back at Atlanta game, he was replaced in the middle of 1OT by Stuckey who came back after the injury but was never the same since then.
    Its a nice win streak anyway by beating 2 good teams in the east.

  4. Avatar Nikhil says:

    Good win, but BK7 is still the weakest link …..

  5. Avatar Drew says:

    If Prince can score down low and draw fouls this easily, shouldn’t we, you know, go to him during the game more often — since it works?

    • Avatar edt says:

      Prince is bad for ball movement, you pass to him, he takes 3 seconds jab stepping, then 3 or 4 ball fakes, then he dribbles, then he takes another 3 or 4 ball fakes and suddenly you are down to the last second of possession and he forces up a shot.

      Now if the other team for some reason makes a mistake and Prince is allowed to go to his left, that’s an automatic basket. That’s what you want from Prince.

      If they don’t let him go left you want is ball movement to generate open looks.

      I’m ambivalent about Prince. He’s having the best year he’s had in Detroit for 3 or 4 years, but those past years have not been quality.

  6. Avatar Drew says:

    We’re only 4-1/2 games out of the 8th seed…

  7. Avatar Nikhil says:

    Pistons can go 4-1 in next 5 games……

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