Pistons lose in Toronto

by | Dec 20, 2012 | 9 comments

Greg Monroe-Pistons-vs-Raptors

The #Pistons lost to the Raptors Wednesday night 91-97 on a night that Toronto was without their two best players and a career high 35 points from Greg Monroe.

Key Points:

  • It’s hard to win a game no matter who you’re playing when only one of player on your team scores in double figures.
  • Letting Toronto shoot more than 60% from the floor until the mid fourth quarter when Frank decided to go zone is just miserable.
  • Again, the Pistons hung right in there, but let the game slip away late in the fourth quarter allowing the Raptors their biggest lead (11) with less than five minutes to go.
  • The crusher, however was when Rodney Stuckey had a costly turnover with 31 seconds left in the game at 91-87.  He practically passed the ball to Amir Johnson, who was guarding Greg Monroe.
  • Is it me, or does DeMar DeRozan always put up a good game against Detroit?
  • Clearly what we always wanted to see from Greg Monroe.  Nothing or nobody could stop him Wednesday night as she was scoring at will, especially in the paint.  He scored 24 points in the second half alone on his way to a 35 point career high.  He added 10 boards, two steals and two assist.

Greg-Monroe Career High 35-points
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  • Calderon with 17 assists for the Raptors.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/raptors/2012/12/19/0021200366-det-tor-recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Austin Daye with three points on the night on 1-for-6 shooting in 15 minutes on the floor. Are they trying to shop him? That’s the only explanation I can think of for his sudden appearance in the rotation.


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  • Looks like they’re not happy in Sweden – Thanks to Mathias in the comments for this link.
    “Swedens biggest news paper are getting angry and mad at L. Frank to the like never write about NBA, but now on the first page in the sport page” http://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/basket/nba/article15960016.ab
  • Gross stat – the Pistons are 0-17 when going into the fourth quarter trailing.
  • Singler and Prince with nine points each.
  • Mr Drummond looked good again. Andre finished with six points, eight boards, a blocked shot and a steal in 20 minutes. He looks so uncomfortable at the line. If he can get his free throw percentage respectable, he’ll be unstoppable.

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Greg Monroe: “We’re trying to find what we need to do to get back on track, I don’t think we’ve fallen totally off track. The way we’ve been losing, it hasn’t been horrible games. We’re right there. Just a little bit more we have to do to finish games and pay attention to detail coming down the stretch.”

  • Can we start point the finger at Frank or have we already?
  • It may just turn out to be the end of he world on Friday night if I head out to the Palace and watch this team lose to the Wizards.


  1. Z

    ……… Sigh yet another lost we really should be winning more games. Now I hope the reason Cv and Daye and the reason JJ sits is because we can’t trade what others can’t see I guess it’s more value to play then to sit on the bench because we know the kind of cheerleaders they are.. But wow did you see the stands at the game? Fans are coming out not sure what the lower level teams are giving away but Nat is right you can fill up your gas tank and buy pistons tickets same place… Are we to blame for giving up on our team? Wow were the stands filled with that many bandwagon fans..I mean No hockey and still we can’t pull a few of those fans who may just want to see a sports game to fill the void…. I really can see promise and improvements but why it’s not showing up in the win column ??? Maybe it was because I really thought we would make the playoffs this season maybe it was just wishful thinking… The team needs us lets take these screams to the game so far in watching even the worse teams still have fans cheering them on… LET’S GO PISTONS………………. 20 ON PUMP 4 AND A COUPLE OF PISTON TICKETS ARE WAITING FOR YOU…. JOIN ME

  2. Jubilee

    Is there a rule on this site against placing the blame where it belongs and pointing the finger at Joe Dumars, who put 100% of this team together? Frank wasn’t here two seasons ago, and the results were the same. Scapegoats, scapegoats…

  3. Julian

    Maggette has joined JJ in the doghouse but CV and Daye are tough to watch. Hopefully there is some team stupid enough to trade for either one of them.

  4. Julian

    One of the Pistons problem is that they have a bunch of players shooting a pathetic FG% of 41 or worse.
    On the list are rookies English and Middleton who are playing D ball.
    CV, Stuckey, Daye, Bynum, JJ and Knight are also shooting at that level.

  5. Julian

    Add Maggette to the above list. That is half the team shooting 41% or worse. NOT GOOD.

  6. Tycoon

    I dont know what to say, my blame list will just go on and on if I start enumerating them. My fave players JJ and English are both not playing so the frustrations start from there and like I said, Drummond should have been starting by now and getting 30+mins playing time.
    We are playing under expectations and the coach plays a big part of that.

  7. edt

    first and obvious problem is joe d, he built this.

    but there’s one thing about coaches. In the actual game there is very little a coach can do. What he can do is make subtle adjustment in the second half and last few minutes of the game, and run plays from timeouts that work for the players you have. All in all, a coach only is able to influence the game by a small amount just a few points.

    And it is the exact sort of thing that Frank fails at every single time he is tested as a coach.

    Still like him. Maybe if we had a second coach that was on the floor that would help cover Frank’s deficiencies. You know . . . a point guard. Anyway.

  8. RealGMToni

    Is the Detroit Pistons going anywhere? NO! Will they make a run for the playoffs or even make it? NO! Why can’t we sit these so call veterans as I call them OLD GRANDMPAS! I don’t want to see Prince anymore in this team. When we got rid of one of the best Piston players we had “Billups” who can still play and even help us now with Brandon Knight. Brandon Knights a true veteran like Billups to learn and teach from and now he has no one and that’s why it be so hard for him to become a true PG we want him to be. This team has no true SG, Stuckey to me is a backup PG/SG as he is used now which I like. We need a young athletic SF like, Rudy Gay or if LUCKY or if GOD hears my prayers we somehow get lucky and land SF- Shabazz Muhammad or SG- Ben McLemore. I would love to get lucky this year and get one of these players. Frank needs to stop this bullshit and play our young players NOW PLEASE!

    Starting: Knight, Kyle,Jerebko,Monroe,Drummond
    Backups: Stuckey,English,Middleton,Maxiell,Salava

    Players I don’t want to see on the court anymore and wish to be traded now or waved or even given away to any local McDonalds!
    Bynum-Not so much he is ok
    Tayshuan- Please leave already!
    Meggatte- No need taking minutes from young players
    Daye- No words waist of pick and waist of time to even type or talk about “ we could have had Taj Gibson” THANKS JOE D!
    Charlie- Worst signing ever-2nd worst thing Joe D did, Darko was #1

    We aren’t winning shit or going nowhere so play young and let’s get lucky to get top 3 or top 5 pick this year!

  9. Geenee

    We need to use Slava, JJ, Kim and Khris. What about this : benchs – Slava, Max, JJ, Kim, Bynumite and Khris. To throw up this season and pick draft Picks. (if we`ll fortune, Shabazz may future Piston)


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