Are the Pistons the New Holiday Depression?

by | Dec 16, 2012 | 39 comments

Rodney Stuckey vs The Magic

The #Pistons lost to the Pacers Saturday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills 88-77.  I could go into my normal recap style of why, how and who did what, but I just feel like venting frustrations a little.

As a fan who goes to her fair share of games for more than 20 years, it’s getting pretty depressing at The Palace of Auburn Hills.  It’s rough heading out to a mid-week game against the Cavaliers.  I had my pick of parking spaces, I didn’t wait in line at any time for a beverage.  Heck I never even had to wait in line to use the restroom. But most of all, I didn’t get threatened by a rabid Cavs fan who infiltrated our home court.

Those things may sound petty, but it just goes to show you the state of our beloved team.  It’s not like this team hasn’t gone though tough times.  Most of us remember the “Teal Years” and some of us even remember the pre-Isiah days.  But there is something a bit different about what’s going on and how it unfolded the past few seasons.

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Sure we miss Chauncey, and it’s nice to see Rasheed back screaming “Ball Don’t Lie” for the Knicks, but it was time to move on from a team that just couldn’t win together anymore.  The thing that bothers me is the way it happened was almost spirit crushing from a fans perspective.  As we watched the team go from contenders to pretenders in a little more than a season, I don’t think we actually thought it would get as bad as it did.

We had a first time NBA coach who really was in over his head.  We had another coach that had a horrible and public fight with a star player that led to a mutiny. We had a beloved owner pass away that left an unbelievable legacy and the team in limbo until his widow could sell the team.

We also have Bandwagon fans, you know it and I know it.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them, but the Piston have the biggest “Bandwagon Cats” (as Sheed would say) as fans as any team in Michigan.  I’m almost embarrassed by it.  I hate everything about the Cleveland Cavaliers, the building they play in and their fans, but kudos to them for packing The Q on a week day game against the Pistons.

Are you depressed yet?

I could go and on and on.

I think what’s bothering me most of all lately is the fact that I think this team is on the cusp.  I think they should be winning more than they are.  I’m so over the company line of why they  aren’t winning, they’re tired, they’re on long road trip…blah blah blah.  They have young talent that just needs the right direction. They need to learn how to win and they need something or someone to help them do that.

Andre Drummond Pistons-vs-Suns
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We all think that Andre Drummond should play more, he’s even has heard the rumblings. It doesn’t look like this team is playoff bound so why not see what kind of players we have and what we need to do to get to the next level? Sure they sent Middletion and English to the D-League to get playing time and we know that Kravtsov is a project but that’s not everything.

Why is Jerebko the new Charlie V? What’s going on with Greg Monroe’s regression? Why play Maggette so much when he’s really just a one and done? Can the Pistons ever get anything for Austin Day?  Will Dumars ever make a move? When will Frank show us that he’s the guy for the job?

Has the holiday depression set in yet?

I know it’s tough to keep supporting a team when they’re not winning, but it’s what real fans do. Sure there isn’t the fire (literally they don’t have the pre-game fire anymore)  there once was at the Palace, but it’s still great heading out to the Palace to support your team, not just the Bel Biv Devoe half time show. You really should take advantage of going to a game if you haven’t in a while, they’re begging for people in the seats and are practically giving tickets away.  When you can go to a Pistons game for less than going to a movie you know times are really tough.

Heck if you head out to the game and see me we can commiserate together.

So don’t let the Pistons get you down this holiday season, just enjoy them for what they are.  But make sure you ask Santa to give them a hand.

Santa Dumars
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  1. Jjackson

    Absolutely! The Pistons ARE the new depression. It’s time for Joe to move on. As well as coach Frank. I feel your pain Natalie.There is potential in this team, but the coaching staff has yet to figure it out, as usual.Everyone has opinions so allow me to state mine. Our players,unfortunately, have no time to develop. The coaching staff are letting these young rookies run the team. The result?, what we are seeing and have been seeing for the past couple of years. They need time to develop.In the meantime, you have players like CharlieV, Austin Daye, Willy B and Jonas J collecting fat checks for doing nothing. They are veterans withNBA professional experience that goes much farther than young legs. The Pistons are so desperate that they are not thinking logically. Can you imagine what a developed Austin Daye could do for our team? A confident Will B, A free Charlie V,A loose Jonas J? Until the P’s learn to utilize and develop the talent that they have, they will forever be an embarrassment to the city of Detroit.-Go Thunder!!!!

    • Markov7

      go thunder??

      • edt

        lol go thunder wut?

  2. zane

    wOW! Nat (clapping standing O)….. I mean what has happen to us being a Piston/lions is sooooo hard right now seems like we had hit rock bottom and we we’re on our way up… but Noooo some how we managed to find a drill and go even deeper.. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who loves the team enough to watch even if I have to have a shot glass in the other hand unlike band wagon fans who will come back as if they had taken this ride with us all along.. Someone help me to understand this. How did we trade away molded pg to put the ball in a sg hands and then watch our new pg throw up more points then our sg who now is again our back up pg.. and then take a sf who is now being used as our sg I mean is Moose the pf or center and we ever see what this team will look like or just keep moving parts around losing power. I mean hey I’m no coach but when are we gonna put players on the floor and watch them get stronger and grow in their correct place I understand the moveable part concept but most of our parts are being traded and given up on only to show they just need to be inserted some playing time but instead we’re trying to make a new car run with old parts … I say insert the new parts and let them play I mean I would much rather watch the team take their lumps knowing they are getting stronger together and developing then to watch us win with old parts that won’t be around for the long haul .. I mean playing time is key but instead we sit our new parts while we as fans watch another season of playoff hopes go down the drain. I mean the team that takes us to the playoff should be the team that’s gonna take us even further the following season.. I mean really …. WHAT ARE WE DOING? someone please help me understand make the playoff and then what remove the old insert the new and start over again … DAMN IT I’m tired of watching us rebuild only to trade away parts we could of used had we known what we had… So I ask what are we missing? do anyone know are we a coach, player(s),GM away because before Gore it was a owner now we’re stuck with parts we can’t even give away. Yep this holiday season I hoping for a piston transformer… because at this rate I have a better chance of building a winning machine… well back to my hole in the ground another long season when even winning brings little joy and to think I was so excited thinking we could make the playoff and even if we didn’t the fun it would be to finally see this new team that was learning/ growing together.. instead we’re losing again seeing the new breed come off the bench inserted only to be put in to finish off a lost something we’re going to be doing more of until somebody figures it out. But who?

  3. Dave

    I am glad to see some other true fans still out there. I watch every game and have ever since original Bad Boys. Like you said there were definite highs and low lows but as a true fan that is just what WE do. I am a daily reader of Need4sheed and have been for several years now. Your posts are silver linings in a very dark cloud of a season. I still HAVE to believe the Pistons are playoff bound. Might be crazy but thats what fans are. Now lets get back to some Deeeeetroit Basketball!!!!

  4. zkranc

    I’m a Pistons fan since 05 (weird right). I saw a re-run of a Pistons playoff game against the Heat and for some reason just fell in love with the team. I have no idea why, there was just something about the Pistons that made me click. I ended up watching the finals against the Spurs, heart broken after losing game 5 and 7.
    Ok enough rambling, anyways…

    Pistons fans should realize how lucky they are to have an NBA team, versus the many who don’t. And how many Pistons fans from all over the world would kill for the chance to go to a Pistons game despite how bad they were. Some of us watch the Pistons in the middle of the night on dodgy streams because that’s all we have.

    Pistons fans should look themselfs in the mirror and realize what they have and that they actually can help the team on the floor, if they just came to the games.

    • Hristo

      I feel you man.As a guy from Bulgaria I had to get up every night at 2 to be able to watch some pixels.The funny thing is I am a fan since a little bit before the allstar break in New Orleans and since then I have had no doubts that the Pistons are the team I would die for.So yeah,since 2008 I have been watching pixels play horrific basketball and always come up short in almost every game…At least I was able to watch Chauncey a little bit..

      And Nat,I love you.I have been following this site from the beginning and I have always loved your reviews.I just want you to know that my dream is to visit a game in Detroit and if I ever have the slightest possibility,I’m coming. 🙂

      • Natalie Sitto

        Thanks Hristo, if there is any way you ever get here I’ll be your tour guide!

  5. edt

    rite on Nat. I feel the same.

  6. MIkeA7

    Natalie, this is one of the best pieces I have seen written on the current state of the Pistons. It sums up what all of the diehards are feeling PERFECTLY. I was at the game last night, my first since the home opener, and even though we had a good time like we always do at The Palace, it was a bit depressing. It’s not just the empty seats, the atmosphere is so quiet, no energy or enthusiasm in the building at all. Obviously a lot of that has to do with the product on the court but you are 100% CORRECT in calling out the bandwagon fans in this area. When, not if, this team is good again, it will turn my stomach a bit to see the PHONIES out at the Palace. It’s sad to see how few diehard fans this franchise has left.

    I know I will make an effort to get to more games in the New Year with how cheap prices are right now, and I don’t mean by buying from Ticketmaster. My biggest problem with the product on the court is not the losing. It is watching them lose while the likes of Tayshaun Prince, Corey Maggette, Charlie Villanueva and Jason Maxiell eat up tons of minutes that should be going to the likes of Drummond, Jerebko, English, hell even Slava. If we are going to lose anyways, let the kids play more. Frank’s distribution of minutes and rotations are starting raise some major red flags that he is not the right coach for this situation either. But I am still watching every night and will be out to more games in 2013. Going through all this crap makes it all the more sweeter when they finally turn things around. Again, great write-up.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Thanks Mike, I feel you… you just added on how I feel. You know that’s how I feel.

  7. RealGMToni

    Looks like Kings will not sign and are trying to trade Tyreke Evans. What do you all think about Tyreke Evans a 6″6 SG I know he had his ups and downs with the Kings but this guy can ball. I enjoy his game and good scoring athletic player. Will you want to see Joe Dumars try to sign him or trade for him? Having him next to Knight I don’t see that it will be a bad thing.

    • Markov7

      why would u want another stuckey in the team?

      • edt


      • RealGMToni

        Please…. Stucky! lol I wish Stucky was even close to Tyreke Evans and his game…

        • edt

          on a per36 last year


          tyreke evans .44 .25 5.1 .9 4.0 5.3 3.0 18.1
          rodney stuckey .42 .28 5.5 1. 2.8 5.3 2.4 16.7

          Almost exactly identical. Tyreke gets 1 more defensive rebound and 1.4 more points per game but Stuckey had a marginally better 3 point shot at 28%

          Evans was the 4th pick. Only so long that top 5 pick status is going to keep you going.

          • Markov7

            sweet (high 5)

  8. Natalie Sitto

    I’m going to reply individually, but it’s just nice to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    We’ll beOK

  9. zekekhaseli

    Nice writing Nat. It’s also depressing that the fans seems to know more about the current state of the pistons than the coach. The hands off approach of Joe D also does us no good. It’s like the audiences in the cinema is smarter than the director of the film.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I think they have to know the current state.. don’t they? I always wonder if it’s because their jobs are on the line.

  10. jon

    Man, I wish I could go to a game, I would be a season ticket holder if I still lived in Michigan. But I live in Tampa so that would be challenging. I miss going to the games over the holidays when we would come home, but this year there is only 1 game when we would be up there and it is the damn heat. Here’s to hoping that the management realizes the talent that they have sitting on the bench and not playing. That would be a great presant for all of the Pistons fans to have this holiday season.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I hope some way you could go Jon, though I’m with you I wouldnt want to see the Heat! Happy Holidays to us all.

  11. Muhammad

    GREAT piece… im a true fan and much of what you shared is how i feel… the most frustrating part is that we have the talent to be winning more games… something has to change!


    • Natalie Sitto

      Always good to know when you’re in good company.

  12. Tycoon

    Im not too concerned with Drummond’s minutes. I know it will go up soon. Im more concerned why Jerebko is not playing.

  13. Damien W.

    Tycoon: I guess Jerebko got pushed out by Corey M. since Corey was older and a more ‘established’ person on the offensive end: Slasher who can draw fouls and finish at the rim (that’s what I hear, haven’t seen him finish much at the moment).

    Poor Bynum. He was pushed deep into the bench as well, I’m assuming with the play of Singler (which is been on a slide).

    I gotta say, Charlie V. has been a pleasnt surprise. I wonder what got into him this season? Oh well, I’m enjoying it.

    Nat: Hey, I would totally watch a game with you if we ever met up. *Thumbs up*

  14. freeZy

    You nailed it Nat! Yeah its really depressing right now to be a Pistons Fan and i don’t thing that we will get out of that slump anytime soon. But even i have major problems to identify with our Team at the moment i still wear my Pistons Jersey with great Pride because no matter what its DEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALLLLL all day everyday!!! Only True fans stick by there Team in good and bad Times, specally in bad times! The good thing is that right now all the Bandwagoners (specally the 04 ones) are gone! Bad thing there will be Back in sec when things are getting better! So if you are a real fan and live in the US go to the Games, there need you Support and criticism! It really hurts to see the Palace so empty. Loosing sucks but thats the Game and thats Life you cant always be a Winner ! Nat i would love to join you and other true fans at the Palace but i am in Germany so i only can watch games on streams and when i don’t have night shifts. I hope i can come to the D next year and finally watch a Pistons game Live. Greetings and many thanks from Germany! sorry for my bad English

    • Natalie Sitto

      Your English is great.

      “Only True fans stick by there Team in good and bad Times, specally in bad times! The good thing is that right now all the Bandwagoners (specally the 04 ones) are gone! Bad thing there will be Back in sec when things are getting better!”

      You’re so right, they’ll all be back plus a batch of new ones.

  15. Nikhil

    very well written Nat. Looks like you started a revolution….
    As a pistons fan I am wondering what would be a true / realisitc goal for the team fpor this season. Considering they are 7-19 right now, 40 wins are not possible in my book. I think the team can draw some positives from the season if they can play atleast 500 the rest of the way getting them to 32+ wins.
    So here is my wish list….
    1. 32 + wins for the season.
    2. establish Monroe and Drummond to play together
    3. Establish Stuckey as the new microwave off the bench ( he is still our best player to draw fouls and I want him to have the ball when the game is on the line ).
    4. Pick one out of JJ, Magette and CV31 and get rid of the other two ( my vote is to keep JJ).
    5. Resign Maxiell. he is the only piston who can impose his will on a game.

    I hope the good days come back to my fav team.

      • Nikhil

        I hope so too.
        wonder if the Pistons brass checks out your blog. They won’t be short on ideas if they do..:)
        I know in the good old days players were pretty current with “need4sheed”, Amir Johnson most of them…

        Anyways, Nat good work as always. Keep it up.

        • Natalie Sitto

          I’m sure they’re not regular readers, but I know they keep an eye out.

          Drummond surprised me with a message a couple weeks back.

          • Nikhil

            thats nice to know. for some reason i still haven’t given up on Lawrence Frank even though i don’t agree with his moves most of the time….we can only wait and hope.

  16. Piston_fan_phl

    I’m jumping on the “fire frank” bandwagon. I want to see the other Larry coach this team.

  17. zkranc

    I don’t think Frank is a bad coach, but what we need is a coach who can develop or young core of players, not sold on Frank being that guy.

  18. Markov7

    well it took 32 comments for me to write somethin but what can i say but yes its true i m too lazy and u re all mostly hitting it right to the bone keep up the work (good? meh), play andre,have faith in frank,re-sign max…damn i am REALLY lazy

  19. Croswenthy

    Give Frank one more year. I am willing to at least be that patient, so tired of a coaching carousel.

  20. Wade

    I have been coming and checking up on this website almost every week since heck who knows how many years now, and let me tell you that everything you said Natalie is damn accurate to how I feel too. It truly does suck to see this team struggle. While watching the game the other night and see them lose on that last second shot… it just sucks.. it’s almost predictable though. Like where did all them magical moments go? Like when SHEED nailed that half court shot vs the Nuggets? Or just clutch baskets to win games? I can’t remember the last one. I went to my first Pistons game last year and it was a great experience, though it was lacking. (At least they still had the fire) The place was so empty! It didn’t even feel like a professional sporting event atmosphere. My high school of about 500 people could have put together a better fan section and created more noise. That’s what I wanted to experience. The emotional part of the game. The atmosphere. Giving high fives to strangers and even waiting in lines for drinks because that’s what it is all about. I am going to a game this year too (hopefully for the return of SHEED) and I am not expecting much. All I know is that things can only get better over time!

  21. Diogenes

    If they don’t get 40 wins its time to let Joe go. Watching the Spurs tonight and they took the alternate universe course to the Stones. Sorry Joe. But you built another Lions team. We already have one.



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