Double Overtime Dissapointment

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The #Pistons lost to the Nets in double overtime 105-107 Friday night in Brooklyn.  I’ll admit that I was pretty disgusted when they were down 17 and looking like the game would be beyond a dud.  But this young Pistons team surprised me by clawing their way back and possessing a six point lead with over a minute to go in regulation.

Regardless of how they were playing, I still had the recent “Pistons” feeling that they just wouldn’t be able to hold on the game.  It’s not like they didn’t have their chances in overtime, the baskets didn’t fall.

Key Points:

  • This one upset most of us more than usual.
  • One big problem with this team is that they play brilliant at time and then moments later go through a stretch of horrible play that usually does them in.
  • Down a point with 17 seconds left in the second overtime and Greg Monroe misses two free throws. He finished with 17 points and eight boards, but I still can’t understand why I guy that big with his skills can’t finish at the rim.
  • I’m really starting to wonder what Lawrence Frank is thinking. Up at the end of the game, you need a stop and you have Drummond on the bench?
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  • Drummond made an impression in his 18 minutes on the floor. He scored eight with nine boards and three blocked shots. Now why isn’t he playing beside Monroe more?
  • Kyle Singler also mad some great plays, it was his rebound of Knight’s misses shot and then make that tied the game at 105. He finished with eight points, eight boards and three assists.
  • Stuckey played well scoring 19 on 7-for-17 shooting with six boards, and three assists. I don’t know how he feels, but this teams plays better with him anchoring the bench.
  • Brandon Knight led the Pistons with 22 on 8-for-18 shooting, five boards and five assists in 47 minutes.

Brandon Knight Pistons-vs-Nets
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  • Prince added a double-double with 12 points, 10 boards adding 6 assists and a steal in 44 minutes for Detroit.
  • And yes, the refs clearly missed the Nets over and back mishap, but that’s not the reason Detroit lost.
  • Tired legs for Detroit as they take on the Pacers Saturday night at the Palace.


  1. Corey

    How nervous did Moose look when he had to shoot those two free throws?? To me it looked like he was about to pass out. I would have also rather had Singler on JJ on the last play over Tay. I could have lived with that

    • Natalie Sitto

      He looked almost as bad as Andre does every time he’s on the line.

  2. DWILL313

    I’m sad to say it, but every game our major two issues are always clear to me… Brondon Knight is a MAJOR BALL HOG, worst than Stuckey ever was at the point, and he is a walking turn over… And Lawrence Frank is just not a good coach. I have no idea what Joe D saw in him…

  3. pistons4ever (germany)

    “And yes, the refs clearly missed the Nets over and back mishap, but that’s not the reason Detroit lost.”

    Don’t forget the 2 points they took away from us because the shot clock didn’t reset. Could’ve won the game already in regulation ..

  4. terry

    I got a problem with coach Frank up to this point. It aint about x’s and o’s, and even though it irks me that Drummond aint playing at least 20-25 minutes a game, (probably costing him a shot at r.o.y and wins) that aint my main beef. It’s the way he subs that pisses me off the most. It’s like playing an nba video game and putting the coaching on auto. He subs by the unit practically every time, which in many cases has caused him to sit players with the hot hand while they’re in a groove simply because his units time is up, or like the Denver game force the entire unit to play the whole 1rst quarter until they were dog tired, and put in a second unit that sat on ice way to long all at once. of coarse you lose the lead. I’m thinking Dumars is going to need to pull the trigger on a trade for draft pick/s. Not to slight Maxiel cause I do like him and what he brings to the table, but there is no better time to trade him than now. He’s been playing great and is in the last year of his contract, throw in a C.V., or another player to make it work in targeting a championship hopeful in need of another big or two to make a true playoff run now in exchange for a 1rst round pick. This achieves the effective clearing of the logjam of power forwards on this team and force Franks hand in starting Drummond, as well as getting Slava in uniform. People may disagree with trading Max but Drummond makes him expendable, and don’t forget with max, cv, and bg being off the books the Pistons will have a good amount of money to sign an impact free agent in the near future.

    • Markov7

      in the wnear future pistons will have good amount of money wether they trade may or not but i iask u this :if they trade myx like u suggest who do they trade him for (be realistic plrease dont say pau gasol ty) and if max gets traded who gets to play pf from the bench when andre and moose start playin in first squad?max is perfect to be a bencher in near future (read next year) so a little bit of patience is key here

  5. Nick

    I don’t have a problem with Knight a the point. He just needs the time to learn the position better. I consider Knight in the same category as when Mike Conley first came to the Grizzlies. Detroit needs to take the best player available in the draft no matter the position. Go hard at OJ Mayo this offseason and sign Chauncey Billips to teach Knight how to be a PG.

  6. DWILL313

    Knights defense is suspect. He can’t guard good point guards AT ALL… Maybe he will get better, but right now he’s not looking like he can lead a team… Or I could just be bitter because he blocked me on twitter lol

  7. Nick

    Alot of people dont realize the importance of a shot blocker down low. It makes every player better on the defensive end. Its a reason Tayshaun defense started to suck after Ben Wallace left the first time. Believe me once Drummond gets inserted in the starting lineup everyone defense will get better, because teams will settle for jumpers instead of challenging Drummond at the paint.

  8. Corey

    It’s crazy how critical we all are on Brandon Knight (including myself) when this is only his 2nd year in the league. I think it’s because we look at Kyrie Irving and other phenoms and compare. But yes, his face up defense is more than adequate its his lateral movements and anticipations that get him down. Defenders blow right by him and he either fouls or is left staring. That’s one reason why I’ve never understood people bashing Stuckey; he defends WORLDS better than Knight because he can stay in front of his man. Stuckey is the best player on our team in my opinion (until Monroe can get back to his double double ways). I do however think that Drummond should play more. I also think Maxiell definitely should stick around unless we are sure that whatever free agent help coming up this next year is more than adequate to fulfill his role. We do need a backup PG though, just to relieve Stuckey and BK. I was ticked when they let Leandro Barbosa just float away

    • Markov7

      its not crazy lemme ask u a question: if u saw in theese 1 of his years half of kyrie irving in knights play would u be critical also?i think not so in my opinion bein critical to knight is way too ok

      • Markov7

        sry my bad typeing i meant 2 of his years :p

  9. DWILL313

    Stuckey is definitely the best player on the team…

  10. Julian

    38 minutes for Maxiell and only 2 rebounds for a starting PF is piss poor.
    Lets face it he should be a backup SF not a starting PF.
    CV needs to get out of town by trade or amensty.
    Looks like Frank is going with a 9 man rotation.
    With Bynum, JJ , Slava, and Austin riding the pine.
    Maggette will be gone next year.
    Next year Frank will have to play AD1 and Moose together with Slava as backup center. He has no choice.

  11. DWILL313

    Knight shouldn’t even be mentioned with Kyre. Kyre is light years ahead of him, and he has to grow a lot as well.

    • Fan

      Don’t know if fan or troll..

  12. DWILL313

    I’m a Pistons fan, have been my whole life. That’s why this site is my main page on all my computers. But I honestly just DO NOT like Knight. I was upset when they drafted him. He has the mentality of Russel Westbrook with a quarter of the talent. I was perfectly fine with Stuckey at the point…



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