The Pistons vs. The Kings

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The Pistons vs. The Kings

The 0-4 #Pistons are back in California to take on the 1-3 Sacramento Kings. The Pistons are looking to get their first win of the season against a Kings team that been dominating of late.

  • The good: The Pistons have won five in a row over the Kings, including four straight in Sacramento.
  • The bad: Watch out for DeMarcus Cousins, who has put up 44 points and 28 boards in the last 2 games for the Kings.
  • The unknown: Can Stuckey keep it up? Stuckey has averaged 25.0 points on 51.3 percent shooting over his last seven meetings with the Kings.

Tip off is at 10:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

4 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Kings"
  1. Im hoping Knight has his first big game of the season.

  2. Avatar Mark says:

    i was proud to see the pistons fight this game tooth and nail!

  3. Avatar Markov7 says:

    funny thing crossed my mind while watchin the game,what if god forrbid happens to us with moose what happened to toronto with bosh,what i mean what if we dont get some good players and one of big teams just picks up moose like miami picked up bosh,i m all in for reconstruction and stuff but we need action (at least i think so) b+ pg or sg and some nice sf + rookies gettin more minutes cose obviously they CAN play
    i think i m in love with singler not only cose of that block but cose of all stuff he makes on court in that little time

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