The Pistons vs. The Knicks

by | Nov 24, 2012 | 22 comments

The Pistons vs. The Knicks

The 3-10 #Pistons are in New York to take on the 8-3 #Knicks.

  • The good: The Pistons should be able to feed off the nice win Friday night at the Palace against the Raptors.
  • The bad: The Pistons haven’t fared very well against the Knicks, especially in the Garden.  And considering that the Kicks are one of the better teams in the league coming into the game on a two game losing streak just means extra trouble for the struggling Pistons.
  • The unknown: How many Ball Don’t Lie’s are we going to get from Sheed?


Tip off is at 1:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.


  1. pistonsfan101

    “The Pistons (3-10) have a front line featuring 6-foot-11 Greg Monroe and 6-11 Austin Daye with 6-10 Andre Drummond coming off of the bench, so the Knicks will need the 6-11 Wallace to counter their size.”

    Article on ESPN talking about Rasheed playing tonight.

    LOL @ them mentioning for Austin Daye’s name

    • Scott Free

      Ha! Like the Pistons would ever dare go big against an opponent! Don’t they know the best way to counter the other team is by mimicking their lineups?

  2. Jake

    Nice block by dre. Doesn’t look like Stuckey wants to be out there.

  3. Markov7

    lol did sheed just screamed on charlie “ball dont lie!” twice? lol u just gottta love sheed

    • pistonsfan101

      lol yeah he did and got the tech after the first one. He still managed to yell it out from the bench!

      • Markov7

        hhhhhh the best part of thge game

  4. Mathias

    Great block, but why is CV out there?
    And pleas play monroe and dre!

  5. Drew

    What the ….

  6. edt

    this sick game does not need recap. Portland up next.

  7. Scarch!

    is it wrong that I hope Stuckey twisted his ankle enough that he’s out for the season?

    And I want to thank Charlie Villanueva for his “defense” – it really lightened things up, and added a touch of humor to an otherwise unwatchable game.

  8. Julian

    Piston`s got blown out by a very good Knicks team.
    CV played instead of JJ. Jonas must be in the doghouse.

    • Drew

      Jonas been playing like crap lately. No sugar coating that.

      • zekekhaseli

        I wonder why JJ been playing like crap. Maybe it has something to do with the coach and his overthinking game plan. Frank is freakin sick

  9. RealGMToni

    Charlie playing because JJ on the floor gives us nothing now days. He is not the same player we got use to watching no energy no defense like he use to give us and offense he just sucks….. I said it again try to ship anyone to get Derrick Williams from minnesota timberwolves. No need for JJ Charlie Daye Stucky or Tay ANYMORE !

    • edt

      realgm derrick williams is decent but we are getting beat in the backcourt every single game.


  10. zekekhaseli

    Fire frank now for not playing Monroe, Drummond and Knight together. they are the core of this team. The future is now. The process he envision only cause us losing good players like JJ. I dont know about Stuck. he seemed to have problem with himself. Nobody’s gonna right this ship if the coach is still Freakin Frank. He’s bad with rotation and making adjustment during pressure time. He’s too smart for his own good. A nerdy coach is not what we need. He is better suited as a commentator. Like Doug Collins only worse. I like Doug. At least he shows he cares about the players and franchise. FIRE FRANK!

    • edt

      allen iverson chauncey billups ben gordon afflalo charlie v sleeping walter herman, Rip hamilton and prince signed for millions of dollars

      Is it Frank’s fault that we have Daye, Charlie, Stuckey, had to give up picks to dump ben gordon, ran out of cap space

      Joe D has to get fired. The problem with firing Frank is that it gives Dumars another chance. Fire Joe D and let the new GM decide what to do.

      • Scarch!

        I will say though that Joe D has really nailed the draft the last couple years, and that is something we can build on. Anyone else notice that all our best players have come from recent draft picks- get rid of the rest..

        • edt

          Austin Daye was our 15th pick from the 1st round.

          We could have had Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson or Jeff Teague.

          I agree Monroe Drummond Jerebko Afflalo maxiell amir johnsonand Singler have all been good.

          The problem with Joe D isn’t the picks, it’s how he overpays players because he likes them and then there’s no money left in the piggy bank and then we suck because we are stuck up against the salary cap.

  11. Tycoon

    Missed the game but expected the result. No Monroe-Drummond combo again? I dont think JJ is struggling badly, he’s struggling to get minutes affecting his rhythm.

    • Mathias

      I agree with JJ struggling geting his minutes and thats make him ge a bad rhythm, every player that play like him needs minuts! And CV cant gaurd a player thats 10 years the older than him! He should not play in this leauge, we got leuages for that here in sweden, this is the NBA!!
      Think Frank have like 3 games left then i hope he´s gone! Monroe,Drummand twin towers why not try???

  12. Bellllissimo

    has the game really changed that much? does sheed really get t’d up for saying ball don’t lie these days? ahahah that made my night

    oh and one thing that DID make me smile last nigh was even though we were losing and frank called a timeout, the new york announcer said “motown timeout idk that just made me smile for some goofy reason.


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