The Pistons Blowout the Celtics

by | Nov 19, 2012 | 12 comments

Jason Maxiell - Pistons vs Celtics

The #Pistons got their first home win of the season courtesy of the Boston Celtics. This time around the Pistons didn’t blow their lead in the 103-83 win. In their other three home games, the Pistons held double-digit leads in the second half, but defensive collapses turned into losses.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons were led by Greg Monroe, who put up his 6th double-double of the season with 20 points on 8-of-11 shooting, with 13 boards, while adding 2 assists and a steal in 31 minutes. Does anyone think he’s not a better player than he was last season?
  • I don’t care who’s leading the team in ppg, Jason Maxiell needs a medal of honor for his performances this season. He was unbelievable again against the Celtics, finishing with 15 points,  six boards, with a steal and a blocked shot in 30 minutes on the floor. It might sound cliche, but he really was everywhere all the time.
  • Congrats to Rondo who needed all 47 minutes to get his 10th assist of the game, extending his double-digit streak to 34 games, the third longest in league history.
  • Andre running the floor again. This almost looks like a replay  from the other night.

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  • Drummond played 18 minutes grabbing six boards and scoring four points. I do this thing when he’s on the floor, I stop watching everything else and just watch him.  Let me tell you with every game he’s learning the system better and he’s making an impact.
  • Singler with 14 on the night in his third night starting for Detroit. I’m very happy with Kyle in the starting lineup, are you?
  • Six Pistons in double figures.
  • They went from an abysmal defensive game against Orlando to playing the best defense of the season against the Celtics. Detroit outscored the Celtics 23-14 in third quarter, forcing Boston to shoot just 31.3 percent, while turning the ball over seven times.
  • Highlights via

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  • I know many fans like a good offensive game, but I was raised on the Bad Boys and I love a good defensive shutdown.
  • Every Pistons was in the Plus column, even Daye who played a minute and thirty eight seconds.
  • I never thought I’d be think excited that the Pistons have Corey Maggette. He scored 11 points, with 2 assists and a rebound in 13:31 minutes. Shame on me for not tooning him yet.
  • Will Bynum added a much needed spark off the bench since Brandon Knight wasn’t doing much of anything other than turn the ball over. Will finished with 7 points, 5 assists and two steals in 21 minutes on the floor. And let’s not forget a breakaway dunk in the fourth quarter that made him look like he was going to hit his head on the rim.

  • Should we be worried about Brandon Knight?
  • This is the kind of game the Pistons need from Rodney Stuckey, who scored 14 points off the bench, with 5 assist and 5 boards. He still think there is something off with him though.
  • Detroit’s biggest lead was 22.
  • Surprised at the limited turnout at the Palace.  I know the Pistons aren’t doing well, and it was a night game on Sunday but the Celtics usually draw a crowd.
  • BTW did you know Darko was on the Celtics now?
  • Wednesday night in Orlando…revenge.


  1. Hipolito

    Hola! Disfrutando otra vez de ver a los pistones! Gran defensa! Ahora solo falta mas minutos en cancha de will y me gustaria dar mas chances a los novatos y terminar de una vez con Villanueva y Daye! Como siempre los leo con mucha pasion y alegria! Gracias!

    Los Pistones estuvieron MANUmentales! (ja ja . Soy de Argentina!)

    • terry

      I concur.

  2. Julian

    Great D by los Pistones last night.

    Maxiell has worked on his jump shot this year and is hitting that 15 footer on a consistent basis. I have to admit that he is off to a great start this season.

    Bench played well against the Celts.

  3. Corey

    I don’t think we necessarily need to worry about Brandon Knight, although I think the coaching staff needs to fine tune what it is that is making him so inefficient. From my perspective, it seems that maybe he needs to slow down his game. As odd as that sounds, just look at all of the turnovers and issues that he’s been having. Getting the ball stripped as a result of over-dribbling or trying to blow through a crowd, losing the handle on the ball while driving and running baseline, etc. I understand that great passers are at times born after making early on mistakes, such as gutsy passes and so forth, so I have no issue with his early struggles with assists. But when it comes to speed, I like uptempo offense but it seems like his mind moves quicker than his body, and if he could just find equilibrium between the two, you’ll see fewer lapses. Also, I don’t really see a whole lot wrong with Stuckey’s game. I think it appears ineffective because we don’t have any 3 point threats outside of Kim English that would compliment Stuckey’s playing style. Sure, if he had more plays called that would get him 15 foot jumpers every now and then it would at least keep defenses honest. But from a scouting standpoint defenses are just gonna load up the middle because 90% of the time he’s driving. In my honest opinion, with Stuckey now coming off the bench, playing English along side him in spurts would do wonders. Side note, would anyone else rather Slava be suited up that CV?

  4. edt

    if you look at brandon knight in college he had around 4 assists per game with 3 turnovers a nice 3 point game, and if you compare that to his first year in the nba, he had almost the same numbers about 4 assists for 3 turnovers.

    this year tho, 2012-2013 he had been great, taking care of the ball, generating high assists, still shooting the 3 at a good rate, had 2 really nice games in a row and then laid this stinker against the celtics.

    so I dunno. He looks a lot stronger this year too. He’s not losing us games, he’s a serviceable point guard. Gets beat a lot by the all star points on the other team, but what can we do about that, knight is not a freak of nature like some of those other guys paul rondo dwill westbrook parker lawson harden rubio irving . . . .

    Knight is ok. We need an upgrade at the guard position. It would be nice to keep stuckey and knight, and somehow just buy a superstar point guard.

    I’m no Joe Dumars so I dont know how exactly how you obtain star talent. I just know that’s what we need.

    We have been supremely lucky. Picking 8th and 9th and getting the best player in the draft. Twice. We can’t count on that again.

  5. Matt

    It’s all about Kyle Singler. I loved this guy since his days at Duke. He is really looking like the future of the Pistons if he stays healthy.

  6. Toteh

    Can we pleasssssse look for a trade option for CV and Daye. I hate to see players wasting their potential and not utilizing what god gives them talent to do. It’s selfish in my opinion of the organization to do so. Right now, their value is declining by the year, because they’re not getting younger. Great game my! My two MVP were Monroe and Max

  7. Julian

    Daye and CV will not play unless the Pistons have some major injuries.
    Both are impossible to trade since they suck so bad.
    Hopefully both will be gone next year.

    • edt

      julian you underestimate just how many actually terrible players are in the nba warming benchs. Daye but especially Charlie would be an upgrade for several benches. They are not the two worst players in the NBA. Their contracts can be moved.

      We could trade those two guys in a minute for Donald Sloan (6’2″ PG 29% and 33% from the 3, free throw 60%, 3 points per game playing 10 minutes 4 years at texas a&m) and Jeremy Pargo (former team mate of Daye at Ganzaga, 6’3″ PG 50% and 50% from the 3, three points per game at 8 minutes) over at the Cavs.

      If we traded for these two D leaguer for Austin Daye and Charlie V we could be getting ripped of something bad.

      However, it would allow us to eliminate Daye and Charlie from the team and give our bench warmers a new look.

      What I’m saying is the reason these contracts have not moved is because Joe D doesn’t want to move them right now. They can be moved make no mistake about it.

      • Jake

        Charlie is getting somewhere in the neiborhood of 8 mil A year with a player option next year.. Nobody wants him.

      • Riv

        I feel you Edt. The other reason is that you trade players at the right time to make your team better. If CV31 and AD have to ride the bench so be it, they may get another shot to prove that they can hang if an injury happens. They have had their shot and other people took their advantage when the opportunity came. The Pistons have to work with what is working for them to get to where they need to be right now and then make adjustments. Corey Maggette seems to be of value but for only 1 year. And most of all, don’t give up on the Prince or J. Max just yet. They still have value for this season but look at your youth, that is the future and see who will fit in.

  8. Enoc (Mexico)

    For me, it’s great to see the young guys playing hard!

    I like Monroe and Drummond and I like the bench-spark that comes with Maggete.

    I’d like to say we really need a great great player in the roster. The team os good but with a good movement it can be really good!


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