Something has to Change for The Pistons

by | Nov 11, 2012 | 24 comments

Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond

With the 0-7 #Pistons start to the season, it’s clear that something has to change. It made it that much more obvious Saturday night when The Rockets went on a 22-1 run to bury Detroit in the 96-82 loss. Let’s put aside the fact that they got dealt a blow when they were sent on a six game West road trip after their hope opener. Sure it was tough, but those are the things that any NBA team must overcome.

Now it’s time to make a change.

I’m not sure if coach Frank is on the hot seat just yet, but he’s really got to be thinking about this very similar situation he was in when he was coaching The Nets. Frank’s team had the worst start to an NBA season losing 17 straight before being fired. That Nets team was injury plagued, but effort and energy was clearly missing as the losses kept mounting.

So what does Frank have to do? He needs to change things, and change them fast.

Lets start with the fact that this team has no real shooter. Stuckey is far from a shooter, he wants to be D-Wade. Tayshaun can be when he’s hot, which is about one in 10 games if the Pistons are lucky. Austin Day… I’ll let you finish that one. So who does that leave? Charlie Villanueva, yes that’s who it leaves. Clearly there is a problem.

They have Jason Maxiell starting at power forward. Bless him for playing his heart out, but he would never be a starter on any other team, let alone at PF. Don’t get me wrong, I like Maxiell, but I like him coming off the bench and bringing defense and energy.

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Brandon Knight is a great player, but he’s not qualified (yet) to lead a struggling team like this one.

We can go on and on, and we do as Pistons fans.

No matter what Tom Gores goal is for the team, he’s got to see that they’re not likely to be making playoffs. There should only be one goal, take one game at at time and WIN one. At this point with the start that they have had and the clear gaps the rotation and lineup you would think it was clear to Frank, and Dumars for that matter that things have to change.

  • Start Andre Drummond. If they aren’t competing for a championship, play Monroe and Drummond at their rightful positions and let them learn together. We would rather see the two grow together for a chance for something better in seasons to come.
  • This isn’t 2004, and Tayshaun isn’t blocking a Reggie Miller layup in the ECF. He’s not a starter anymore, and this team isn’t vying for championships. Let him anchor the bench and give the starting spot to Jerebko or Singler for that matter.
  • Give English more time, he may just be the shooter they are looking for.
  • Let’s see what Kravtsov can do.
  • Someone have a heart to heart and tell Rodney Stuckey that in order for you to act like a star you have to play like one.

So many things to do and so little time to do them before things get more out of hand. I actually think Lawrence Frank is a good coach, but this downward spiral isn’t making any of us smile. Dumars has to do some damage control and figure out which way this team is going to head.  Are they going to try to keep winning with a lineup and roster that seems to be outmatched every night or is he going to force a change?  I know Dumars is one of those GM’s that lets the coach do his job, but at this point both of them need to work with each other to get off the hot seat.

I thought this was going to be a fun season to watch with the new talent and a rookie infused team, but it’s been nothing but migraines.


  1. Marcell

    Natilie, You sure pushed the right buttons on this article. I don’t think the sports writers could have put it any better. My compliments to you and hope someone from the Pistons organization is reading this

    • Natalie Sitto

      Thanks Marcell.

      I didn’t set out to push buttons, I just wanted to share what most of us have been thinking.

      I know some disagree, but something has to change before this season turns into nothing more than frustration.

  2. pistonsfan101

    Does anyone know when Magette comes back?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Not sure if he’s really hurt or just injured/inactive.

  3. Shawn


  4. Nikhil

    Great article. Who is the captain for the pistons now? That’s where the problem is,lack of leadership.

  5. edt

    nothing to add. you said it all nat.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I don’t think I’ve ever rendered EDT speechless. We’re all just really frustrated.

      • edt

        yes this is the first time. You captured my feeling on coach frank perfectly.

  6. Jake

    Summed it up nicely.

  7. Eric dated

    Hey Natalie , I must ask can you give us fans a projected win loss record ?

  8. He Hate Me

    I think they need to work their offense around Monroe a lot more. Make him that low post threat to get guys open and he’s a great passer in his own right.

  9. Muhammad

    maybe we should consider a trade (if possible) for Tay… but i agree… play Drummond and Monroe together…let them learn.. this might sound crazy: but its still early but i do agree that some changes are necessary! Stuck is gonna have to find his stroke and start playing some ball… when he plays well its creates a better team flow.. Max: i take my hat off….!!!! we have size and we are going to have use that size to our advantage now… English needs extended minutes now… he seems able to produce with extended minutes… they have the tools/pieces to wins games and compete for a playoff spot.. im frustrated but it is still rather early to call the season a “building off of one game at a time”… i am cautiously optimistic… 😉

    • Jake

      I’m sure there’s some team looking for a vet. They need to get rid of prince. Get a salary dump or a pick.

  10. Drew

    Maxiell had a nice start to the season, but yeah it’s really time to shake things up, and it starts by playing Monroe and Drummond next to each other. Twin towers time.

  11. Toteh

    Once again perimeter defense is killing us on fast break, man to man, and off dribble. Yeah I know, we’re young and also have a lot of offensive power that’s not being put to its full potential. Rodney Stuckey is struggling right now; you’ve the two best friends sitting CV and Austin D. According to Frank we don’t have a set starting lineup, continues to bench CV and Austin. We’ll never rekindle the defensive mindset our Bad boys and 04 Pistons had, utilize the tools we have Ty not vocal enough to be a leader. Utilize the bigs, max had his time to shine but Andrea deserve that spot. Max always been an energy guy of the bench not a started. Frank is playing it safe with his rotation. I need to understand the dynamic of paying someone all that money like CV. He’s not helping to solidify your offense where is the logic in that?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Exactly, Frank is playing it safe with this rotation, but as we all know it’s not working. Sadly we’ll never get back to the defensive mindset we once had because we don’t have the talent for it. Frank was supped to bring back the D in Detroit, but I’ll Ive seen is Disaster.

  12. Julian

    Maybe we should forward Natalie`s article to the Piston`s coaching staff since they can`t seem to figure it out themselves.

    Start the MOTOWN TWIN TOWERS. Play Tay and Jason off the bench.

  13. Julian

    Sobering stats so far for 2012 Pistons.

    Dead last in rebounding. Need more AD.
    Near the bottom in points against. Need more AD.
    Our starting SG (Stuckey) is shooting has FG% of 23 for the year.
    Need more English and Maggette, once he is healthy.

  14. ToNi

    All Frank has to do is put Knight Stucky Jerebko Monroe Drummond on the floor for 10games and see how it goes. We know we ain’t going anywhere so why not. PS- pistons top 5 pick in NBA draft this summer hmmmm ?

  15. jordan


  16. jordan



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