A Triple-Double from Greg Monroe, but The Pistons are Still Winless

by | Nov 8, 2012 | 25 comments

Kings vs Pistons

Despite a fantastic game from the #Pistons Greg Monroe, who put up his first career triple-double, the Pistons still fell short to the Kings 103-105. DeMarcus Cousins had 21 points and 11 rebounds to help Sacramento hold off Detroit in a game that went right down to the wire.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons have to stop putting themselves in a hole every game. The Pistons showed fight, coming from 10 points down in the second half to get within three in the final two minutes, but when you don’t play great defense that usually doesn’t add up to a win.
  • So can we say that Greg Monore won the Cousins vs. Monroe match-up even though the Pistons didn’t get the win?
  • Robinson…don’t touch our Swede!

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/kings/2012/11/07/0021200063-det-sac-play3.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Things are looking up for Brandon Knight, he hit a whopping five 3-pointers on his way to a 21-point night on 6-for-10 shooting in 34:10 minutes on the floor.
  • Migraine Alert!
    Rodney Stuckey scored just five points on 2-for-6 shooting in 34 minutes.
  • The Pistons really have to concentrate on grabbing boards, they have yet to outrebound a team this season.
  • I was hoping for Drummond to start on Wednesday, but he didn’t. To make matters worse he got a whopping 5:58 minutes of play.
  • Jason Maxiell is doing enough to silence those who think he shouldn’t be starting. I personally think Tayshaun should be coming off the bench, but that’s a story for another day. Jason finished with 11 points, six boards, and assist and a blocked shot in 33:50.
  • We really need to think of a nickname for the Swede-Singler tandem.
  • Jonas with 7 points and Singler with 12, but both are doing more than just putting up points.
  • Solid again for Bynum who finally knows his role on the team. Will put up 14 with just one assist.

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Greg Monroe: “We got really close, but we have to find a way to push through. We did a lot of things well, but we have to focus on the defensive end. Like coach Frank said, we scored over 100 points; we should win the game. That’s point blank. So we have to find a way to focus on defense.”

Greg Monroe Triple-Double
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Photo/Getty Images editing Need4Sheed.com
  • There were just two lead changes in this one and it was tied six times.
  • This was a winnable game, next up OKC and then Houston on the road then back home to play OKC again on Monday. So…you know what that means.

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Lawrence Frank: “I want to win the game, we all want to win the game. In order to win the game, we’ve got to put defense first. There were some good things offensively, but we have to be able to do both. We have it in us to do it. We’ve yet to do it for sustained stretches. Once we did – which we will – then we’ll get what we deserve. Right now, we’re getting what we deserve.”

  • Is it fun for you?


  1. Julian

    I got a migraine just watching the Pistons.
    First triple double since Billups in 2004.
    Probably the best game by the young Pistons so far but still a loss.
    Reminds me of the start of the season a couple of years ago.
    Frank still staying with the same starters but in his defense most of the roster he has to work with are either inexperienced or past their prime.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I got a migraine just watching the Pistons

      At least we can laugh about it.

  2. B.G

    Lawrence Frank is a terrible coach. Playing our only legitimate C 5 mins is unacceptable.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I don’t think he’s terrible, but I do think it’s nuts that he’s not play more. Maybe there is something happening in practice that we don’t know about.

      I want him starting by at least January.

  3. Enoc (Mexico)

    Stuckey, should be gone
    Tay, should be gone
    And please, please Start Drummond and Greg. Maxiel is good, but as a reserve. I love Jonas and Singler.

    An 0-10 start may happen…

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’ve prayed for a Tayshaun trade for years and I was less than happy they gave him another contract. Stuckey has proven nothing to me I still don’t get the love fest.

      • edt

        if you look at last year when we got a stretch of good wins 2 against the celtics a win aaginst the lakers, hawks, raptors rite in a row, from end of feb through march, what is special about these games is that stuckey played great, for instance against the lakers mar 6, he put in 34 points, went to the line 7 times, and kobe by contrast was 8 for 26 with only 22 points.

        In game after game, if Stuckey plays well, the pistons do well, but if stuckey plays poorly the team loses.

        Stuckey contributes to wins more than any other player on the team not named Moose.

        Of course Stuck is not well rite now, got migranes or is it an inner ear infection, that will throw off your balance, he’s not rite.

        Always been a fan of stuck’s game, and you’ll hear chants of “trade him” when he plays poorly like right now, and when Stuckey plays well, and helps lead the team to victory you’ll see people praise Brandon Knight and Monroe for contributing to the win.

        We need a healthy stuckey to win. We need “hey”. We need him to put fouls on the other bigs, to draw contact, to open up the 3 point shot for English and Knight.

        When Stuckey is on, he’s efficient and causes immense problems for the other team because he’s so difficult to stop.

        I also like how Stuckey never lost confidence even though he is probably the worst in player in the NBA. He’s confident that he’ll get it back, I like that. Some of our other players should take a lesson (Daye).

        Drummond is gonna be great, monroe is already allstar material, stuckey needs to heal up, we have some excellent material at small foward, jerebko is improving once again, and singler, well, I forgive him for being Duke, but just this once.

        All we need is a point guard.

        Greg Monroe is a better point guard than Knight you see that absolutely nuts passing he did? LIke a quarterback.

        • Natalie Sitto

          I know any time I say something about Stuckey, EDT has something to say. I know he’s a good player, but I don’t see the great player in him. I hope I will someday.

          Great players don’t get questioned in my opinion.

          I however agree about Monroe’s assists and Brandon Knights point guard skills.

          • edt

            oh yeah great players get questioned.

            here about this shooting guard accused of shooting too much and not getting the rest of his team involved? I think he’s called Kobe?

            Or Lebron being called “Choker” for an entire year. Greatest player in the world, didn’t perform up to expectations and was called a failure.

            Anyway, Stuck is gonna rebound. I have confidence. Once he starts playing better everyone else on the team will suddenly look a lot better.

            • Natalie Sitto

              OK EDT…who would you say was comparable to Stuckey either past or present in the NBA?

              • Joe

                Not to speak for EDT, but in my opinion he is either Tyreke Evans or a (very) poor man’s D-Wade. A combo guard, slasher, good passer, with a shaky 3-point shot.

                • edt

                  joe has it. stuckey is a cheap d-wade, like d-wade he doesnt have much of a jumper or 3 point, but also like wade, is not afraid of contact, and (here is the cheap part) he is unable to finish at the rim at a wade like efficiency.

                  Stuckey’s ability tho to put fouls on the other teams bigs is probably better than wade right now due to wade’s accumulation of injuries he cant take as much contact as he used too.

                  So yeah, I dont think we need to upgrade stuckey. We do need two things . . . 1) better coaching and 2) a point guard.

                  I have said so many good things about coach frank but there is one thing that is always the coaches fault and that is a systematic defensive breakdown. Offensive at the end of the day relies on whoever hold the ball making the shot but defensive is essential a team enterprise where the coach is responsible for motivating players to do their assignments. If you miss your assignment the coach has to hold that player accountable.

                  Now I’m not sure what is going wrong defensively but there’s really no excuse for the piston’s to score 100 point and lose a game like we did to sac town.

                  We had enough offensive and it is on the coach to make sure that everyone is doing their job defensively, that people move their fee, rotate properly, run people off the three, you know all this stuff, and I can’t put it on the players, because it does absolutely no good if just one player is playing good defense. Defense requires more trust and teamwork than offense.

                  So I’m bit worried about how many offensive rebounds the other teams are getting.

                  Stuck dont worry me at all. He’ll be back as strong as he was last year.

                  • Natalie Sitto

                    I totally get the comparison to D-Wade and I know that coming into the league he was compared to him. My question really is ….given his accomplishments thus far who what player would be a FAIR trade with Stuckey straight up.

                    I’m really not bashing him, I just want to be able to see exactly what you see EDT.

                    • edt

                      I think we could trade him straight up for arron afflalo . . .

                      sigh, this is another dumbo move by joe dumars, we got sleeping walter sharpe for afflalo and joe knew that he was planning on getting ai and trading away chaunchey so we would need more guards like afflalo.

                      Afflalo has a better 3 point shot, but gets to the rim much like stuckey, but also plays more like a combo guard than a straight up point or shooting guard, gets to the rim and draws fouls a good rate, so yeah.

                      Afflalo is making 7.6 million a year, while stuckey is making 8.5 million, Joe could probably have gotten stuckey’s salary down to 7.6 but we know how joe loves to overpay his players which gives the fans like you or me conniptions. Still it’s only $1m off what fair market is for Stuckey.

                      To be truthful tho I would love to trade knight for afflalo, and have a backcourt of stuck and arron. I think that could be really well sized fast and dangerous set of guards, with stuckey at the point, but both playing more of a combo position.

                      Trade stuckey talk aways happens when the team is playing badly.

                      Come on Joe, make some decent moves! I sure wish we still had Chauncey on the team, he would be such a great mentor for knight. Wish we had traded Prince away instead.

                      Anyway you can see what I’m getting at. I really like what stuck does, when he is able to put fouls on the other bigs, moose suddenly finds absolutely no resistance in the post, the other bigs have 1 or 2 fouls on them in the first quarter and then when moose goes for his running hook, the other center steps away, or when the other big posts up and tries to move aggressively to the paint, they are much more likely to pass back out of the post when they have 1 or 2 fouls.

                      Putting those fouls on the other bigs especially right at the beginning of the game in the 1st quarter really helps moose down in the post, I dont care if sometimes stuck runs over people, lol, he gets the benefit of the doubt enough times.

      • Markov7

        joe please dont mention tyreke in comparison with stuckey cos they re like mirror reflection if joe d is even thinking about that trade (i really hope not) than hes crazyer than all his haters think he is

  4. paul

    everybody can woop the lakers but we got destroyed by them. that tells you something right there

  5. Sam

    I know these guys are professional so superficial things shouldn’t sway their performance, but when I see the borderline-Charlie V lethargy emanating from Tayshaun, I can’t help but think it’s sucking the life out of the team. Do you feel that? If he had some semblance of leadership you could begin to justify the contract Joe gave him, but he just…doesn’t.

    I’d say Larry Frank ought not play him so much, but there isn’t much of a viable backup at swingman. Jonas is solid but only in small doses while Singler and English, although they’ve played well, simply aren’t good enough yet.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Nice comparison about the Lethargy of CV and Tay..but Tayshaun did that before CV got there. I’m ready for him to hit the road.

      I’d take JJ and KS over Tay any day.

      Tayshaun is not a STARTER anymore.

      • edt

        yup. but prince has earned at least another few games, it’s too early in the season to send him to the glue factory.

  6. MachoManRandyAndy

    EDT knows everything! How can he breathe with his head up his own rump?

    • edt

      why u got to be a hater, bro, we all fans of the pistons, and we all hurting with this big zero start

  7. Corey

    I think what may be a factor for keeping Tay a starter is the fact that Frank might not want to tread the line with team chemistry. You remember how much whining Tay and Rip have done in the past around these types of situations, and allowing Tay to come off the bench would sour his mood in my opinion. By some magical right I think Tayshaun believes he’s earned starter minutes for life simply because he had several impactful (is that a word??) years, including the championship run. He’s not a defensive stopper; quite honestly he’s slipping toward becoming a defensive liability, and his “high basketball IQ” that I’ve grown tired of hearing every friggin year rarely shows. Just look at those ridiculous passes that resulted in turnovers in the Sac Town game. That Caron Butler trade is looking mighty good in hindsight.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m so sick of coddling these guys and them pouting, but I do see your point Corey. I’m sure Tay would be a huge pain in the ass if you brought him off the bench where he belongs.

  8. Nikhil

    All this tayshaun bashing reminds me of that line from the Dark knight ” you die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain”.
    Tay’s time is up. need to exit gracefully.I hope Pistons show more patience with Frank Lawrence than the Lakers did with mike Brown. I think we can’t find a better coach than Lawrence Frank at this point unless Jerry Sloan comes down to coach the team.:)he has my vote.

  9. Jake

    Drummond had 22 and 8.. In about 22 minutes. Is it just me or should he be the starting center. I don’t see why we should wait for Stuckey to “rebound” like we do every year. He’s an average player at best, I think we should trade him for someone with more upside, like a Paul George type player. I think prince should go for an expiring contract and a second rounder. Start JJ and Drummond, and give singled more minutes, dude can hoop.


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