The Lakers very happy to have the Pistons visit

by | Nov 5, 2012 | 21 comments

Going into the game The Lakers were off to their worst start in 34 years. A visit from the Pistons where just what the doctor ordered as they dismantled Detroit to get their first win of the season. The 79-108 shellacking wasn’t pretty for Pistons fans and showed that they need everything and everyone going right for them to be able to legitimately compete.

Key Points:

  • It started off miserable when the Pistons where down 34-13 after the first quarter.
  • Jason Maxiell was hot to start off the game. Jason made his first three shots and had six of the Pistons first eight points. You have to really appreciate what Maxiell has been doing so far this season, but when he’s our offensive threat
  • If you’re having “migraines,” DON’T PLAY!
  • Stuckey came into the game 1-for-17 from the floor through the first two games. Stuckey, who has been struggling with migraine headaches, certainly missed all six field-goal attempts against the Lakers. Since making his only basket of the season in the season opener against Houston, Stuckey has missed 13 consecutive field-goal attempts. Is there anything more to say?

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Tayshaun Prince: “Whenever a player is struggling, whether it’s shooting the ball or not doing what he usually does, it’s up to the team and the coaching staff to get him involved and try to find ways to get him out of it,” Prince said. “We’ve got to do a better job of that. At the same time, Stuckey has to be aggressive, but we’ve got to get the ball in his hands more. We haven’t put it in his hands enough.”

  • Detroit did not have a starter in double figures since December 1st 2010.
  • Jonas Jerebko led the Pistons with 18 points on 5 of 9 shooting with 2 assists, 2 boards and a steal.
  • Tayshaun Prince was a -40 in his 24 minutes on the floor. I’m ready for a TP trade.
  • Lawrence Frank continues to NOT play Drummond and Monroe together, even when Greg needed help containing Dwight Howard who put up 28 on Detroit.
  • Tom Gores sitting with his family right next to the Pistons bench couldn’t have been happy. You have to feel sorry for his son who was born a Lakers fan. His dad bought the Pistons and he was forced to sit in Pistons gear and try to cheer the team on. I hope he doesn’t get razzed too much at school today.
  • Give it up to Kyle Singler who did his best to get Detroit back in the game. Singler went on a personal 7-0 run in the second quarter to force a Lakers timeout. He finished with 11 points, five boards and two assists in 26 minutes on the floor.
  • Can’t be hard on Stuckey and not talk about Brandon Knight. Knight struggled again, missing his first seven shots before scoring on a driving layup midway through the third quarter. His only two points of the game. Stuckey and Knight are now a combined 12 of 58 for the season. Turrable!
  • Kim English knocked down two 3-pointers and finished with eight points.
  • Will Bynum continues  play well off the bench. Bynum had 10 points and five assists.
Andre Drummond and Dwight Howard
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  • Andre Drummond played 22 minutes, and put up five points, seven boards and two blocks.
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  • My apologies to Pistons fans in the house last night, you deserved better. We did hear the Deeeetroit Basketballlll chant on the broadcast.
  • The Lakers biggest lead was 36 points.


  1. Jaime


  2. DWILL313

    I had to ignore all phone calls after this, because my friends now im a huge Pistons fan. I am also a huge Rodney Stuckey fan. But man, this back court is just NOT gonna work. Knight shoots more than Stuckey did when he was at the point. We may as well left him there and let him learn, istead of putting him with a new guard doing the same thing. I say trade Knight or Stuckey with Prince for a scoring 2 guard. And put who ever we keep at the point…

  3. terry

    Where’s Maggette? Why won’t Frank let Drum and Moose play together, and let Slav off the bench? Stuck should take some time off, get healthy, and start over. It seems like Knight spent more time working on his body than his game, get it together. Tayshaun’s back is stiff, start Jerebko. Right now the starting line up should be: Knight, Maggette, Jerebko, Monroe, Drummond.

    • edt

      magette is still hurt, drummond doesn’t even know how to box out yet, even if tay starts, frank can give more minutes to jerebko if he wants, nothing wrong with doing that instead of starting him.

  4. Marcell

    Does this mean we might get the number 1 pick next year?

  5. Nick

    @DWILL313 I agree with you.If Knight and Stuckey keep playing this way then one of them should get traded. It seems like they are not playing with any energy. I would rather keep Knight because I think he could be a good PG with the right lineup. Its ovious we are not gonna get Paul or Howard with our cap space. So I think we should go after Tyreke Evans since the Kings didn’t offer him an extension. He probably just need a change of scenery.

    • DWILL313

      If we have a shot at Tyreke Evan I’d damn sure go for that.

  6. DWILL313

    It doesn’t make sense to start Maggette he won’t be here long, why build chemistry with him in the starting line up. Lawrence Frank just have to give Stuckey the green light. Cause right now it looks Lil Knight has it, and Westbrook shows that’s not a good idea for a point guard, and Westbrook is 10 times better than Knight.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Totally agree, no reason to start Maggette. He’s just a filler this season. A throw in to dump Ben Gordon. We need to develop our youth more than we need wins.

      Just my opinion.

  7. DWILL313

    Definitely need to let out younger players play. Austin Daye needs to play enough to know wether or not he really belongs in the NBA.

  8. Tycoon

    Max is too short to guard Gasol and that’s how Lakers build their lead. It open their shooters and defense got disorganized. JJ can bring energy off the bench but right now, I think letting him start could not make it any worse. Kim English is turning out to be a nice surprise.

    • Natalie Sitto

      “Kim English is turning out to be a nice surprise.”

      I keep saying that to myself, I just hope we don’t eat our words later in the season.

  9. DWILL313

    They need to start Drummond! You think the Hornets gonna bench they number 1 pick cause he young? No. The Pistons are the only team that draft players to sit them on they bench forever.

    • Natalie Sitto

      They’ll start Drummond soon, I just think he’s got to get used to things a bit and give Greg the chance to move back to his natural position as PF.

  10. DWILL313

    I hope so. But I think throwing him right into the fire is the best way to learn. They are keeping him from making mistakes. He needs to make them and learn from them. We lost 3 games. He could have had 3 games of experience.

  11. piston_fan_phl

    “My apologies to Pistons fans in the house last night, you deserved better. We did hear the Deeeetroit Basketballlll chant on the broadcast” best Piston fans.

  12. Nick

    It isn’t that hard. Just start English at SG and give Drummond 30+ minutes. Drummond doesn’t have to start. Just give him starter minutes. I like Stuckey, but if he is hurt he needs to sit down. English will spread the floor and keep teams honest. With no outside threat teams can double up on Knight and Monroe. And thats part of the reason they look so bad.

  13. DWILL313

    English kind of reminds me of Aron afflolo. But is he better than Stickey? No. And Stuckey ego is to big for that, we will be a waste after that… But since it’s people on here I’m gonna say what I said to Natalieon twitter with hopes of getting a Lil back up… needs a iphone app! Lol

  14. DWILL313

    Sorry for the misspelled words, I was in the McDonalds drive thru lol

  15. Cable Moose

    So much for Joe D’s “stay competative while we rebuild” he kept talking about in years past. This team is officially going to have to rebuild through the draft just like everyone else. Looks like they might be headed to the lottery…which is totally fine with me.


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