Pistons trim their roster down to 15

by | Oct 22, 2012 | 14 comments

The #Pistons have announced the release of Terrence Williams and Jonny Flynn.  Williams and Flynn both played with Houston last season and joined the Pistons together, both hoping that they could earn a spot.


  1. Riv

    That came as no suprise to me or anyone else. It was a good idea to bring them to pre-season to push other people to work harder to earn their spots. The team has 15 players under contract and really had no need for either one of those players with the crop of rookies on the team.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Totally agree Riv, I’m sure they were hoping to get a look for possibly another team or as a long shot with Detroit.

    • Jake

      They knew they weren’t gonna make detroits roster, they we’re showcasing for other teams

  2. rascal

    i love to see terence williams remain as a pistons???he has a talent..

    • Tycoon

      I’d keep Williams over CV any given day.

  3. Zay

    I second that statement.

  4. Drew

    I was hoping to keep Flynn as a third-string PG. I see no space nor need for Khris Middleton.

    • edt

      agree but midleton is on a 3 year contract 2 years guaranteed, you want to talk dollars and cents, it’s cheaper to release a non-guaranteed flynn than drop middleton. Daye needs to be dealt there are teams that will take him on. Charlie V is too expensive for what he does, but this team does not have much offense off the bench, and Charlie has never been reluctant to shoot, sometimes you need that. We could amnesty Charlie but for what.

      What this team really needs is a true point guard, as much as I love Stuckey’s game, I really don’t like Brandon Knight, he doesn’t have what it takes to take in front of other point guards, and per 36 can’t facilitate.

      If you look at the bobcats they ahve pretty much the same situation, where a 9th pick kemba is not performing as well at point as he should and they brought in sessions for I think $5 million a year, now if Kemba doesn’t perform, sessions can step in and be their true point guard. Kemba is an even worse facilitator than knight, but like Knight is their “point guard of the future”, Kemba tho is more aggressive to the rim, but takes reckless shots.

      As long as Knight doesn’t dribble the ball off his foot he is going to have the starting point guard position and the hope is that he will somehow grow into the position this year.

      I dont see it, I don’t like his game. You know when he was picked at 8th I was a great cheerleader of his, and for a year I held my breath waiting for him to develop, thinking, “Kids” and he’s only 18, well now he’s only 19, and I guess the theory is we give him another full year of 35+ minutes.

      if you think about it, there is only one other player in the entire NBA who has a longer leash, who is able to play minutes at this rate no matter what he does, and that is Kobe. Brandon Knight is no kobe.

      In fact, Brandon Knight is no Isaiah Thomas, who tho undersized at 5 foot something is putting up 6 assists per 36, and this at a DEAD LAST pick 60th in the same draft that knight and kemba were in.

      I look at Isaiah thomas and think, “That’s what a point guard should look like.”

      The way I look at it, we have 3 solid players. Drummond is going to be a beast, just take his time, I love his game, he’s gonna be great. Moose is gonna be an all star. Stuckey finally lived up to expectations last year, stay healthy and I think we all know, we are gonna get more of the “Hey” from him. Love those three guys.

      We have a long rotation at small forward, which is ok, jerebo prince singler, we could improve there but honestly I do not want another small forward or stretch 4 anywhere near this team, we have enough of that nonsense with charlie and daye.

      That leaves the point guard. All our hopes is in Knight having a breakout year. There is no backup plan.

      I want Joe D to make a deal so we have someone like I dont know, if Flynn isnt gonna make it maybe a Mike Conley. Why do we have veteran leadership at small forward instead of point guard where knight needs the most help in the hardest to play position in the NBA.

  5. Sheron

    I think we should of kept Terrence Williams, he’s the best highflyer in the NBA, hands down. Use the amnesty on CV and pick that guy back up! OH LORD!

  6. Julian

    There is a reason why Flynn and Williams have not stuck on a team for long. It may talent or attitude?
    The backups off the bench will be Maggette, Bynum, Singler, JJ and AD1 and maybe English if Corey is still injured. The rest of the backups, especially Austin and CV, wil be highly paid cheerleaders for most of the year. Daye will be history next year and CV has 1 more year after this season which makes him a prime AMNESTY candidate if the Pistons decide to go that route since all he is doing is taking up space.

  7. Julian

    Got blown out by the Timberwolves last night.
    Outrebounded by a wide margin and only shooting 33% and that was not 3 point %.

  8. pistonsfan101

    Does English remind anyone of Aflalo?

  9. Drew Hammond

    I think it is sooo stupid we let go of Williams.. he is so much more athletic and has a bigger scoring ability than Tayshaun. Joe D is a terrible GM, they really need to let him go. Yes, he did win us a championship in 04 and almost in 05.. but Joe D doesn’t take risks, and with the team not doing so hot, risks need to occur.

  10. Julian

    The Pistons only players over the age of 30 are Tayshaun and Corey.
    Maggette will gone next year.
    But the young Pistons will probably be a .500 team, which means they will barely miss the playoffs.



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