The Pistons Preseason Begins

by | Oct 9, 2012 | 23 comments

Andre Drummond

The Pistons kick off the preseason Wednesday night at the Palace. That may not excite most people, but there are many Pistons fans that can’t wait to see what the future holds for their team.

I’ll admit that I’ve taken a little extra time on my summer vacation, heck I haven’t even tooned Viacheslav Kravtsov, or learned how to spell his name for that matter, but I really haven’t been this excited to watch this team in quite some time.

No, they’re not vying for championships, but there seems like there may be some magic surrounding the team again.

  • What will Kyle Singler, who’s seemed to have a very productive season in Europe bring to the team?
  • Is Andre Drummond all that we hope he’s going to be?
  • Will Brandon Knight have a breakout season?
  • Will we have a Need4Swede?
  • Can Greg Monroe make the All Star team?
  • Is Jason Maxiell going to see any time?
  • We don’t have Ben Gordon right?
  • Will Rodney Stuckey be the leader that they wanted him to be?
  • Can Austin Daye prove he should be in this league?
  • Will Kim English and Khris Middleton make the roster?
  • Can Corey Maggette still contribute?
  • Can Will still be Bynumite?
  • Will Monroe, Drummond and Kravtsov be our Big Three?
  • Will Tayshaun play the entire season for Detroit or be traded?
  • Will Ben Wallace really stay retired? The other Wallace is back with NY.
  • Will Charlie Villanueva play more minutes than me?
  • Will Tom Gores be the next contestant on Dancing with the Stars?

So many questions, and a full season for the answers.

It’s not always sexy to pay attention to NBA preseason games, but I for one love to soak things up and take a look at what’s new with the Pistons.

May the Gores be with all of us…

The Pistons take on the Raptors Wednesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Tip off is at 7:30 and will be broadcast on FSN Detroit.


  1. Anthony

    Will we have Jonny Flynn or Terrence willams?

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m hoping so, but you never know. They may possibly sign one of them and let him play in the D League. Like Piston_fan_phl said, T Williams can fill a few spots.

      Remember we still have Khris and Kim.

  2. Piston_fan_phl

    Well I hope we sign Terrence Williams. He can play 3 positions and a good pass first role player. We don’t need another one dimensional scorer because we already have Knight, Stuckey and Moose as our go-to scorers.

  3. terry


  4. Jeremy Wolfe

    I am not a Detroit local. Any idea on places online where I might be able to watch these games?

    • terry

      there is a spot online to watch the games live streamed.

  5. Alex

    Will Kim English and Khris Middleton make the roster?

    They signed guaranteed contracts already. Their guaranteed a spot on the roster…

  6. Jake

    Andre Drummond has some soft hands for a big guy, he just needs to get back on defense.

    • Al

      Why is Drummond not in the starting lineup ?

  7. Julian

    Drummond will be a starting center for the Pistons sooner or later.
    We need exactly what he showed against the Raptors last night.
    Defense/blocks/rebounding/slam dunks.
    Then they can start C MO at PF and Jonas at SF instead of Tay and Maxiell. Maggette`s game is similar to Stucks. Drive and draw a foul. Nice addition as SG off the bench although big salary hit but for this year only.
    We need to see who can hit 3 point shots on this team. Hopefully English.
    CV sucked as usual last night. Hopefully he will ride the pine one last year as a Piston then SEE YA.
    Bynum played well as Knights backup. He is well worth his salary.
    Can`t wait to see the rest of the roster play some minutes.

  8. edt

    everyone aboard the STTUUUUUUUCKY bandwagon.

    you know I been a huge fan of his ever since his rookie year.

    And everyone is welcome aboard. Just one thing, I have to say to Stuck, please don’t get hurt you scared us last nite.

  9. terry

    good job for Charlie V. shot’s weren’t falling from beyond arc, but he was aggressive down low grabbing boards and playing defense. All aboard C.V. bandwagon…

    • edt

      haha you’re a funny guy. cant wait for charlie to earn his ticket back to new york.

      • edt

        ps i really like charlie he’s a funny sensitive guy and I like his anti-bully campaign, and I love how he’s trying really hard.

        unfortunately he’s just not a starter, he’s good off the bench, and I hope he fills into that role on some other team.

  10. Julian

    CV 31 is getting starter money so he needs to go and pay somebody that is a real starter that much money.
    Austin Daye had another bad shooting day last night in Toronto.
    5 fouls shooting just 2-11 with 0-3 from 3 point land although he did rebound. He is Joe Dumars draft bust.
    Slava K had a decent first game in the NBA. We added some size with him and Drummond on the roster.
    Flynn and Williams did not play well but neither did any of the Pistons beside may Stuckey.
    We need a 3 pt shooter on the roster. Maybe English can fill that role this year.

  11. Bellllissimo

    oh god slava is a beast. he’s like if bruce banner hulked out halfway before turning green. he’s gonna just push people around 😀

  12. Drew

    Did Drummond shrink or something? I swore he used to be listed at 7′ or 7’1”, now all I see is 6’10” everywhere.

  13. Julian

    I saw Drummond and Slava K both listed as 6`11″

    AD 2.0 (Drummond) was our leading scorer last night against the Bucks.
    He a double double with 2 blocks to boot.
    English was 2-3 from 3 pt land. Middelton had a decent game too.

    The rest of the Pistons except maybe JJ and Corey sucked.
    CV31 had a horrible shooting game which is supposed to be his strength and so did AD 1.0 (Daye) in limited playing play.

    Charlie and Daye will be at the end of the bench for 1 more year then they will be gone. Looks like one more lottery pick before we can make the playoffs.

  14. Dan

    The way coach Frank is running the preseason is great. Everyone gets their time. It’s there for everyone to see.

    hoping to see Moose and Drummond play together once before the opener.

    how is playing time freed up for these rookies who can shoot from the perimeter?

    How do we get JJ and Singler time at the 3 with old timers there?

    I’d like to see a Knight, Stuckey, JJ, Moose, Drummond starting lineup next game, with Middleton, English, and Slava getting most other minutes ( and Bynum providing support at the 1 when needed ).

  15. Julian

    I like Dan`s starting lineup and i would add Maxiell to the backups besides Bynum and the other young guns.

    Go Pistons

  16. Julian

    Pistons bench dominated the undermanned Orlando Magic at the Palace last night. What a difference Dwight Howard makes.

    Looks like Frank will use Bynum, Maggette, Singler, JJ and Drummond as his second unit. Nice mix of veterans, and talented rookies.

    Daye and CV31 should not see much regular season minutes unless there is a blowout or a bunch of injuries to the top 10 players.


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