He’s Baaaack – The Knicks Have a Need4Sheed

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Rasheed Wallace BodybuilderIt seems as though the Knicks have a Need4Sheed.

“Rasheed Wallace has told the Knicks he has elected to come out of retirement and join Monday’s training camp, according to an NBA source.

The Knicks could announce the move as soon as today. The 6-foot-11 Wallace, who worked out with the Knicks over the weekend, retired two years ago after a disappointing season with Boston. His agent Bill Strickland told The Post this morning he has not begun formal contract negotiations with the Knicks and wouldn’t confirm the decision was made.

Wallace would make the veteran’s minimum of 1.7 million. Strickland said if Wallace plays it would only be with the Knicks because of his relationship with coach Mike Woodson, who was a Pistons assistant when Detroit won the title with Wallace as one of its stars.” Via The NY Post

We all know Sheed and realized he’s been off for an entire season, but something tells me he’s got a “little” left to help a team out.  I’m just wondering what kind of shape he’s in.  The last time I caught a glimpse of him a few month ago he didn’t look like he was in playing shape.  So…that seems about right.

12 Responses to "He’s Baaaack – The Knicks Have a Need4Sheed"
  1. Avatar Cable Moose says:

    As long as he plays veteran minutes he’ll probably be fine. Interesting that he’s choosing to come back…must be bored or he needs the money.

  2. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    dammmit now i have to cheer for the knicks abit. i was hoping to hate the whole team cause of melo. i also have to wonder what sheed would of did to jeremy lin in the locker room. 😀

  3. Avatar edt says:

    1.7 million is a lot to pay for 5 minutes a game. I dont think sheed is in decent enough shape to play anymore than that.

  4. Avatar greg says:

    a bit off subject, but this might be interesting info. Doesn’t mean much, but here it is…
    Austin Daye’s weight
    192 lbs upon signing with Pistons
    200 lbs at end of first season
    207 lbs at end of second season
    198ish after lockout in Russia
    218 lbs as recently reported on Pistons.com

    Supposedly Arnie Kander made a 270 lb sled on wheels with carpeting on the bottom, and you have to push or pull it- but if you do it wrong, the carpet touches the ground and the sled won’t move.

    Daye: “It works your legs so much – oh, my goodness, it’s the worst,” he said. “The quads, it feels like you just did 10,000 squats. It’s the worst. It’s definitely going to help me, but I hate it. I think it will be good for me, but I hate it.”

    If nothing else at least he’s putting on some weight

    • Avatar edt says:

      cant make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, at 218 he’s still a sickly weak 6 foot 11 bumbling shooting guard that has to play at power forward because he has no quickness.

    • Avatar Tycoon says:

      On a positive note, we have to like the progress and the hardwork he’s doing. It doesn’t mean were gonna see improvements on the court but we can appreciate he’s off-season efforts for the time being.

  5. Avatar terry says:

    Hang it up Sheed.

  6. Avatar greg says:

    anyone else make it to open practice?

    Kravtsov was quite impressive, pretty sure he had at least three blocks and a couple dunks in traffic, made his FTs too- he looks more NBA-ready than Drummond who wasn’t bad but wasn’t spectacular and was 0/4 on FTs.
    Maggette did his thing- made it to the line a lot
    most other players looked about what you’d expect although CV31 actually had good hustle, even on defense. English and Singler were pretty good although Singler’s shot was awful

  7. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    greg i had a feeling kravtsov was gonna be good. that highlight reel i showed showed off a lot of his skill. he seems to be smart. to know how to wait for a play to happen rather than forcing. id like to see what happens with him

    • Avatar greg says:

      you usually can’t judge by highlight reels, but I think it was Middleton who said that Kravtsov was just like he is in the highlight reels. I think in open practice he only made one foul, and it was a good block attempt and barely a foul. if practice was any indication, then Slava can block, rebound, run, and dunk- a true 7 footer- he is worth 15-20 mins a night

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