Who’s watching the Pistons Summer League games?

by | Jul 11, 2012 | 35 comments

I am, but unfortunately due to the times of the games, I’m relying on my trusty Tivo or the occasional 4AM rebroadcast.

What I’ve gleaned from watching just two games so far, since I’m going to tackle the Oklahoma City 83-64 loss that happened Wednesday afternoon.

  • Andre  Drummond is everything we think he is and hopefully more. The big guy is a project, but after I saw how easy he makes it look to block a shot I was sold. You can see why they say he needs to put forth a little (or a lot) more effort when you watch him sauntering down the court. When he learns how to hustle on every play…watch out.His free throws however are something to behold. I can probably hit more than him and I haven’t shot a regulation free throw since I was in the ninth grade.
  • Kyle Singler will be a very serviceable player for the Pistons.
  • Austin Day will probably forever be hot or very, very cold. I’m not giving him a pass for putting up 24 points in a summer league game, but I’m pulling for him for two reasons. He’s go a nice shot when he’s on, and if he plays well he might actually be able to be worth something in a trade.
  • Yancy Gates was a surprise.
  • Khris Middleton hasn’t shown much of anything yet.
  • I might be really sold on Kim English who’s got a sweet shot, and scored 18 against the Jazz in his first game.

Wins or losses, this part of the rebuilding is going to be fun. I’m excited to see the team play this year as well as the new renovations at The Palace.
Pistons vs. OKC via NBA.COM
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2012/07/11/1421200010_okc_det_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]


  1. Jake

    Singler was great the first two games, invisible today, I still think he’s a solid reserve. Daye has impressed me with making the right plays, and his shot, well see if he stays hot. Drummond needs to put more effort in on getting back to defense, he seems fine getting down the court to play offense but slow to get back on defense. He wants to be a good player, and he is working hard. With the help of veterans/coaches he will figure it out, he’s still so young. Looking forward to the game tomorrow to see what he and the rest of the pistons do.

  2. Jake

    I just realized that we ended last year 21-21. With a better team then we had last year We have a lot better shot at the playoffs then what people think. Well be over 500 this year.

  3. Leonelreo

    Don’t forget this: On these last three seasons Pistons got a big % of his wins on the last matches, when playoffs spots are fixed, against teams that clearly tank for more lottery balls or even teams that rest their best players for the playoffs. I don’t think they will be 0.5 next season, but I don’t think it’s bad if they work to develop the young talent they have.

    I would hate seeing Magette, Maxiell, Prince, etc. on the court in order to win 3 o 4 more games and not getting the playoffs instead of playing Singler, Drummond or English

    • Jake

      We beat a lot of playoff teams in that 21-21 ending, I don’t think they were tanking, and it wasn’t the very end of the season so they weren’t resting everybody. They will not start 4-20 again so We should be around 500. I agree tho I’d rather see drummond on the floor than max. Let him develop he hads loads of potential.

    • edt

      despite what you may have heard teams do not tank.

      the cats tried desparately to win out, the wizards are truly awful, and the cavs tried there best to finish strong.

      These are professional athletes who spent their entire lives winning every time they stepped on the court, full of ego and optimism, in high school they though they were michael jordan in college they figured to be the next ray allen, and they get to the NBA and WHOOMP they are on a team that can’t even win half their games.

      You think they can tank if they even wanted to? They can’t. It is just not in their DNA.

      With the coaches, they know every season could be their last they are playing for their bread every time, so they have to finish strong. Finish weak and you are out of a job.

      The GM’s mite want to go into the lottery but they can’t tank the end of the season what they can do is deliberately recruit bums and not resign expensive free agents. The mavs are a good example of this. But even when the GMs want to tank the players and coaches try their best and manage to get into the playoffs.

      • Lori


      • Chris

        Have you watched the NBA? No, I’m not joking. Teams BLATANTLY and REGULARLY tank. Coaches may know that any season can be their last, but the fact is that they have no choice but to heed the edicts of management.

        If you want an immediate Pistons related example, I want you to go do some research – look at the rotations used at home for the Pistons over the past three years vs the rotations used on the road. The team, as a team looking for a higher lottery pick, uses far different rotations at home.

        Now, this doesn’t look like it backs up my statement does it? But keep in mind that Detroit has been trying to get better lottery picks. Lord knows they wanted Drummond BAD. But the Pistons are different: you don’t see them tanking up close because (surprise) THEY OWN THE PALACE. They can’t tank home games, or they are risking a major revenue stream. So they tank on the road, and field a far better rotatation at home. I know what coach said about them not tanking, but it comes from upstairs.

        And what they say upstairs goes. Competitive spirit and job security be damned.

  4. RashitFlawless

    I saw a big big guy running like a small guy in Drummond. His physical tools are impressive. But he’s raw.
    I didn’t see Middleton, just don’t feel this draft pick.
    Kim English is a man, he will figure out how to play in the NBA and he will be very impressive for this team.
    Daye, well, he can play against these rookies, players who look at the league mostly from outside. It doesn’t tell anything of his game, he just make open shots from excellent dishes by Knight.
    Gates has everything to play in the Pistons, but I doubt his quickness a bit, he’s like…maybe too heavy, but has a jumpshot, NBA body, he can play, I think

  5. Julian

    Maybe you need to give new AD some FT lessons.
    I think the coaching staff will make him take 100 shots from the FT line every practice until he improves. Andre will be an intimidating force when he is guarding the paint for the Pistons.
    Gates is a pleasant surprise but I doubt he will make the roster.
    Middleton was a wasted pick for being an early second round choice.
    The old AD, Austin, is doing OK at the PF experiment so far but if he plays like last year, then his dayes are numbered.
    The Thunder did not have one player that played college hoops last year in the lineup against the Pistons. They all either played in the NBA or in europe.
    The Pistons must continue to improve their roster every year to make the playoffs. It starts with their first round picks. So far so good.

  6. edt

    daye is worthless, I would trade him for a bag of potato chips and a los angeles lakers girl. Heck I dont even need the lakers girl just give me a bag of chips for him. English has real problems with his game, he has no court vision, he can’t defend, he can’t pass, he’s got some street game but not NBA ready, I’d like to send him to europe for a year.

    Singler is ready and solid, can give us 10-15 minutes a game. yates ate too many cheetos and until he gets on a diet he can’t play in the NBA no motor. Plus he’s not that skilled. Maybe he could try out for the NFL.

    Drummond is a stud, he’s the real deal.

    Knight looked positively awful out there, turning over the ball once for every one or two assists. In other words, he’s looked like he has all season, he gets tons of burn but will never be a point guard, and unlike stuckey he’s not a bull that can plus one through the giants in the paint.

    We’re getting closer. We still need a point guard. We don’t have many assets to trade, our best chip is Moose and we can’t trade him.

    I know how Joe D’s mind works. We are going to see Knight at point for the next 2 or 3 years just like we saw stuckey and it’s not gonna work. Joe just doesn’t understand the point guard position. But now that things are improving, who knows. We do have Frank who I think might find a way to get around our deficiencies at point, the lakers didnt have a real point gaurd for the past 10 years, and while Frank is no “Zen Master” maybe he can find a way to share the ball without a true point.

    • Jake

      I think knight will be a better pg then what stuckey was or is. He turns the ball over a lot but that’s what is expected, he will get better, he seems to find his teammates, he still needs to work hard.

      • edt

        stuckey did not play a lot of minutes first year, 19 minutes, 2.8 assists in 2007-2008 with 1 turnover per game.

        the next year stuckey doubled that with 5 assists and 2 turnovers when he got 30+ minutes

        brandon knight is a turnover machine, for 3.8 assistss he generates 2.6 turnovers, with 30+ minutes, at about the same stage in their career, knight seems to generate less assists per minute and more turnovers than stuckey did and stuckey was not a good point guard.

        brandon knight played enuf games for me. Chauncey billups played twice as good at the point position in his first year in the NBA for the celtics and they threw him out on his ear.

        Anyway, I think you are good at reading joe d’s mind, I’m sure he’s going to work hard, that’s all you can ask right, try your best and you can have the starting point guard position. If you can’t do it, then try again next year.

  7. Jake

    Ik it’s summer league but knight has 19 points 14 assists he does have 6 turn overs. 14 assist is a good number, ik he won’t average anything like that in the season. He just needs to handle the ball better. Could we expect 7 to 8 assist a game from knight this year?

    • edt

      most improved point guard in the nba that I can think of recently was russell westbrook, going from 5.3 assists per game to 8 assists per game that’s a 50% improvement.

      So if you think Brandon Knight is going to be BETTER than westbrook, let’s assume instead of a 50% improvement he shows a 75% improvement over his first year, the most improved point guard to have ever lived.

      This would take him from 3.8 assists per game to 6.5 assists per game.

      I guess Brandon Knight has to improve by 100% over last year, and while he’s at it, quit turning the ball over, and become a better point guard than rondo and derrick rose combined.

      Sure. It could happen.

      • Jake

        Hey I’m just being optimistic lol. I think he could raise it to 5 assist a game. Obviously his turnovers and decision making are a work in progress so hopefully well see improvement there also. How many ppg should we expect? I think about 17.

        • edt

          You want to get excited think about Drummond, Moose, and Stuckey absolutely pounding the other team in the paint, dominating and aggressive on defense.

          We still don’t have a point guard, and are stuck with some bad contracts (prince, charlie), but if we can make a few moves, obtain a real point guard we are well on our way.

          There are real reasons to be very excited about our team, one of them is that Moose has the potential to be BETTER than bynum, BETTER than howard, he has potential to be the BEST NBA PF OF OUR DECADE.

          I don’t want to get excited about brandon knight because I wish we had a real point guard. Maybe Sessions.

          • RashitFlawless

            I think the office is high about Knight, as about Stuckey, no way Joe D will get another PG, Knight is starting.
            I think he’s kinda lost between PG ang SG so did Stuckey, but that’s the way Joe D wants to play.
            Bynum, Knight, English, Stuckey are shoot-first, I mean shoot-a-lot-first pass-when-stuck-and-nowhere-to-go, but we just have to love them.
            We don’t have any pass-first player, none.

            • edt

              agree but I love the way stuckey plays, he’s very aggressive and I like him putting fouls on the opposing bigs drawing contact, he’s a lot better at it than bynum, english and knight.

              Especially this last year, Stuckey had some games where the other teams could just not stop him.

              • Jake

                Knight has more potential to be a better facilitator than Stuckey, he gets into the lane nice, and can score better than Stuckey. He’s gonna be our starting point guard for the future. And sessions signed with the bobcats

      • Drew

        I think Westbrook went down to 5 or 6 assists this past year, fyi.

        • edt

          Yeah and its bad when you quit passing 2 durant so you can make ur own shot 🙁

          • Jake

            I like to watch the thunder and it pisses me off when Westbrook doesn’t pass to durant lol

  8. AT

    Kris Middleton is the next DaJuan Summers.

    • AT


    • Drew

      That’s being generous.

    • Jake

      From what I saw yesterday I think he’s better than that.

  9. Lori

    Think the roster is set for now, until Big Ben decides what he’s going to do. It would be great if he came back to be, for the most part, a mentor and role model for Drummond. Obviously not for free throws, though!!

    • Jake

      At least bens free throws look nice in the air lol. He has better form too

  10. Bellllissimo


    khris middleton

    cant figure out who im forgetting but its not a bad lineup. Id like to see more personality players, meaning guys who bring vocal leadership more than lead by example, but im with nataie there is pistons excitement in the air

    • Zkranc

      Will Bynum

  11. Venice

    English at PF ? Really ?! I think youre smoking dope my friend .

  12. daddy

    big ben wants to come back and we need to cut someone to open a spot. i can already hear peoples view points.

  13. D.K

    Drummonds lack of effort seriously worrying me. I hope the coaches can beat some into him or we might be looking at the next eddy curry.

    • Jake

      It worrys me too, but you see stretches where he plays great, and the coaches say he wants to be good. I think they’ll straighten him out, either way he has way more athletic ability than curry, so I don’t think that will happen.


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