Pistons have interest in Michael Beasley

by | Jul 2, 2012 | 26 comments

A source said Phoenix and Detroit #Pistons are among those pursuing small forward Michael Beasley. Minnesota declined to extend the former No. 2 pick a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent. Via Sports Illustrated

Not sure how I feel about this, this former #2 Draft pick has been nothing but a disappointment. It also doesn’t say much that a team like the Timberwolves has no use for him. Remember they have Darko.


Per Matt Dery @deryNBA Pistons tell sources that the SI report on Beasley is incorrect and the Pistons are not targeting Michael Beasley.


  1. alexjolley

    Beasley at Detroit would be a good pickup, young, talented, tough, i really think this could help us, just as long as he’s not asking for too much money… also, twitter followers would be nice, @alexjolley doooo itttt! Excited for this up coming season!

  2. dillon

    i said on June 30 how about considering Micheal Beasley under the Andre drummonds picture in the comments look on the bottom

  3. Cerecyte

    I’d imagine we’d be looking at him for to play the 3. Though we have like 6 players that can play that spot. However i would argue none of them are optimal.

    Tay – Maggetee – Jonas – Daye – Singleton – Middleton.

    Tay /Maggetee (Too old), Jonas / Daye (Too slow defensively), Singleton/Middleton ( too young, to start)

    Personally id like to see, the pistons just get completely young. So off court issues aside, i would’t mind this.

  4. Toni

    I always wanted Beasley as a Pistons ever since Miami got rid of him. I would love to have him as our starting SF and have Jerebko backing him up. I seriously don’t wish to see Tay Daye not ever CHARLIE!! Here anymore. We are building and moving on the right direction when picking up Knight Monroe Jerebko Stucky now Adre Drummon and not lot talk about Kim English but he is another great pickup for Pistons ! We need to land a starting SF “ a star”

  5. Drew Hammond

    This would be a huge pickup for the team. I just feel like he would want a big contract.

  6. Marcell

    Can anyone answer this question? What are the Pistons going to do with all these players? Do I need to list everyone?

    • Bellllissimo

      well they can carry a bunch of players during training camp then cut them after getting a feel for who they want. or i hear they are trying to make some more moves so they need pieces

  7. Toni

    Marcell Players who will be in our roster for sure are, Knight,Stucky,Jerebko,Tay, Meggatte,Max,Monroe, Drummond others WHO KNOWS !!!!!!!!!! lolol

  8. Damien W.

    Well, it’s been said that SI is incorrect and Detroit IS NOT looking at Beasley. Huh, I would of wanted to see who would vanish. Prince is under his new contract, Jonas isn’t going anywhere, Meggetee is on his way, Singler is on his way. Day, Singleton and Middleton all are playing that same spot. Plenty of people are in that slot right now. o_o

    • Drew


  9. O'Brother

    nice pic, thought the pistons were after Bob Marley

  10. Bellllissimo

    im not a fan of beasley either he has some skills but its almost like going after drew gooden. wont help you get a championship

  11. Sauce1977

    Pistons only have eleventy wings. What’s one more?

  12. junior

    19ppg 6reb id take that over tay/daye

  13. Drew

    No no no no. Beasley actually has game, but he gets injured and he seems to be a head case. I mean, just look at him. Plus, we already have five small forwards and four or five power forwards. Where would he fit?

  14. Drew

    At least this is evidence that Joe is trying to make moves and he has to sit on his hands no longer.

  15. terry

    This would seem to be one of those moves just to say i made a move type situation. Im not really fan of this scenario too many 3s as it is. Rather we go after billups, a veteran pg should be the priority now

  16. Drew

    Our summer league’s going to be fun to watch. Many of our future impact players will be there: Drummond, English, Singler, Kravstov, Daye, and maybe Knight even.

    • Leftos

      Summer League roster & schedule have been decided.

      Here’s our roster:
      • F Austin Daye
      • C Andre Drummond
      • G Kim English
      • F/C Yancy Gates
      • G Armon Johnson
      • G Brandon Knight
      • F/C Vernon Macklin
      • G/F Khris Middleton
      • G Patrick Richard
      • F Kyle Singler
      • G Casper Ware

      So no Kravtsov, but Knight is in.

      • Drew

        Forgot about Macklin. He looked good every single time he played last year, but it wasn’t often, unfortunately. I’m actually surprised Knight will be there. He got all the playing time his heart could desire during his rookie year. Thanks for posting the roster.

  17. Leftos

    Beasly to the Suns. Move on people, nothing to see here.

  18. RashitFlawless

    I’m glad Beasley is not in the Pistons.

    By the way: I think Joe decided to be a risky guy here.
    He knows he won’t be GM if the Pistons won’t make playoffs this year and/or in 2-3 years.
    So what he’s trying to do is erase his failures with BG and CV by trading them using all possibilities to get rid of them.

    He used picks in addition to BG and as I understood we have to be in the playoffs to be able to save the picks, so it’s now or never for Joe D, because this move won’t be Joe’s problem if he quits if our team won’t make playoffs soon.

    And I think that he being hesitant to buy out CV is because of NBA economics, I hope he’s trying to trade CV.

    But if BG’s cost is he+pick for injured Maggette coming from the worst club recordwise, I think CV’s cost is between Lou Amundson and Hakeem Warrick something like that. Except both of guys are trying their best and CV is a good twitter guy but nothing more than that.

  19. Julian

    The Pistons already have a lot of cash tied up in contracts with their veterans Prince and Magette for next year. They also have some youth to develop at that position with Singler and their other recent draft picks.
    Magette scored 19.8 during the 2009 season and Beasley averaged 19 per game during 2010. Tayshaun has been averaging about 14 PPG over the last few years.
    I don`t see a reason to sign Beasley at this point even though he is a good player.

    • Jake

      He’s already signed a 3 year deal with the Suns.

  20. Julian

    After 2 summer league games here is my spin on the team.
    Daye is too inconsistent to stay in the NBA after 3 yrs in the league.
    Hopefully he does OK so that they can trade his sorry ass.
    Drummond is a project but with high ceiling. With good coaching he will develop into a starter.
    Singler will be a good backup at SF.
    English is just a 3 pt shooter off the bench.
    Middleton will probably not make the team. Joe should have taken OQuinn with the late second round pick to add to defense/shot blocking of Andre D. OQuinn dominated the PIT tournament in the spring and has a huge wingspan even though he is 6` 8″/240.
    Hopefully the Russian guy they signed with help with that.

    • Jake

      I can see why they have questioned Andres motor. He doesn’t run hard every play, doesn’t play help defense very well when a guard gets to the basket, he does have good defense in the post. As you said with the help of the coaches and veterans he could be a star in this league, he is only 18, with an incredible upside.


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