Pistons Trade Ben Gordon and a conditional first round pick to the Bobcats for Magette

by | Jun 26, 2012 | 39 comments

Ben Gordon scores 35 against the Knicks

And you thought Joe D has been playing tennis all summer.

“The Detroit #Pistons have traded Ben Gordon and a lottery-protected draft pick in 2013 to the Charlotte Bobcats for Corey Maggette, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday night.
The deal will save the Pistons approximately $14.7 million on the two years remaining on Gordon’s contract. He’s slated to make $25.6 million over the term of his deal.
Maggette has $10.9 million left on an expiring contract.
After signing a five-year, $55 million free-agent contract with Detroit in 2009, Gordon struggled in his three years with the Pistons. He averaged 12.5 points per game a season ago. Gordon had been one of the league’s prolific young scorers in his first five seasons with the Bulls.
Maggette, 32, will join his sixth NBA team. He averaged 15 points for the Bobcats last season.
The Pistons’ draft pick is also protected through the eighth selection in 2014 and No. 1 in 2015. It is unprotected if the deal extends to 2016.” Via Yahoo Sports

I’m perfectly fine with this parting of ways. Ben Gordon just wasn’t the Bulls Bulls Ben Gordon in Detroit. Is Charlie Villanueva next? I sure hope so. I don’t see any teams knocking down the Pistons door to get good old CV31 but he may be ripe for amnesty.

Who knows what Joe has up his sleeve on Draft night!


  1. Leftos

    Nat, you made it sound like the Pistons got a 1st round pick, while they actually gave the 1st round pick away along with Gordon, for Magette in return.

    • Natalie Sitto

      You’re right I did…fixed it though. All hail Joe D (for right now that is.)

      • Leftos

        We’ll see. I like this move right now, but it NEEDS to be accompanied by other moves done right to make any sense. Joe D needs to make real good use of that cap space this time. We don’t need BG and CV busts again. Not after last year, when we seemed to be finally going in a positive direction.

  2. MrRockinWTB

    Good move Joe! Another move to right the ship!

  3. Tycoon

    This is so good news.

  4. Jo-El

    Yay! This is the right way to go. Go Joe D. Up next, get a D-minded player through trade or the draft, and shore up the bench! The road back to the playoffs is in sight.

  5. Drew

    I wasn’t really sure about what this does for us, but then I came here and got your take. It’s a small victory I guess.

  6. Bellllissimo

    to be honest corey magette is yet ANOTHER player that i said i never want joe dumars to go after. i feel like thats all he ever does. I think all the qualities i i hate in a player are what joe dumars keep going after. Stupid basketball IQ, no defense, not known for team play, often no motor, and not a vocal leader. AI, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villinueva, Corey Magette. We better not go after vince carter too.

    Good news its an expiring contract so we can sign a better player next year, I say yay because we have moved forward. and that makes me happy that joe dumars did something. Even if it turns out bad I still give joe dumars respect because he did something. (when i saw bobcats as trade partner though i was sort of excited cause i thought we might of gotten Bismack Biyombo who Joe Dumars coveted in the draft before being snatched away at the last minute)

  7. Drew Hammond

    This is a so so trade. I like that they traded ben gordon for someone with an expiring contract. they will definitly help us with cap space. But Corey Maggete?? He is an injury prone player who was never any good. Plus we already have an old, terrbile small forward with Tayshaun so that kind of shot us in the foot. Plus, we lost a lottery pick next year because we wont make the playoffs this year. Joe D needs to amnesty Charlie the hairless talent. If Joe doesnt do anything big then they seriously need to fire him. Signing Ben Gordon and the hairless creature with those huge contracts was the worst thing for the team. Dumars is brining this team down.

    • Nate

      I don’t care for Charlie Villanueva either, but you’re a fucking tool for calling him the hairless creature/talent. He’s got a disease and you’re basically claiming that he’s less than human because of it. Go fuck yourself. Regardless of your feelings about him as a basketball player, he’s still a human being and you’re not treating him as such. I’m sure that if you saw someone walking down the street without any hair on their body you wouldn’t call them a hairless creature, and if you would then you need to seriously reconsider your life, because you’re disgusting. Grow up and get a life.

      • Drew Hammond

        will you do me a huge favor and FLIP MY CARE SWITCH! Charlie sucks ass and is a complete douche bag. Maybe if he actually tried for the team people wouldnt make fun of him

        • Alex

          he seems like a nice guy to me. he just has been sucking at basketball.

        • junior

          He might suk n he might b a d bag but don’t make fun of him cuase he has no hair.

        • Bellllissimo

          tbh its bullies like you who are the reason charlie has no motor. he is very self conscious about it. And i thinnk he spends a lot of time trying not to let people like you get to him that he doesn’t focus on his game. Im all for messing with people and insulting people cause i think it makes people stronger but when insults are in such bad taste and not even clever i dont think it does any good.

      • edt

        i agree with this sentiment. h8 on charlie’s ballin all you want, but calling him hairless is in poor taste.

        Charlie is a funny, talented basketball player. Unfortunately he’s not good enough to start in the NBA. And his position is not his fault, it is Joe D for paying him $3 million a year too much.

        If Charlie were under contract for $5 million, Prince under contract for $6.5, Stuckey for $7 million, and Ben Gordon for $6 million a year instead of $12.4, the players would be getting paid a fair price for their production, and our team would be in an outstanding position to make a run.

        Both Charlie and Ben Gordon have suffered from Joe D over paying them.

        I trust Joe a lot more when he is trading than when he is signing free agents or re-signing our players. When he is trading he is competing against the other GM’s and drives a hard bargain. Though that AI trade was an utter disaster, caused because he was in love with AI in a time machine, not AI ego maniac ball hog old man that can’t shoot.

        When he resigns our guys or grabs a free agent he invariably starts to get on the player’s side and bumps the contract up $3 million more than it’s worth.

        • Drew Hammond

          they suffered from being overpaid? I would love to be overpaid like that. I would try my ass off if i was overpaid, but they took it for granted. I hate Charlie and I honestly hope Joe D amnesty’s him

          • jsnmdy

            Yeah, its very easy to say you’d try your ass off if you were being overpaid when you’re not being overpaid. And who’s to say Charlie’s not trying? Just because he’s not panning out doesn’t mean he’s not giving a shit. He has given an effort here. He’s stayed a couple of summers here to get better himself at some things. Unfortunately for him, and for the Pistons, its not working out. And even though I also don’t really want him in a Pistons uniform I wouldn’t accuse him for not trying.
            And what is with all the hate towards him? Did he steal the bitch you wanted in a club?

  8. Geenee

    maybe it`s good for Pistons. that`s 2 reasons for this trade. 1st reason, salary space. Pistons saved their money. 2nd reason, maybe bobcats will play worst again next season, and if they play worst, we will get 1st round good pick .

  9. Andy

    Magette will probably not play much time on the court since JoeD is building around the younger guys. Let’s see if another trade’s comingup. I hope so…or even a sign FA

  10. pistonsfan101

    Pistons have a lot of SFs now. Prince, Daye (he might get some mins at the 2), Magette and Singler!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Prince getting traded to Hornets for Kaman. I’m sure the Hornets don’t have a great SF as they traded Ariza

    • Bellllissimo

      Magette is insurance. Daye flat out sucks

  11. Peacedog

    Im only a fan of this move if it is followed up by another. The Pistons after their horrid start were a .500 team for half a season (42 games). When they were dipping into Bynum and Wilkins for guard minutes the team suffered. If this is a chance for the Pistons to draft a pure point and let Knight become Vinnie Jr then I like the direction. For this season without another move I dont see the Pistons having room to fill in the Guard position and add a Frontcourt player we have needed for several years. On the other hand with Maxiell (5m) Hamilton (6M) and Magettee(10M), Bynum (3m) and Daye(4m) comeing off the books after the season one more year in the lottery and 28million to spend in the summer of 2013 (36 if we amnesty CV at that point) dosent sound to bad.

  12. Peacedog

    Starting Lineup in 2013 Howard, Monroe, Prince, CP3,Stuckey. With Knight, Moultre, Jerebko, Singler, Macklin and our #1 in 2013 draft (if we fall into the lottery). Not Likely but the money and the contracts are there if Howard and CP3 bought into this it would be a team that could compete for years.

    • O'Brother

      pass that doobie bro

    • Tate


  13. daddy

    this is a great deal for the pistons. we dumped a wing player that cant hold on to the ball or play d. Now we got a 3 that doesnt play d. We saved a bunch on that and finally got someone who I feel was lazy and hurting the team. Good luck bobcats lets get this going. you know Joe is working on another trade and it will involve corey.

  14. daddy

    thought we only gave up one pick anyone know anything about this?

    Sources told ESPN.com the first-round pick going to Charlotte is lottery-protected in 2013, top-eight protected in 2014, top-one protected in 2015 and unprotected in 2016.

    • XstreamINsanity

      What that means is that if we’re in the lottery in 2013, they don’t get our first round pick. If we’re in the top 8 in 2014, they again don’t get our first round pick. And if some how, we get the #1 overall pick in 2015 and 2016, they again don’t get our first round pick. But after that, it’s not protected anymore.

  15. Marcell

    I don’t think they will use the amnesty yet. I’m sure they will wait out all avenues even until trade deadline and see where the standings are at that time. Charlie isn’t a huge debt like Ben G. was. Around 8 million I think?

  16. the Flu

    Shame BG was never the BG that took over the playoffs for the Bulls, but it is such a relief to the Pistons to get out from under that contract. Doesn’t much matter how Maggete plays, almost everyone would be lateral to a non-existent Gordon.

  17. The XD

    I love the trade but would have loved it more if it was for Charlie V. After Gordon’s game against the sixers I was leaning toward him staying with us. But I would love for Charlie V to go A.S.A.P.

    • Tycoon

      BG has had about 5 good games last season, not worth his price. The only way to unload CV is through amnesty. I bet most of us can sense it coming.

  18. Riz

    Great move to clear up cap space. Joe traded an unreadable contract…. 1 dimensional player all Gordon can do is shoot and only averaged 12 points for 12 mil a year lol. Now move Tay and CV for another expireing contract and a draft pick n we r in business.

    • Drew

      Unreadable? I think we could read it, and it said, “Too damn much!”

      • edt


  19. Egold98

    I’m a Pistons fan from Canada, who quite frankly I can’t say that I’m the biggest die-heart. I don’t get all the games broadcasted here, but I still love the team and miss the big 4 from 2004. The “team-first” concept that defined the Pistons is what always stood out to me and I hope one day we can get that back…

    Thoughts going into the draft tonight:
    – Andre Drummond slipping to #9 would yet again be a true blessing for the Pistons. Could we strike that kind of luck 3 years in a row with top level prospects falling to Detroit surprisingly?

    – Tyler Zeller makes a ton of sense at #9 if Drummond is not available. He can fit in immediately, provide a good presense in the middle with his size, and chip in with some mid-range offense. Henson makes sense too but for whatever reason I like Zeller.

    – It’s a shame we don’t need a PG because Kendall Marshall’s going to be the steal of the 1st round. A true PG with those skills (pure pass first), every team can use one of those. Rondo and Parker are 2 PG’s who come to mind being drafted real late, yet have become so valuable and such rare commodities in the NBA.

    – This has got to be Joe D’s final kick at the can. Pains me to say, but he’s made too many mistakes to keep his job. Drafting Darko, trading Billups for AI, signing Gordon and CV31, the whole John Kuester era, “Practice-gate”. I appreciate Gores’ loyalty here but a fresh face at the helm might be what we need to move forward. Hopefully Dumars can salvage his tenure starting tonight and begin to bring the Pistons back to respectability (I’m sure rooting for him!)

    Enjoy the draft everybody!

  20. Julian

    First kudos to Nat for saying the right thing about the comments about CV`s disease.
    Also with SF being crowded I think Austin may see more minutes at SG this year. I guarantee you they draft a SG second round and maybe a international player that they can groom for a year or 2 also.
    I like the BG trade since the 1st round pick is protected for a few years since our record may not improve that much for awhile.
    Next year if Magette does not work out Joe will dump his salary and open up that much more cap space.

  21. XstreamINsanity

    When I first heard of the trade, I was kind of upset. I was upset because I would have rather seen Charlie go before BG because I believe BG was just getting into a rhythm. He finally had a coach that communicated properly, was well healed from the ankle injury (does more to your psyche than your ankle), and him coming off the bench consistently was good. He could have done more, and his defense was pretty bad (being generous) but to me, that was more acceptable than Charlie’s effort and his consistent injuries (yeah, kudos to Nat for defending Charlie, what they said was cold).

    However, after I thought about it, I’m more ok with the trade. More cap space coming next year (presumably), Maggette has pretty much the same performance as Ben Gordon, Maggette is more athletic than Gordon, he gets to the foul line (drawing fouls is always an asset), and he can potentially play 3 positions (when/if we play small). I have a feeling we make the 8th seed this year, which means the Bobcats get a mid first rounder, and I’m ok with that.

    As far as the draft goes, I’ve been trying to think of ways the Pistons can trade Charlotte for their pick at #2, but can’t come up with anything. Here’s one scenario I came up with that I think could work, but doubt it will.

    Trade Daye and Bynum to Toronto for the #8 pick. (They need a PG because of Calderon’s expiring contract, and Daye would fit nicely with DeRozan)
    Trade the #8 and #9 picks to Houston for #12, #16 and #18 picks. (They want two top 10 picks to try and lure Dwight Howard in a trade)
    Trade Maxiell (not sure if this is possible with his Player Option), #12, #16, #18 and #44 to Charlotte for the #2 pick. (They need young assets, and 4 players from this draft along with Maxiell’s motor would be good for them).
    Draft Thomas Robinson at #2.

    Our new roster:
    Brandon Knight
    Rodney Stuckey
    Thomas Robinson
    Tayshaun Prince
    Greg Monroe
    Jonas Jerebko
    Charlie Villanueva
    Kyle Singler
    Corey Maggette

    Resign – Walker Russell Jr.
    Resign – Ben Wallace (Come on Ben, one more year, lol)

    Draft an SG with the #39 pick

    I wish there was a way to get rid of Charlie without having to use the Amnesty, but I don’t know of any team that would be willing to take him. And for the trade to Charlotte, maybe keep Maxiell and just give them all of our picks this year, we’d only need the #2 pick. But I think that team above could fight for the 8th seed, maybe even the 7th seed. Then again, maybe we can trade Maxiell and Daye to the Lakers for Pau Gasol. lol.

  22. Conway Eastwood

    Ben Gordon? Nice guy, I like him as a person. However, he wasn’t doing much in the way of his basketball game in Detroit, and thus, he had to go. Nothing personal; strictly business.


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