Ben Wallace introduced for the last time at The Palace

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It was a bittersweet night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Besides being the last game of the season, Thursday night’s game is possibly the last for Ben Wallace who’s set to retire.

He started for your Detroit Pistons one last time and the crowd couldn’t have been happier.

I did my best to capture the introduction for you.

Yes…that’s me I whistle LOUD.

We’ll miss you Ben.

11 Responses to "Ben Wallace introduced for the last time at The Palace"
  1. Avatar Enoc (Mexico) says:

    Man… Big Ben retired, Sheed retired, Billups out of season, Rip in Playoffs w/ Da bulls and Tay grinding it out w/ Stons… This is the end of a genration and the start of a whole new one of Bad Boys! We’ll miss u Big Ben…

  2. Avatar daddy says:

    we will miss you bw

  3. Avatar daddy says:

    your knowledge and motivation is one of the rarest thing and what you have done for the franchise is valued greatly.

  4. Avatar Justin says:

    He will be back next season.

  5. Avatar Susie says:

    I cried

  6. Avatar Julian says:

    Very sad to see Big Ben go. He should be an inspiration for all the young players on the Pistons roster on how to have a long NBA career without being a highly touted round 1 draft pick. Hard work, hustle and off season dedication.
    Hopefully Russell, Wilkins, Austin D. and CV31 will be next to exit the Palace permanently. We need at least one upgrade at every position, except maybe PG, for us to have a winning record.

    Good luck Joe and Gores with the off season. Can`t wait for next season.

  7. Avatar Julian says:

    We have had a trade since the summer of 2009.
    Now that the Davidson era is behind us maybe Joe will pull the trigger.

    Next year hopefully Frank will start JJ at SF and have Tay should off the bench. We need a young, energetic starting lineup to win.
    Our starting/bench lineup could be the following:
    5. Moose/ Vernon M.
    4. Maxiell or new Free agent/ 2012 lottery pick
    3. JJ/ Prince/ Singler?
    2. Stuck/ BG
    1. Knight/ Bynum
    Russell, Austin, Wilkins and “Bad ankle” CV would no longer be Pistons.
    All are easily replaced.

  8. Avatar Dennis (Germany) says:

    Thanks for sharing the vid!
    It’s a shame that the Palace wasn’t filled for Big Ben’s (possible) last game ..

  9. Avatar terry says:

    Ben Wallace aint retiring, so see you next year Big Ben. The clocks still ticking.

  10. Avatar Drew says:

    I saw Tayshaun doing color commentary on NBA TV last night. He was on there for quite a while. He looked fairly comfortable.

  11. Avatar Sheed says:

    Sad day, I hope he will be inducted into the hall of fame, I mean everybody knows he isn’t skilled on offense, but he is just such an intimidating presence in the paint and he was even more intimidating when he had the afro. Hope to see you as a color commentator on NBA TV soon.

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