Overtime blues in LA

by | Mar 18, 2012 | 30 comments

Greg Monroe Pistons vs Clippers

The Pistons lost their 10 point lead to the Clippers as they struggled to score in fourth quarter leading to the Clippers tying the game late and finally winning 87-83 in overtime in LA.

Key Points:

  • Detroit lost this one in the fourth quarter squandering a lead and scoring just 9 points in the fourth. You can’t give up 17 points and score just nine in the fourth quarter and win.
  • With the ball in his hands, Tayshaun Prince had the chance to win the game with the score tied at 74 an 19 seconds on the clock. Tay didn’t even get a shot off, when Paul clamped down on the D and forced a Prince turnover.
  • Tayshaun finished with 20 points on 9-for-17 shooting with 7 assists and two blocked shots. It’s nice to see solid numbers from Price, especially when Stuckey, Knight and Ben Gordon aren’t really scoring.
  • Tom Gores sitting court side to see is Pistons play.
  • Rodney Stuckey was 1-for-8 with six points, 2 assists and a board in 35 minutes. He wasn’t on the floor in crunch tine down the wire.  Apparently he tweaked his foot in Sacramento as Frank alluded to him playing in pain all game long in his post game interview.
  • Jonas Jerebko scrapped and fought for everything all game long and don’t think his baby hook didn’t fall a couple of times on Sunday.
Jonas Jerebko Pistons vs Clippers
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Photo/Getty Images editing Need4sheed.com

  • Jonas finished with 14 points with 8 boards an assist, a steal and a blocked shot in 29 minutes on the floor.
  • Despite the fourth quarter collapse you have to be proud of this team for fighting hard the entire game. It’s games like this that make you realize that this is a team that wants to win, tries hard doing it and eventually will make it happen.
  • Yes, we also think he’s the steal of last year’s draft.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/clippers/2012/03/18/0021100663_det_lac_play5.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Monroe was a beast, leading the Pistons with 23 points, 15 boards and a blocked shot.  He was clutch and did a fine job on Griffin, who didn’t make the game his personal highlight reel.
  • Ben Gordon…still turrable. 3-for-11 shooting for 7 points, 5 assists and 5 turnovers. He looks like he doesn’t even care out there.
  • It’s clear that this team needs Rodney to play well to win. At least that’s what we have seen this season.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/clippers/2012/03/18/0021100663_det_lac_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Plenty of Pistons fans in the house in LA.
  • Gordon and Jonas Jerebko, Damien Wilkins and Ben Wallace helped the Pistons in the first quarter as they led the Detroit to a  14-2 run that erased a 10-point Clippers lead.
  • Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight combined to shoot 7 of 33.
  • Two key jump balls that the Pistons didn’t get their hands on could let to a different outcome for Detroit.
  • Knight 3-for-14 for 6 points and 0 for 7 from downtown.
  • Chris Paul just missed a triple-double with 9 boards, 15 assists and 19 points.

Greg Monroe: “Everyone feels like we should have won this game, because we came out and played hard for four quarters. A couple loose balls, a couple missed assignments, a missed block-out and that’s the difference in this game.”

  • Yes…yes they should have.
  • Next up Denver on Wednesday.


  1. Drew

    Stuckey had 5 assists. I missed this game, but not sure if I would have enjoyed seeing it after seeing us give away the game similarly here in Phoenix. Might have just been depressing.

    • Markov7

      nahh not depressing if u like to see the team u like (very limited team)fighting till the end and thats waht they did if only charlie v,daye and gordon got traded for some smart players we would be in

      • Drew

        It’s a different kind of depressed than being blown out by 30, so that’s good, but disappointed that we’re so close to winning games over good teams but we can’t figure out how to not give away the game in the 4th. We just need an extra somethin somethin to get us over this hump.

  2. Mel

    I was at the game, disappointed yes depressed no, even some of the Clipper fans were surprised that the Pistons took it to them like they did. What’s funny to me is how the tides turned, not long ago it was the other way around with a Pistons Lakers game. Saw Chancey court side dress to impress with his crutch and leg caste. He, Prince and Ben talked for a while after the game. Oh yeah just remembered I don’t know how the players are at home but on the road before the game they are really supportive with one another, I’m talk-in about hugging, hand slapping, dances with each other. It was kind of cool to see the comrodary from the guys. Last year at the Lakers game it was none of that going on. I guess Franks principles are festering amongst the boys. It was good to see. Just watching that alone had me believing that it was going to be a good game.

    • Natalie Sitto

      “disappointed yes depressed no”

      Great way to put it Mel. In fact I feel Frank has a lot to do with this turnaround too. I was a skeptic at first, but he’s probably the most solid coach this team has had since LB.

      • Markov7

        totally agree,so on the other hand i cannot understand so called “fans” that keep talking crap against frank,totally unacaptable for me as a over 20 year old pistons fan i mean u just gotta see those kind of things

        • Pistons4ever (Germany)

          Gotta agree with y’all. I really like the direction this team is heading and how Frank turned this team around!
          That loss was really tough to witness, but sooner or later we’ll start to win those games on a more consistant base!

  3. Zkranc

    was able to watch the game on internet due to the early start. I really thought we would come out with a win, Paul just wouldn’t let his team lose. Really missed Stuckey, not just on offense, could of used him late against Paul. Jerebko was good. Monroe was a beast. Only critic is that drive from the 3point line in OT. Just a bad play late.

    I give a lot of props to the Clippers play by play guys. A lot of praise for some of our guys, especially Moose. Sometimes those other guys just don’t give out team any credit. But they rightly slatted BG all night long LOL. Really hope we get rid of him and his pal CV as soon as we can. Such a waste of money.

    Was great to see Chauncey again even if he didn’t play. Denver next. Let’s do our best. Go Pistons!

    • Drew

      I watched a video recap of the Suns game on Arizona’s largest newspaper’s site, and it called us “the woeful Pistons” in the beginning. I’m like, “Really? Detroit damn near beat the Suns, and you’re going to call us woeful.” Plus all the articles on that site said we were the “red hot Pistons” coming into the game, but now that the Suns won (barely) we’re back to woeful. Smh.

  4. Ryan C

    I took my friend, who is a Pistons fan, but had never been to an NBA game. It was a disappointing OT, for sure, but the game was lost in regulation. I really didn’t expect them to keep it this close against the Clips at home in the first place. Definitely a lot of Detroit fans in the house, but I do like the Clippers, and it was refreshing to see everyone wearing the same colors. The Pistons fans I met also seemed to not be turned off too much by the Clippers (I don’t really want to imagine what a freaking Lakers game would be like.) And what is with the people wearing Lakers clothes to a Clippers game? Are they just confused or idiots or both? It makes me want to throw up. Best part was, we really did a fine job of eliminating the alley-oops. Worst part was letting Chris Paul put on a scoring clinic in the 2nd half, after his assist clinic in the 1st… And always awesome to see Chauncey with my own two eyes, even if he’s riding the bench for the rest of the year…

    • Natalie Sitto

      I knew Detroit would represent, they always do in LA.

      “what is with the people wearing Lakers clothes to a Clippers game? ”

      No that’s just silly, kind of like Pistons fans wearing Wings and Lions gear at Pistons games. I never understood that.

  5. Natalie Sitto

    Sad to see Chauncey on the sidelines like that with the walking cast. I really hope he can come back to play next year. He’s just a good guy you want good things to happen to.

    If anyone payed his dues it’s Mr. Big Shot.

  6. Julian

    BG did look disinterested at times on the court and on the bench during time outs. Maybe he should check his bank account more often to remind him that he is the highest paid Piston player on the roster.
    Joe has some decisions to make at the end of the season.
    The team that is make progress with Frank as a coach but still has some dead weight that needs to go. CV31 is not hurt and not playing. BG is an underachieving bench player yet the highest paid player. Austin Daye is a draft bust. Bynum is a short guard that is not a good defender.

  7. daddy

    bg on the floor mmmmmm im talking about in ot too.

  8. AT

    The Ben Gordon jumpshot-into a pass-turnover in the clutch needs to stop!

    • Natalie Sitto

      Right on the money! That bothers me to no end. When I was in grade school they always told us. If you’re going up…be ready to shoot.

    • JHigh

      Can we just amnesty him already?

  9. N1ck

    Nobody’s gettin’ excited cause we’re no playoff material, YET!

    But the progress is obvious, just need to fix a few stuff to be there soon… I’m not calling any names but it’s clear… Hopefully Joe D can get in his old form…

  10. daddy

    god i am tired of waiting on bg to “turn it around” his game will never be found in the d

  11. Mel

    starting out the pistions just wasn’t a good fit for him because of our style of play but since we got L Frank I believe it’s his confidence that’s effecting him now. He’ll probably be the one to get amnesty. He just doesn’t have the fight he use to have in Chicago. Thats what happens when you go after the money, you get jinxed and it can effect your game, remember another Ben doing the same thing? Only to come back home to return to his true self. Huh, Sounds like a movie.

  12. jon

    I am glad a lot of people see the team cming around. Hate BG right now….hes just got to go. I always believed he would pick it up but he isnt even shooting! He actually played much better defense here in Detroit but it went unnoticed unforunately. He tried to be unselfish because he was called a ballhog in Chicago(even though he shot a great percentage), and that comes back to hurt him. He just couldnt win here.

  13. Enoc (Mexico)

    There are three interesting players that I think, can be used for the good of our Pistons:

    -Greg Oden: Waived 4 the Blazers, it’s been an injury first player, but we all know how good Arnie if for this kind of things.

    -JJ Hickson: Waived 4 the kings, an intense player that can score under the basket and brings rebounding of the bench.

    -Derek Fisher: Bought out 4 the Rockets, simply because BK needs a teacher or menthor to become a smart defensive point guard. (Chauncey had Larry Brown and Lindsey Hunter, and I don’t think Walker Russell or Bynumite can do that for the kid.)

    • JHigh

      I think we should definitely sign Hickson.

  14. wtf

    when did fisher become a defensive point guard? all he does is flopping

  15. daddy

    if we got oden and he could play 20 mins a full season it would be insane. we would look like a shell of the old pistons.

    • rai_from_the_philippines

      why would you want to have Oden play only 20 minutes for the whole season? did you mean 20 minutes per game for a whole season?

      Even with Kander on side, it’s a very, very, very extreme risk to sign Oden.

      Only a GM with a tendency to sign mediocre players to hefty contracts will do that. Joe Dumars is not like tha… oh wait.

  16. Julian

    Ogden had yet another knee surgery and may never play again.

    JJ Hickson is a young former 1st round pick (19th) and averaged about 14 PPG and 8 RPG as a starting PF for the Cavs last year.
    He would be worth a shot since we are weak at that position and Maxiell and CV will more than likely be gone next year.

    • N1ck


  17. Adam

    Can someone please tell me what the deal is with Charlie Villeneuva? This guy is such dead weight for the Pistons and obviouisly there is something going on besides a spranged ankle. Guy is getting paid like $35 million over three or four years…c’mon!


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